iRunFar Scape Shirts for Summer 2018!

[May 2020 Update: These are largely sold out. Head to the iRunFar Store to see if any are still available in your size.]

We’re beyond excited to debut our Scapes apparel collection that highlights landscapes that inspire us to get outside! Check out the Cascade, Sierra, and the Moab Scape designs spread out across eight unique, limited-edition men’s and women’s shirts. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do!

Each of these shirts is a high-quality, super-soft Next Level tri-blend shirt. While these shirts are intended for casual wear, we wouldn’t hesitate heading out for a run in one.

All current orders are pre-orders. We anticipate that all pre-orders will ship in the first half of July, between our coverage of Western States and Hardrock. Shipping is $6 per order in the US and $13 per order everywhere else.

Our general advice for sizing is to choose the larger of the two sizes you might be considering.

Cascade Scape

Cascade Men’s BlackCascade Men’s Heather White

* * * * *

Cascade Women’s BlackCascade Women’s Purple

Sierra Scape

Sierra Men’s GreenSierra Women’s Blue

Moab Scape

Moab Men’s RedMoab Women’s Red

We’ve been psyched to work with Alessandro at Paper Moustache over the past few years. He’s responsible not only for iRunFar’s current logo, but also for our website design. We’re so thankful to now share some of his pure graphic design on iRunFar. Thanks, Ale!

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    1. Bryon Powell

      Aside from the Moab design, I’ve merely put names on Ale’s existing designs without knowledge of his inspiration. The shirts themselves aren’t place-identified in any way, so if you’ve got some great conifer forest around you, go for the black or white design. :-)

  1. Amanda

    Do you have a size chart for the shirts?

    Also, does iRunFar benefit from these financially? i.e. is this a fundraiser?

    1. Bryon Powell

      We don’t really have a good sizing chart, no. I’ve looked for one for these Next Level shirts, but all that I find are rubbish. The general guidelines I’ve given are that these tend to fit inline with one’s standard casual teeshirt size. However, if you’re someone who often chooses between two sizes, go with the larger size.

      Yes, the sale of these teeshirts does help support iRunFar financially. A friend provided the graphics, we’re buying the shirts and having them printed, and whatever we make helps iRunFar function. I’ve not really couched it as a fundraiser, but if you prefer, please feel free to think of the sale of these shirts as such. :-)

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