This Week In Running: April 10, 2023

This Week In Running’s trail and ultra recap for April 10, 2023.

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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRLet the good times roll. The Lake Sonoma 50 Mile is at the top of this weekend’s card, and there was a whole bunch of 50-kilometer races scattered across the U.S. too.

Lake Sonoma – Healdsburg, California

50 Mile

iRunFar earlier reported on the event’s marquee race.

Erin Clark broke free from the pack late toward a 7:49 win. Allison Baca and Sarah Keyes were second and third in 7:54 and 7:57. All three earned spots on the U.S. team that will race the Trail World Championships 80k trail distance in Austria in June. The other two spots on the five-person team will be filled by resume selection.

2023 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile - Erin Clark

Erin Clark on her way to winning the 2023 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile. Photo: Let’s Wander Photography/Jesse Ellis

Men’s podium finishers Drew HolmenCaleb Olson, and Preston Cates earned those same team spots after finishing in 6:44, 6:55, and 7:02. Adam Peterman’s already on the U.S. team thanks to his individual win at last year’s race in Thailand, and so only one team spot remains open. Both Holmen and Peterman are presently registered for the Western States 100 on June 24. The world championships race is only two weeks earlier on June 9.

2023 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile - Drew Holmen - Zach Perrin

Drew Holmen leading Zach Perrin in the first half of the 2023 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile. Photo: Let’s Wander Photography/Jesse Ellis

Full results.


Jennifer Lichter and Coree Woltering won the marathon race in 3:49 and 3:43, respectively.

Full results.

Half Marathon

The weekend opened with a wet and muddy all-female half marathon. Klaire Rhodes came down from Alaska and ran 1:46 for the win, three minutes better than second-place Brittany Charboneau. Third-place Ruby Lindquist followed in 1:53.

Full results.

Reventón El Paso – Canary Islands, Spain

This event served as a Team Spain qualifier for June’s Trail World Championships as well.


Both the women’s and men’s races saw a single frontrunner, and a tight race for the remaining podium positions.

Azara García (Spain) took the women’s win in 7:12, and Gemma Arenas (Spain) and Rosa María Lara (Spain) followed in 7:30 and 7:33.

Men’s leader Aritz Egea (Spain) was out front in 6:25, and Borja Fernández (Spain) edged Ricardo Cherta (Spain) for second, 6:44 to 6:46.


The marathon distance race ran in a single loop with two big climbs in the race’s first half, followed by a largely downhill back half. Ainara Urrutia (Spain) and Joel Angel Fernandez (Spain) were race winners in 4:11 and 3:28, respectively.

Full results.

Additional Races and Runs

Ancient Lakes Trail Run 50 Mile – Quincy, Washington 

Emily Keddie and Jake Head were first in the 50-mile at this multi-distance event, in 9:31 and 7:52. Head’s time was a new course record. Full results.

Emily Keddie posing with belt buckle.

Emily Keddie after her win at the 2023 Ancient Lakes Trail Run 50 Mile. Photo: Juan Montermoso

Jake Head - 2023 Ancient Lakes 50 Mile - male winner

Jake Head after winning the 2023 Ancient Lakes 50 Mile in course record time. Photo: Juan Montermoso

Diez Vista 50k – Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada

Mercedes Vince (Canada) and Simon Widmann (Canada) were the fastest in 4:56 and 4:11. Full results.

Smith Rock Ascent – Terrebonne, Oregon

Amanda Hardcastle and Mario Mendoza won the 50k by Go Beyond in 5:09 and 4:11. Full results.

Pear Blossom Run – Medford, Oregon

Marci Klimek and Max King were way out front at the 10-mile road race. The two winners finished in 58:56 and 50:23. Full results.

Diablo Trails Challenge 50k – Walnut Creek, California

Emily Hren and Mark Johnson won the Brazen Racing 50k in 6:32 and 5:21. Full results.

Zumbro – Theilmann, Minnesota

The race hosted three ultra distances in Minnesota’s Bluff Country. Over 100 miles, Jessica Monk and Brian Corgard ran 29:43 and 21:39 to win. Nora Bird and Wyatt Massey won the 50 miler in 12:36 and 8:57,  and Autum Shurbert-Hetzel and Adam Pardoux went 6:16 and 5:19 at the front of the 34 miler. Full results.

Rattler Trail Races 50k – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Kristina Chang and John Dragon won the Mad Moose Events race in 5:27 and 4:23. Full results.

Kristina Chang - Rattler Trail Races 50k - female winner

Kristina Chang, the Rattler Trail Races 50k female winner. Photo: Mad Moose Events

John Dragon - Rattler Trail Races 50k - men's winner

John Dragon, the Rattler Trail Races 50k men’s winner. Photo: Mad Moose Events

Austin Falls 50k – Austin, Texas

Race winners Lauren Kylberg and Carl Hill finished in 6:04 and 4:55, respectively. Full results.

Fools 50k – Peninsula, Ohio

A week after April Fool’s Day, Madison Morris and Dustin Willgohs were champs in 5:43 and 5:11. Full results.

Next Weekend – Istria 100 Mile by UTMB – Croatia

The 100-mile run across Croatia’s northern Peninsula starts on Friday, April 14. The top three finishers earn spots at UTMB.


  • Esther Fellhofer (Austria) – 3rd 2022, 7th 2021 Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120k
  • Blandine L’Hirondel (France) – 1st 2022 Trail World Championships 80k
  • Maite Maiora (Spain) – 8th 2022 Trail World Championships 80k
  • Audrey Tanguy (France) – 6th 2022 Trail World Championships 80k


  • Stian Angermund (Norway) – 1st 2022 Trail World Championships 40k
  • Cristofer Clemente (Spain) – 2nd 2018 Trail World Championships
  • Andreas Reiterer (Italy) – 3rd 2022 Trail World Championships 80k
  • Jim Walmsley (USA) – 1st 2021 Western States 100

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