The Best of iRunFar in 2013

With all that’s happened in trail and ultrarunning this past year, it’s sure flown by, huh?! Along with racing coverage from around the world, we’re awfully proud of the content our ever-growing team of contributors has shared with you. Here are a few of our favorites.

…Okay, here are a LOT of our favorites. It wasn’t until we started compiling this (and after some of iRunFar’s editors and writers weighed in) that I realized the amazing wealth of articles iRunFar published this year and just how much the site has grown. If my math is correct, this is the 516th article we’ve published on iRunFar in 2013. Wow!

One last thing, thanks to all of you(!) who followed our race coverage, read our articles, and left great comments. It’s because of you–your running, your excitement about our sport, and this community–that we’re here. We’re excited about where 2014 will take us all!

General Editorial Content

Getting Heady

The Third Rails of Trail Running

  • Food – Clearly not afraid of any subject, Dakota Jones tackles the human diet.
  • Shoes and Minimalism – Dakota Jones leads a discussion on minimalist shoes, Born to Run, and trail ultrarunning. In 2014, we’re looking forward to his series on sex, politics, and religion.
  • Why Do You Have to Run So Much? – Leon Lutz wrote this touching letter to his children in response to their question.
  • Cupless Concerns – Geoff Roes raises the difficulty of balancing trail running, races, and environmental stewardship.

Real Good Writing

  • Matterhorn of the Gods – Vince Carter, Everest, Matterhorn, Kilian Jornet, Beowolf… all in Andrew Titus’s exquisitely written piece on the Matterhorn and its inspiration.
  • Things Done Changed – Willie McBride writes an excellent tale of (sorta’, but not really) a Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim run.


Resources on Running

Overtraining and Getting Over It

Injuries and Issues

On Training

On Racing

The Personal: Interviews, Profiles, and Race Reports

Race Reports

Interviews and Profiles





Call for Comments

  • What were your favorite iRunFar articles of 2013?
  • What were your favorite on-camera interviews?
  • Which races did you most enjoy following on iRunFar?

Bonus: Best On-Camera iRunFar Interviews

Ok, each of these interviews is informative… and also hilarious in its own way. So, take a look and end your year with a laugh!