This Week In Running: January 24, 2022

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for January 24, 2022.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRAlabama’s longtime Mountain Mist 50k celebrated a pair of repeat champions, and that’s the biggest of the weekend’s limited highlights. It’s January and winter in the Northern Hemisphere, so a small week in running. Nevertheless, happy Monday and enjoy!

Mountain Mist 50k – Huntsville, Alabama


It was the 28th year of the Mountain Mist 50k and David Riddle won for the 10th time, and for the sixth time in a row. His history with this race is incredible. This year’s run happened on a bitterly cold morning — it was 17 degrees Fahrenheit — and Riddle raced the circuitous route around Monte Sano State Park in 4:11. This wasn’t one of them, but Riddle holds four of the race’s 10 fastest times, including the 3:36 course record from 2013.

Gus Gibbs was second in 4:22, overcoming a wrong turn and then running his way back up the podium.

Official results haven’t yet hit the web, and it’s not clear who was third. Please leave a comment to go deeper with the results, thanks!

Coree Woltering was 21st in 5:23 and expressed excitement at the finish, his first ultramarathon completion since July 2021, after a challenging year. “It was great to finally cross the finish line and remind myself, ‘yeah, you can still do it,'” Woltering said on social media afterward.

Coree Woltering Mountain Mist 50k 2022

Coree Woltering running the 2022 Mountain Mist 50k. Photo: Kevin Youngblood


Similar to the men’s side, we’re stretching a bit absent official race results. Liz Canty won, for the fourth straight year, but not much else is known about the women’s race right now. Again, please leave a comment to share the rest of women’s podium.

Full results (when available).

Additional Races

Ultra Easy 100k – Luggate, New Zealand

A 3:00 a.m. start and 4,700 meters (15,400 feet) of climbing added to the single loop, mountain run challenge. Rhys Hamilton and Kirsty Skidmore won in 13:03 and 15:12. Over the marathon distance, David Lawson and Jo Leavesley led in 3:34 and 5:08. Full results.

No Hands 50k – Auburn, California

Inside Trail’s first race of 2022 also marked their 10th year of racing. It was the second year for the No Hands 50k, but first year for the shorter distances. Parts of all four race distances happened on the Western States Trail. Patrick Dunaway and Abbigale Forsman won the 50k in 5:09 and 5:14. Sam Robinson and Collier Lawrence won the 35k in 2:49 and 3:09.  Full results.

Go Short, Go Long, Go Very Long – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Justin Weber and Bonnie Branson won the two-lap 50k race in 3:13 and 4:10. The race course was the paved River Parks Trail system. Full results.

Running The Rose – Tyler, Texas

The Trail Racing Over Texas Running the Rose races happened at Tyler State Park. Brad Taylor and Ellie Webb won the 108k (67 miles) in 11:10 and 11:30, respectively. In the 54k, David Klopfer and Maribeth Cogan were victorious, both in 5:38.

Full results.

Ellie Webb - Running the Rose Women's champion - Trail Racing Over Texas

Ellie Webb, 2022 Running the Rose 108k champion. Photo: Trail Racing Over Texas

Michigan Invitational – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zach Ornelas runs ultras, and went way down in distance for this one on the indoor track. He was fourth in the 3,000 meters, first of the chase pack, in 8:16. Full results.

Southern Tour Ultra – Wilmington, North Carolina

Just a bit inland from the Atlantic Ocean, Jacob Florence and Madison Lytle won the 50k race in 4:20 and 4:53, and Full results.

Snow Bird Challenge 50k – Seneca, South Carolina

Blake Pratt and Jennifer Lybrand topped the 50k race in 3:31 and 3:46. The race was held on a 2.62-mile loop. Full results.

Call for Comments

Yikes, that was a short week! What other running — or perhaps ski mountaineering racing?! — fun can you add in the comments field below?

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