Get Your iRunFar Shirts (And Hats)!

SmartwoolUPDATE: We’re completely sold out of these shirts. Thanks for your support!

For the first time in a few years, we’re offering up iRunFar tee shirts… and these aren’t just any tee shirts, they’re Smartwool Merino 150 Baselayer tee shirts like you’ve seen the iRunFar crew wear at Hardrock this year and last.

These shirts look great as casual tees and perform well as running tops, too. The women’s comes in a subtly stripped aqua with the men’s in a light forest green. We’ll have these shirts available for a very limited time only. (Sizing and technical details on the women’s and men’s shirts available on


iRunFar Tee Shirt - Smartwool - July 2017

We’re selling these shirts at their list price of $75. We know that’s not cheap, so we want you to know that 100% of your purchase goes toward sustaining iRunFar.

Bonus for you December buyers! The rear of the shirts feature the Hardrock elevation profile. Only a few of these were made!

Thanks to Smartwool for helping make these shirts happen!

Gender and Size

iRunFar Tee Shirt - Smartwool - July 2017 - zoomed

[Earlier note:

SHIPPING NOTE: We’re offering this second batch of shirts for order at the moment, but it will be a few weeks before we can ship them. To be conservative, I’d estimate a mid-August ship date, but I hope to ship this second batch before then. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Ps. The first batch of shirts will still go out the end of the week after Hardrock. We’re otherwise occupied at the moment. ;-)]

iRunFar Hat or Visor

We’re also selling what remains of our original Headsweats hats and visors for $25. They sport iRunFar’s original logo (circa 2009 to 2016). Like the shirts, your entire purchase goes toward sustaining this website.

Hat or Visor and Color


iRunFar Headsweats hatiRunFar Headsweats SuperVisor


Support iRunFar

You can always support iRunFar by making a donation, one-time or monthly, via PayPal.


Thanks for your support of iRunFar, it helps make iRunFar happen!

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  1. Jackie Lai

    So happy to support iRunFar!! Can’t wait to wear my new shirt when I go to Yosemite for the first time in September!!

  2. Sportin' Life

    Meghan mentioned some months ago to stay tuned for logo wear. Glad to see that it’s hear and looking sweet! Just purchased and am pleased to support your great work. Keep it up!

  3. AJW

    These shirts are awesome Bryon and Meghan! Just a quick question, did you mis-place my order for the irunfar logoed growler?

  4. Jean-Marc Gulliet

    Feeling disappointed :( No more XL available, less than 24h after the original post! Hope there will be a new batch soon… Anyway, congratulations for the great job you do for the ultra-community.
    Cheers from Lyon, France.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Hey Jean-Marc,
      At the moment, we’re out of all men’s sizes, except two for two medium, and we’re out of two women’s sizes already. Hopefully you won’t mind if I email you if we get another batch of shirts in the near future. :-)

      1. Tomas

        Hey, please email me too when you have men’s Medium size available again. Great way to support your excellent work!
        -Tomas, Sweden

  5. Wil

    The shirts look very nice

    If you guys had water bottle stickers or bumper stickers with your mountain on it, I wouldn’t be able to give you my money fast enough!

      1. Wil

        Hi Bryon,

        Those are great! I’d happily pay $10-ish for a 3 pack, and I’d reluctantly pay more anyway since they’re so cool.

      2. Brad Guthrie

        These are awesome! Not knowing their cost for you guys…I’d say $5 each, and maybe a better deal if you’re buying multiple (maybe 4 for $15?).

        1. Bryon Powell

          Glad you like ’em, Brad. We’ll try to make them available sometime when I’ll be home for a bit. The shipping logistics is the only constraint on getting these out now!

  6. Pete

    Great to see some good quality merchandise to support the site. Do you have an image of the grey hat? I’ve got tons of white ones..

  7. Christophe Stahl

    Thank you Bryon and Meghan for all that you offer; race coverages, articles, interviews, pictures, books, good vibes, and more! I was thinking to make another donation soon, but I ordered that awesome tshirt and a visor as well instead :-)
    You might want to post somewhere that the men’s extra large tshirt size is back (and maybe other sizes) if you have a good amount left. Like one other person who mentioned it above, I tried 7/11 at night PST and it said there were none left. I thought they ran out really fast. It’s by chance that I tried again today after looking at your website’s homepage. Happy! Anyway, hope you’ll have enough funds to continue doing this forever. Enjoy the Hardrock week end!

  8. Nathan DeWall

    I would love to purchase a shirt and a sticker for my car. Looks like the shirts sold out quickly! I’ll keep an eye out for buying a shirt from the next batch.

    1. Paul Garner

      Meant to can you let me know how the men’s shirts size up? I’m normally a 38″ chest. What size should I order?

  9. Jackie Lai

    Just got my shirt, it is beautiful, the fabric and the logo! It fits true to size in my opinion. I am 5’8″, 136#, bra size 34B, I got a medium and it is perfect. Thanks Bryon and Meghan!!

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