Spring Fever

For me, early spring has always been a time of anticipation, optimism, and excitement. The days feel long again, the sun shines down with an intensity that isn’t felt in the winter months, and everything and everyone seems to wake up and begin to prepare for what lies ahead. As much as I love winter, by this time of year I am always ready for the excitement of spring. This year is certainly no exception.

On a personal level I have so many things I’m optimistic and excited about right now. This is the first edition of a yet-unnamed, bi-weekly column that I’ll be writing here on iRunFar. I’ve always loved writing, but I have a hard time feeling creative and productive in my writing unless I have assignments to keep me in practice. I think having an assignment “due” every couple weeks will be the perfect dynamic to keep me in practice, and to keep some interesting ideas flowing from my mind to the keyboard. Or so we can hope.

I’m also at a place in which I’m more optimistic and excited about my coming months of running than I have been in quite some time. Despite having just completed a 350-mile race a few weeks ago, I feel as though I’ve had an extended break from running since mid-December, and I feel this is just what my mind and body needs. Almost all of the running I have done since December has been on snow, usually in snowshoes, at a very slow pace, and often walking. When I lace up the shoes and head out for my first post Iditarod Trail Invitational run sometime in the next few days, I suspect that running will feel more alien to me than it has any time in the last few years. With this unfamiliarity fueling me, I will get to come back to running in a place which best suits my mind, body, and spirit at this time, and not based nearly as much on previous ideas about what running is to me. I think of it as a chance to realign myself with my running, and this really excites me.

When I get back into the habit of running every day, I will undoubtedly begin to shift much of my focus to preparation for the Hardrock 100. I don’t know what’s more exciting for me, the notion of taking part in this event, or all the runs I’ll “need” to do to prepare for it. I’ve always preferred really steep, rugged mountain terrain. I think training on this type of terrain is a huge benefit, even for flatter races, but never before have I done a race in which the training that I like to do all the time will be the perfect training. What this all means is that I will likely spend even more time than usual high up in the mountains this spring and summer, and I’m nothing but terribly excited for this.

Looking beyond my individual situation, I think this is also a really exciting and optimistic time for the sport of trail running. The variety of events and athletes which make up the sport right now is so much greater than it was just a few years ago. The popularity of trail and mountain running is growing rapidly around the planet, and this is bringing together folks from so many different cultures, bound by a single passion for traveling on foot through wild, rugged, and scenic places. It is becoming a truly global sport and I think this is a very exciting thing. Whether you’re driven by the opportunity to compete against runners from around the world; in locations around the world; or whether you simply love to run in new and exciting places – and love to share that experience with like-minded individuals – it’s a great time to be a trail runner.

There are more events than ever to choose from that suit anyone and everyone’s tastes. Most of these events (either directly or indirectly) help promote sustainable trail/land use, and encourage or participate in trail maintenance and development. More than ever before, the popularity of trail running is fueling the creation of more places to go trail running.

I think it is also a really exciting time for the competitive side of the sport. As trail running has grown in popularity, so too have the amount of races and runners that are focused more on the competitive aspects of trail running. As more events distinguish themselves in this way, more runners are drawn in from road running and other competitive sports, as they realize they can have their competitive interests met doing something as natural and satisfying as running in the mountains. I have taken part in a lot of different sports over the years, and have had a lot of fun doing so, but not one of them has ever felt nearly as natural and satisfying as running on trails through the mountains.

There has been much speculation over the past couple years about what will happen as more of this “new breed” of athlete comes to the sport of trail running. Even now, you regularly see people debating the impact that top marathon runners will have as they are drawn into the sport by races with more prize money and more focus on high level competition. The thing is that this is no longer a thing of the future; this is a thing that is already here and has been here for quite some time. There are dozens of trail races offering more than a $1000 prize for the winner, including a few offering $5000 or more. These events have already led to the expected result of drawing some top road runners to the sport. It is no longer a question of what will happen when several sub-2:20 marathoners start running trail races, because this has already happened.

The result of all of this: Several really fast road runners have been humbled and awed by the ability of the “slower trail runners;” several really strong and accomplished trail runners have been humbled and awed by the raw ability of the road runners; and, most importantly, a lot of really exciting racing has occurred. Of the dozen or more sub-2:20 marathoners that have taken on competitive trail running in the past few years, I can’t think of a single one who hasn’t been beaten on the trails at least once, in most cases by runners whose marathon PR is 15+ minutes slower than theirs. Conversely, most of these road runners have run some very impressive races, and will likely continue to improve as they become more comfortable on the trails.

Thus, it is no longer a question of what will happen when trail running goes through these changes. The changes have come, and the sport has become more exciting and diverse than ever before. Things will certainly continue to grow and evolve, but this is no longer a thing to anticipate or fear about the future, it is here and now, and in its wake it has left a level of anticipation, optimism, and excitement beyond any that has ever existed in trail running. Or maybe it’s just the return of the warm, sunny weather that has me feeling this way.

At any rate, I am super excited to see where things go from here – both in my individual running and in the sport of trail running as a whole. Anyone else feeling this excitement?

Run Like Geoff Roes Giveaway

To kick of the new column, we’re giving away a “Run Like Geoff Roes” prize pack made up of my favorite trail running gear and nutritional products. To enter, just leave a comment on this article [on the website, not as an email] before the next installment of my column on April 11. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s what the winner, Megan of Run Aimlessly, won:

Call for Comments

  • What are you most anticipating as we enter spring?
  • What aspects of the sport of trail running are you most excited about at the moment?
  • Do you have a suggestion for a column name? If so, fire away! (We reserve the right to use any of the suggestions!)

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  1. Bigfoot

    Congratulations on your amazing Iditarod run – it's incredibly inspiring, as is this new column. Looking forward to a great year of running.

  2. Jeremy Lindquist

    I think spring came early for Minnesotan's. It's been a wonderfully nice past few months up here to hit trails hard for this years race season. Glad to see many new runners learning the essences of trail runnning. I brings good folks together and the children in all of us out for fun. Nice article!

  3. Zak

    Great article Geoff-it really is a great time to be a trail runner and for those of us who run through snow and crap all winter the feeling of running free on dirt is pretty exciting. Look forward to your next post.

  4. Tom

    Look forward to many more articles. I just completed my second Ultra after turning 50 and running marathons for 20 years. To me the coolest thing about ultra running is how accessible all of the top runners are. Keep up the great work.

  5. Tom Boland

    Very cool article, looking forward to more of where this came from. Any chance that all the cool gear is for non-US residents too? (Montrail stuff is too hard to find in the UK)

  6. Greg W.

    Wow. That's a serious prize pack. I want it…

    I have to ask though… It's a "Run Like Geoff Roes" prize pack, yet it includes specifically women's clothing.

    1. Bryon Powell

      Greg, I noted the women's clothing equivalents to the primarily listed items that Geoff uses, as women are eligible to win and it'd be kinda silly to make them where a men's model. ;-)

  7. Blair Mann

    I've read your blog for a long time and enjoy the honesty of your articles – so I look forward to your irunfar contributions. Congrats on your Iditarod win, amazing…great recap too! Good luck this year in all your events. I hope to one day attend your running camp:)

  8. Tim Casagrande

    Winter seems to have come late here in northern California which had delayed the onset of spring. I optimistically await its arrival!

  9. bdrunnerdude

    Wow…350 miles! Excellent write up. I agree that springtime is very motivational to increase miles. Running becomes less of an obligation and more of a way to experience nature in its blooming glory.


  10. Chris Kleman

    Great article Geoff. Its refreshing to hear how passionate you are about running. Looking forward to more great articles.

  11. William

    Thanks Geoff. Looking forward to the next one. I have literally been recovering from a race while spring has begun to really take shape this week. That combined with the anticipation of hitting the trails again this weekend has me extremely excited.

  12. Daniel Rowland

    Great to have you writing here on irunfar!

    I'm approaching fall (I live in the southern hemisphere) and have the same anticipation of running in a new season with different experiences and conditions.

  13. Kate

    I love this time of year! It seems like the longer the days get, the longer I want to spend outside. Great article! Looking forward to your bi-weekly column.

  14. Mike

    Started following you when I got stationed up in AK back in 2010. I hope to run with you one of these days man, you are an inspiration!!

    Fairview Heights, IL

  15. john crozier

    Thanks Geoff! I loved following you in the wilds of Alaska. Amazing stuff. Love that you are writing here. . .you've got tons to share. Keep it up!

  16. Jason Roberts


    Really inspiring read. I've enjoyed checking out your blog, and I'm excited to see you'll be posting articles on irunfar regularly. Good luck to you and congratulations on the Iditarod Race. The pollen in NC is the only drawback I see to the Spring here. I'm not allergic, but the sheer volume of it in the air down can get pretty nasty during this time of year. Everything takes on weird greenish/yellowish hue. Take it easy and happy trails.

  17. Élan Lieber

    Hey Jeff!

    Good luck with your training and racing this spring/summer! You seem to really have a great love and passion for your running and it comes through in your column. I try to carry the same enthusiasm Into my runs everyday.

    Happy trails!

  18. Dean G

    One other great thing about this sport is that its top athletes, like you, are willing to take the time to write openly about your successes, your failures and everything in-between. I look forward to your next column. And then the one after that…etc.

  19. Mario

    Woke up this morning with 2" of fresh snow on the ground. Looks like winter is not yet ready to leave us here in Québec … But the longer days sure are getting me excited – thinking of all the long trail runs … and, of course, mosquitoes, black flies, deer flies, …

    Looking forward to your next post –


    St.-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC

  20. Jeffrey Hainlen

    A great read for those of us starting to explore more of the Ultra community. I've been fortunate enough to finish my first couple 50 milers and for some reason my limited success made me sign up for a 100 this June in Wisconsin. Taking in the joy, struggle, and beauty of the sport through the words of someone who has done so well really motivates me to get out, put my feet on the dirt, and keep moving forward. Thanks Geoff :)

  21. Todd Gallagher

    Great writing Geoff. It is such an exciting time for the sport we all love so much!!
    Todd Gallagher
    Comox, BC Canada

  22. Jeff Faulkner

    Welcome aboard Geoff, I'm sure your insight on the ultra high end of trail running will be inspirational to some of us BOPers. At least our motivations are similar. :)

    Jeff Faulkner

    Clermont, FL

  23. Dan

    well said geoff! i also enjoy winter and snow (we get 250+ inches), but love this time of year when the trails start to melt off and everything's nice and muddy. it's trail running season!



    houghton, mi

  24. Paulie

    Spring fever–my feelings exactly. I'm really looking forward to this summer too, will be running my first ultras, a 50K in June and 50-miler in Sept., with more to follow!

  25. eric hodge

    it's definitely a strange spring on the east coast after a winter that never was. still, the optimism of the season is certainly intoxicating… clean slate, what will be accomplished this year!?

    must be incredibly hard to recover the body after the 350 mile slog through crazy conditions. i'm wondering if the proximity and recovery time you'll need is why you mentioned training for hardrock vs transvulcania. certainly hardrock is the feature race on your calendar, and certainly it takes a lot more training, but given that transvulcania is your next race, and considering the field that will be entering, i'm wondering if you have any specific training plans for that race.

    also, i know you usually spend your summers in juneau. you've got the running camps and your special attachment to that place… but it would seem the ideal place for hardrock training would be colorado. maybe i'm completely wrong about that, but i'm wondering if you're planning to spend any significant time in CO preparing for hardrock during the warmer season?

    regardless, glad to see you'll be a regular contributor here… it's always been a pleasure to reading your musings, and follow your career.



  26. Jeff

    Great time of year and I'm excited to see how the season plays out. Looking forward to Geoff racing again and I'm glad to see his passion foe running starting to flow.

  27. Michael Owen

    It is interesting to currently "witness" the fast road runners come over to trail ultra's. I think there are a few valid points to make: It is more likely for a "fast road runner" to win a flat 50k trail ultra than it is for them to win a 50k with say, 5,000 feet of gain, but they can still manage. These runners still compete really well at flat trail 50 milers but turn that course into big hills or mountains and their ability decreases more. The gap widens with specificity going to 100k's, 100 miles, and more…

    This is not the case for everyone though, as there are always people breaking the norm. It is more dependent on the individuals training. There are some really fast road marathoners who trail on a lot of trails and mountains. They would be more likely to compete on mountain ultras then someone who trains on flatter roads (even if their PR is 2:15).

    The gap will continue to close from road marathon to trail ultra. 50k's are considered ultras, but lets face it, it is only 5 miles longer than a marathon. One definite is this statement: It is more likely and easier for a sub 2:20 marathoner to transition to and win any 100 mile race (no matter what race it is) than it is for a "traditional" "slower trail runner" to transition to and drop a sub-2:20 marathon.

  28. Alex from New Haven

    Great Read, thanks!

    And people forget that guys like Uli Steidl (2:14)recently and a lot of the 50m-100k road guy of the 80's and 90's were putting it down HARD in the marathon. Don Ritchie (WR for 50 miles and 100k) was like a 2:10 guy. And don't get me started about Ann Trason :)

  29. Greg W.

    Good point. I didn't inspect the links to see that one was Men's and the other Women's. My bad. Great giveaway pack though!

  30. Brett Kinggard

    Thanks for having such a positive attitude towards newbies to the world of ultras. I know that I will never be at the front of the pack, but I do enjoy pushing my own limits in a welcoming enviroment consisting of like minded people. I hope that other veterens of this beautiful sport do not cast a shadow among recent adopters. I have only run just a few trail races and hope to continue to improve and eventually run in a 50K or further.

    I will be looking forward to your bi-weekly articles.

  31. Tyler Bucklin

    Awesome prize pack. I always enjoy reading your articles Geoff keep up the great work.

    Cheers, Tyler Bucklin

    Conrad, MT

  32. Justin McMillan

    Great article Geoff! I am looking forward to reading more. I am also excited about spring, and I hope to do my first 100 at Steamboat in September. If I do, I will see you there!

  33. Andy

    Ahoy Geoff!

    I'm looking forward to more of your writing here. You always come off as an honest, humble wealth of knowledge and experience so I'm certain there are good things in store.

    My son, an aspiring 5th grade cross country runner (among other pursuits), has been a big fan of yours ever since we went to see "Unbreakable". The first thing he said to me after I finished Chuckanut the other week was, "I saw Geoff Roes… twice!" Thanks for continually being a source of inspiration, not only for us middle of the pack schlubs but also for the next generation of course record breakers who are tearing along in our footsteps.

    A name for the column… "Roeses are read." Ouch! Groaner… delete.

  34. John Maytum

    Right on. Glad to see you have a column! And yes…super excited for spring. Winter was fun up here in the PacNW but I'm ready for longer days and slightly more vitamin D.

    John Maytum


  35. douglas gray


    Love reading your articles! I'm still training for this year's MMT. The lack of a winter helped keep me warm, but killed a lot of that "snow running" training that I like when running on winter sidewalks to work!

  36. pat

    In the southern hemisphere, I'm getting excited about winter…I guess, hahaha!

    Looking forward to future columns!


    Chile, but for the purposes of the contest, Michigan.

  37. Scott Keeps Running

    "Despite having just completed a 350-mile race a few weeks ago, I feel as though I’ve had an extended break from running since mid-December…" — Quote of the year?!?

    I'm still waiting anxiously for the snow to melt off my favorite trails. Spring means I get to return to the mountains again. Can't wait.

  38. Russell

    Another thoroughbred stallion in iRF's paddock. Way to go Bryon!

    Geoff, writer and part time runner, you have some amazing races lined up this year. Love the choices. All the best. Though a small part of me wishes for a rematch at WS100. '10 – Kilian wasn't heat prepared. '11 – you dropped out. Feels like there should be one more contest. Throw in a little Wolfe, some Clark and dash of Hal and that record will take a hammering.

  39. Nate K

    Looking forward to your column. I'm also looking forward to getting in the high mountains this summer.


    Salt Lake City, Utah

  40. Brett

    Sandwiched between Hardrock and RunRabbitRun is Pikes Peak Marathon. Kilian declared he was going to race. I think that race would also suit you well…might be a fun one to jump into since they have competitive entries that you'd be able to utilize to register.

  41. Jamie Falk

    I've been reading your blog for a while, and have always been impressed by the thought and time you seem to put into your posts, as well as the clarity with which you express your thoughts.

    I am looking forward to reading your work here every couple weeks as well. And who knows, maybe I will run into you on the trails around here some time.


    Boulder, Co

  42. Jon

    Geoff, great writing as usual and I look forward to more! Thanks to Bryon and all for this great website. I enjoy the updates!

  43. Rachael

    With spring coming, I'm definitely looking forward to the transition of running in a brown woods to everything budding out and being bright green! Also looking forward to training for a 50K this year, my longest race yet by far. :)

  44. Steve Pero

    Wow, how can I not sign up for a chance to win that prize pack!

    Geoff, you will love Hardrock. I've been going there since 2000, just about every year, and I still get as excited (but less scared) as each July approaches. I hope Anton can get healthy and fit, as it will be nice to see what you guys can do on the course and if you can get close to Kyle's time (and stay ahead of the king, Karl). ;-)

  45. Steve

    Great column. It made me more excited to hit the trails around DC this spring (although this entire year has felt like spring because of our unseasonably warm temperatures around here).

  46. Cody L. Custis

    I am anticipating that the trails are finally (mostly) clear of ice and snow here in Helena. I'll talk with God, and see if we cannot get that changed back before the PPLT run in May.

  47. ewlake

    A thought for a column name: some kind of play/combination of ROES with ROUSE. Roes' Rouse – Roused with Roes – something like that. I think "rouse" fits well, since it means: to awaken; to become active; to stir up; to excite to lively thought or action from a state of idleness, languor, stupidity, or indifference. :) Thanks for offering such a generous giveaway!

  48. Danny

    Great post. It's hard to suggest a name without really knowing what the focus or subject matter will be. I can't wait to see how this unbelievable Hardrock field will push each other.

    Sign me up for that killer prize!

  49. Patrick Cawley

    If I win those products, I assume that I will win Western States next year. Looking forward to it.

    Pat Cawley

    Camp Hill, PA

  50. Pat

    I too am enthused by the coming spring. It is the time of year that everything is possible. And look forward to your new column.

  51. JP

    I love to hit the trails as a change-of-pace from my normal road running. Doing as much running before and after dark to fit it around work and kids means the rare trail run is a treat indeed.

  52. Eric Lanning

    I'm excited for my first season of running longer races in the spring, which is usually reserved for 1/2 marathon distance racing. Two marathons and a 50K in the next 2.5 months!

  53. Chris D

    Great column with some interesting insight and perspective. Spring is definitely the time of year that awakens my senses and the early morning 4am runs don;t seen quite so bleak and the late afternoon light allows for even more time to get out after leaving the office to knock out that second run or ride of the day.

    Looking forward to reading more Geoff. Thanks for the opportunity and great give-away as well.

    My suggestion for the columns "name" is "Just Geoff – thoughts and insight into everyday Ultrarunning"


  54. ElizabethS

    Just seriously getting into trail running, still a struggle with getting family members on board but this spring so looking forward to discovering new trails and meeting other trail runners. Hoping to use this year to big up enough mileage so as to tackle my first 50 miler next year.

    Roes Chronicle

    Roes Footprints

  55. Todd Buchanan

    It was great meeting you at Chuckanut. I enjoy your blogs, keep them coming, and good luck this season.
    Todd Buchanan

  56. Carolyn

    I hope I can finally meet you in person at Western States this year! Great to see irunfar emails in my inbox – thanks for all of your hard work!

  57. Heath


    We met briefly at UROC this year, and I was impressed with your humble generosity of time and energy. I've been running trails for a while now, but am just beginning to extend my miles into the realm of ultras. I have really enjoyed learning about the sport here on irunfar and on your blog. I'm excited that you and Bryon joined forces for a regular column, and look forward to your insights every couple of weeks.

  58. Jim Stemple

    Ah, the sun. It really does make a difference, both physically and psychologically. I am an old road warrior having done a dozen and a half or so marathons back in the late 70's to mid 80's. My younger daughter talked me into my first marathon in 25 or so years last fall. Now I am training for my very first trail Ultra at the young old age of 65. It's taking me a while to get the hang of watching my feet all of the time, so I don't fall, but I'm still falling; just not as often. I enjoyed the column and look forward to future "rants." /jim

  59. Davide

    Winter never really settled here, apart from two weeks of snow… But still march brings new fervor.

    Great column, Irunfar rooster too is becoming more and more competitive!

  60. Frances

    I am looking forward to these regular columns! It has been great to see more and more contributors and various race reports here at irunfar lately.

    I'm looking forward to a fantastic year and my own first ultra, heavily inspired by the folks on this website

  61. Ryan Parker

    For a column name, I suggest "Rows with Roes". It plays on the linear form of our writing, propulsion forward, and would allow for the column to be somewhat controversial (to have a row with).

    Just a thought.

  62. StumpWater

    Excellent article! … really looking forward to reading more.

    My theory is that people's favorite season of the year is generally the season that brings relief from the toughest, least enjoyable season of the year. If you query people in the Southeast of the US, where I live, you'll find a a lot of people love Fall … "Heat, humidity, ticks, and chiggers are finally gone .. woo hoo!" For my relatives from the Northeast, in contrast, Spring is a natural favorite … "The bitter cold is gone and life is back in the woods!".

    Happy running, everyone!

  63. Dr. Thomas Redeker

    I am excited to hear from you Geoff. Fore me you are together with Killian the worlds best trail runner in the moment. Your attitude, your spirit you bring to us is so positiv and inspires me and so many people. I look forward to see you running with Tony and Killian in May, and the Hardrock also with Hal koerner and Dakota.

    It is getting such a interessting and exciting year in ultra trail running. Let us know your thoughts we all can learn so much from you guy.

    Hope to hear more,

    Greetings from germany,


  64. James W

    The longer days of spring are a welcome change from the winter darkness. Spring also means that there's only a few more weeks of desert running here in Las Vegas. Luckily the mountains of Charleston are just a short jaunt.

    As for a column name how's 'bout "Pimps and Roes"

  65. Tim I.

    nice work with the above column, I'm glad that irunfar has you on board. Also, good luck with your terrain specific training for the HR. Not only tremdously beneficial but I'm sure you will find yourself in places of amazing beauty – enjoy!

  66. olga

    Try this time of the year in Southern parts of US, good running is winding down by now:) Time to travel to races and use whatever good running we did get during the "winter" season (or, what we call in Central Texas, "something else besides summer" season).


  67. Chris Kilmer

    Wondering how to get iRoesGoes to break the crust all the way up to the Tennessee. I have now determined that post-holing through 4 miles of breakable candy coating isn't as fun as it it sounds. My shins started to whine after a few miles and went home to bite their pillow. No full ascent in shoes yet this year :-)

  68. Anonymous

    Fumbling towards winning?

    Great to have Geoff and I Run Far inspiring us running in the south land!

    Phil, Birmingham, AL.

  69. K. M.

    Thanks Geoff! I've always enjoyed your writing style so I'm psyched to read more. The thing I'm most looking forward to is summiting with nothing more than a bottle in hand…and being able to put my foot somewhere that I know it won't fall through to my waist…

    Thanks for your post(s)!!!

  70. Tony D

    I'll throw out a couple column name ideas:

    1) Roes' Rendition

    2) Geoff's jibber-jabber ;)

    Love the positive perspective! Good luck in your training and racing this year.

  71. Mike Hinterberg

    Looking forward to more articles.

    Can't think of any good titles: any bad puns or alliterations just sound too cheesy.

    I'll throw in "Headed off at the Pass" as a possibility, see if it resonates.

    A good one will probably be based on your own experiences, memories, literature, etc.


    Mike Hinterberg

    Fort Collins, CO

  72. Will

    I'm just looking forward to being able to run again after almost 12 weeks away thanks to an IT band that hates me. You don't realize how important running is until you don't have it for an extended time!

    I also look forward to the next "Roes Knows…" column!

  73. Sarah T

    Great article and interesting perspective on where trail running is going. I enjoyed meeting you last year before Western States and look forward to more of your writing. I am most excited by spring bringing longer days so that it's easier to run after work (and not just around the park or the track, but out on the trails!) :)

  74. Joshua Witte

    Very glad to see your column on iRunFar; looking forward to more inspiring words from you. Personally can't wait to get out West and run some of the same trails you have won on at Western States!

  75. Jimmy Mauger

    Very excited about reading your new column, especially following how the training for Hardrock goes! Should be a great buildup, Good luck!!

  76. Rich

    22…soon to be 23 people running the 100 Hare at Run Rabbit Run. I know this…I am going to sprint out of the gate just to say that during a 100 mile race, I was in FRONT of you. Yeah that's right big guy. I'm paying $275 just to say I was able to look back and see Geoff Roes trying to track me down.

    What would be even better is if I could do that wearing the stuff you gave me. Don't worry, I'm predicting a 20th place finish for myself. Maybe 19th. Hahaha.

    As for a column name: "Here is Roes".

    Rich. Denver, Colorado.

  77. Zac Johnston

    Great addition to a great website. Spring in San Diego brings out the wildflowers but also the rattlesnakes. Just the other day, my wife encountered four snakes while I've seen a number myself.

    I look forward to some great articles to come.

  78. Ed R

    Great article Geoff! I'm looking forward to reading more in the coming weeks. Hope to see you on the trails this summer!


    Boulder, CO

  79. Chris Cunningham

    Great to hear from you Geoff, would love some tips on how much and what to eat when running an ultra, always have problems chewing, no spit left.

    Clif and Drymax are two of my favorite products.

  80. Donovan

    This is where I post a compliment about how great this article is…OR….I tell the truth that I'm just posting a comment to win.

  81. Kevin

    I'm stoked to see Geoff here on iRunFar.com! He's the perfect addition here. I'm looking forward to reading Geoff's column!

  82. Matthew

    I'm stoked to see Geoff writing for iRunFar. I've followed your FTE blog and love your spirit and insights.

    Looking forward to following the column as well as your season.


  83. eric ashley loffland

    you are an inspiration, geoff. and as a runner who races both on the road (more races, more exposure) and on the trails (longer races, more enjoyment, more scenic, MORE FUN AND FRIENDLY) i can see where you are coming from. being a relatively fast runner, i can get results both on the roads and trails, but feel a bit more proud of my accomplishments on the trail since i feel that they are harder to attain. with this 'new breed' of younger, faster runners mixing it up out there, it is making it slightly more difficult for us 'older dudes' to really enjoy ourselves as races are getting faster and harder. this can be a positive, though, as it makes us work just a little bit harder.

    guys like max king are CRUSHING it at all levels in all disciplines. as you said, this is the now, not the future. embrace it. i am.

    good luck to you in 2012, geoff!

    eric ashley.

  84. Kevin S

    I'm most looking forward this spring to testing out my legs after all the work I put in all winter in a couple more weeks! That and taking out my revenge from last year on the MMT100 in May.

    As for the contest, this might be the best one yet! I'm in!

    Kevin S

    Bristow, VA

  85. Anji Nussbaumer

    Good to see you on here Geoff! I agree that the sport has been changing…I am one of those former road runners that have embraced it and come over to trails. I still consider myself a newbie, but there is something incredibly humbling and beautiful about trail racing. It's kind of like a metaphor for life…take your time, enjoy the view. I do have some concern about loosing that grass roots side of it though. The heart of the sport (I believe) is not just to compete and win, but to accomplish a goal in the most beautiful of surroundings with the best people. But I also believe the nature of the beast that is Ultra running will weed those that lack those pure intentions out by the sheer effort of the sport. Don't get me wrong I like to win just as much as the next girl, but I don't do it to win. I do it because I can.

    I look forward to reading your column more often and learning what I can from one of the best. Thanks! :)

  86. Moogy

    I'm looking forward to reading's everyone's stories, seeing their memories via photography, discovering new trails and friends, getting back to the beauty of the trail after a lengthy rehab and numerous hours on the treadmill. Can't wait to smell those pines and dirt as I train and enjoy life in prep for Run Rabbit Run.

  87. Joel


    Unfortunately the plains of IL is not the greatest venue for trail running on a daily basis, but I am looking forward to getting in some runcations this spring and summer. It is definitely inspirational to see the elite trail running athletes completely thrash ultras!

  88. Marcelo Lafuente

    Yeah!!! I want to run like Geoff! Hooks me up please. Keep this up you may need to get an APP for I Run Far. Good stuff.

  89. the "other&quot

    I look forward to reading a tasty nugget from you every couple of weeks sir! Great work at the Iditarod and good luck as you start ramping up the miles again. Happy Trails!

    – Geoff.

  90. Brett

    In spring, I look forward to getting higher into the mountains as the snow consolidates and recedes. I also anticipate fresh food showing up in the garden and at the market.

    As far as trail running goes, I am interested in mountain running on the technical end of the scale; scrambling summits, linkups of multiple peaks, classic ridge traverses, fkt peakbagging etc

    fair winds,


  91. Nathan K

    Spring always brings more daylight which means more time to train. Sometimes I think I enjoy the training more than I enjoy the racing.

    Looking forward to seeing how well you do at HR100! Maybe one day I'll get to that level!

    –nathan kreeger

    –king, nc

  92. Indi

    New challengers are always welcome! Its amazing how much trail running has grown even in our area in the last year or so! Granted that means more people that leave me in the dust, but trails for me have been about seeing what i can do and this Spring I'm headed ever closer to my first 50mi race!! Very excited about what this means for me!

    Love that you are writing a column. The Iditarod Trail Invitational race recap was amazing. I swear i was cold the whole time reading it!! Can't wait to read more and more!

    And some kick-ass stuff!! Looking forward to some awesome races!!

  93. Jon

    I have to resist overdoing it in the spring, as I get so excited with all the daylight and warm weather.

    Jon Clinthorne

    East Lansing, MI

  94. Jay Thomson

    Awesome to see one of the great ambassadors of the sport writing here at iRunFar!

    Definitely exciting times ahead for the sport. Being a runner who bounces back and forth between the trails and the roads I think these competitive races are great for the future of trail running. More competition only brings out the best in others.

    Thanks for a great first article, Geoff! Looking forward to following your training and racing in 2012.

  95. Warren

    I really liked reading about your Iditarod Trail Race. Glad to see that you are joining one of my favorite websites.

    Warren RR.

  96. Shelly L

    So excited to hit the trails during the warm spring weather. Looking forward to learning trail techniques from you Geoff.

  97. Kiley

    Great article Geoff. By the way, I saw Unbreakable about a week ago. So inspiring. I am excited to see this column show-up in my iRunFar RSS feed.

    (throwing my name in the hat for the giveaway as well)

    Kiley Newbold

    SLC, Utah.

  98. Eric Colorado

    I think that trail racing is finally coming into its own. There is now a good selection of racing trail shoes and various ultra products that were more difficult to find a few year ago. The best part of spring is being able to get back out on dry trails and train for summer ultras!

  99. Mike

    Good article Geoff. I was wondering many of the same things at Chuckanut recently. Looking forward to more words of wisdom from ya!

  100. William

    Geoff, your writings have brought me much entertainment and knowledge, thanks.

    As someone who has dragged one of those orange plastic Paris tub sleds through the Alaska Range, I read your account of the ITI with special interest. That wearable sled system of a pack mounted on skis of yours looks intriguing. Was that a custom setup or is that an available product?

    Enjoy the spring and coming summer.

  101. Nate McB

    Of all the "pro" runners out there, I like Geoff's philosophies and approach the best…looking forward to reading the column and awesome race report on the 350…awesome job too.

  102. Kevin

    Great addition to irunfar! Training for my first LT100 and RFP has been a great resource. Now adding Geoff to the mix is great! And just started using Udos Oil a few weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing how it improves my performance as my mileage builds towards Leadville!

  103. Tarzan

    Would love to get my feet into a pair of Masochist! Love reading Goeff Roes and yes, I am very excited about spring running and trail ultras in general!

  104. Dennis

    I am most excited about the introduction of new events and the legacy of old ones being carried on. As more new ones bring new ideas to courses and locations, the old timers become even better because they started it all.

  105. Angie Long

    Loving spring and looking forward to your next column! As a new trail runner I'm sucking up all the info I can get. There is nothing that compares to running trails.

  106. Stu

    Great article. I enjoy trail running for the way it combines being outdoors (away from concrete and asphalt, skill in "reading the trail", and the endurance challenge.

    Thanks for the contest… here's hoping.

  107. Sebastian

    Nice to see the musings from Geoff on this website… Thoughts about spring? Here on the East Coast it has never been winter… Looking fwd to read more from Geoff. Happy Trails!

  108. Adam Bricker

    I couldn't agree more! I like the transition I've personally gone through going from being more of a road runner to a trail runner. Road always seemed to be about a PR, but the trail runners have a "I run trail, you run trail let's run together" attitude and that's amazing. Fast or slow it's a community.

  109. Keviin Christenson

    Great article, an awesome addition to the team.
    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    This Prize pack for Me
    The Next Ones for You

  110. Dominic

    I think the column should be called "Fun Recipes" and be a spring board for actual recipes, and also Geoff's preparation for big runs. It could also include descriptions of the consumption of food and miles. Eating and running are both fun, and require sound recipes for the best final product.. I know, this whole concept is pretty meta.

  111. Nicole Giumarra

    I'm most excited about running my first trail ultras this spring, particularly sharing the trails with some awesome ultra ladies that inspire me like Ellie Greenwood. And anticipating some gorgeous wildflowers on the trail after all the rain we've had in California!

  112. steve hannahs

    I am loving spring training in the sun and on the trails! I'm most looking forward to my 1st Mohican 100 attempt in June! For the column : Roes Knows!

  113. Will T.

    Wow! iRunFar is getting some great talent behind them.

    Excited to have Geoff on the iRunFar team. I love his writing.

    I'm excited for the growth in trail running and I love sharing it with new people. I just went for a trail run this morning with a good friend, it was his first run in trail shoes and he loved it. This makes me happy!

    Column names: Above & Beyond or To the Top.

  114. Greg Johnson

    Having followed akrunning.blogspot.com for a couple of years now I am excited to hear that you will be a regular contributor to irunfar.com. That being said, Spring to me is a time not only to motivate myself to push farther than ever before, but also share my time with new runners on the trail. The camaraderie on the trails is to me the best part of the sport. Look forward to the articles to follow!



  115. Van Horn

    I am goosed up to run in warm weather! It was a mild winter in Utah, but I trained all through and am ready for shorts and tee. I recently converted from hiker to trail runner and I am anxious to run on Wasatch trails I have only hiked the past 7 years.

  116. Tom

    Great article and ?I look forward to reading more from Geoff! Love trail racing and hoping the scene doesnt get too bloated but keeps its intimacy.

  117. Jonathan Burbey

    I love reading your blog Geoff and I think it is great that you are now contributing to IRunFar. This site is getting better and better.

    I would love to win your prize pack. What a great haul of gear!


  118. Alisa

    "as natural and satisfying as running on trails through the mountains" Exactly. It is wonderful to surround youself with those who value this experience. I met my fiancée on a tough run on the AT :-)

  119. Travis T

    Very nice article Geoff..you are a great addition to the iRunFar team in providing all of us with insightful, in-depth information on trail running, etc.

  120. Eric Malherbe

    "Section of Geoff Roes : Fairy of trails"

    I look forward to read this new column, iRunFar has a new recruit of choice.

    Eric from Belgium

  121. Michelle Rach

    I too really look forward to spring as it seems a time or renewal. It is always inspiring to see nature blossoming as it leads to fresh ideas and idealisms, especially in my running. Spring is a time when the impossible seems possible, if only in my mind.

  122. Joel Wright

    Geoff: Here are a few ideas for future columns:

    1. Do you do any cross training?

    2. I know you are a superb cook and natural foodie. Tell us more.

    3. How do you prevent injuries given the thousands of miles you run each year? Especially as you get older?

    4. Can you devote yourself full time to trail running, or do you still have to keep down another job?

  123. Mikael Henriksen

    Just wonderfull that you feel exitement about the coming season after your tremendous effort at Idatarod invitational, congratulations on your win.
    Great collumn…

  124. J Cole

    Love the article! Especially the thought about how more interest in the sport leads to more and better trail use for runners. Looking forward to the next installment!

  125. Vertical Turtle

    Thanks for another great article, Geoff. This spring, I am looking forward to my first 50k (on trails, of course)! I have been training hard all winter, running every trail and hill I can get my feet on. I am relatively new to trail running (~2 years now), and am excited about the ever-growing assortment of trail races available, from marathons to 100 milers to multi-day/stage events, on all sorts of terrain imaginable. This allows endless opportunities for new goals.

    A column name suggestion? Hmm… TrailVision? TrailChat? Trips 'n Trails? :)

  126. KenZ

    Having done a few races in the UK, I can say that the Europeans definitely do it differently! Not better, not worse, just different. Lots more required stuff to be carried. Much more orienteering (course markings??? what's that?). And of course it creates its own challenges (in the middle of the race reading the instructions that say things like: "After the stile, cross the beck and stay to the left of the tarn." Huh????? And the aid stations are pretty sparse with options…. but that's countered with entry fees that are like 25% of what we pay in the US.

    Anyway, my point is that the international nature and mixing between continents of runners and races definitely adds to the sport. Trading ideas, tactics, and techniques. Love it. Road runners entering will also help with some cross fertilization. Bring it on.

    And would love all the Udos you're willing to dole out! Sign me up.

  127. Andy Snyder


    Your article on the Iditarod was excellent! You are going to have so many stories about all of your races, that I think a book is in order when you finish your career. I'm looking forward to your column here on irunfar.com.

    By the way, I've been running in a pair of Mountain Masochists (mainly on the road) for the past 1 1/2 years and they are still going strong! Absolutely the BEST shoes I have found in over 25 years of running. They are the first pair of shoes in which I didn't need an extra insert. I just bought 2 more pairs while they were on sale at sierratradingpost.com.

    Good luck this season!


  128. Reiko

    I just completed my first 100 last weekend at the Buffalo Run in Utah. I was inspired after watching Geoff and the other athletes compete at WS100 in "Endurance." I'm very happy to learn that Geoff will be writing his thoughts here. I say, learn from the best if you want to improve your own running. Thanks!

  129. matt

    We are all sons and daughters of mother nature. What better way to connect to her than travelling the face of our planet on foot, propelled by our own power, sweat, tears and blood?

    R.O.E.S – Running Of Exceptional Satisfaction


    p.s excited to read more from Geoff!

  130. Ash

    Looking forward to escaping into the shade of some local trails this spring. But with certainly no mountains here in FL, I'll have to explore elevation vicariously. Ready to read more!

  131. Sean Flannery

    Congrats on the new position….I look forward to reading your columns and also to your upcoming race season….
    Best regards,

  132. Eric Nordgren

    This spring will mark my first foray into the ultrarunning scene, as I'm signed up for a 50k at the end of April. I'm more excited for the racing season this year than ever before, as I transition from the roads to the trails. Last fall I moved from the Twin Cities area to Duluth, MN and found an amazing running community that has been incredibly welcoming. I never have to worry about finding a running partner or group for long runs, and the mild winter allowed us to stay on the trails here for all but a week or two of the season. I love the focus on sustainability, community, and inclusion that I've found in the trail scene too. Based on the interviews and blog posts that I've come across, the elite ultra athletes are true role models as well. There is plenty to be hopeful about Geoff, no question!

  133. Ann H.

    I know!!!! Spring!!!!! It feels so great to smell dirt and flowers and see the trees as they slowly green. I can't wait to be on the trails more. Bring it!

  134. Daren Granger


    Having been active in this incredible sport for several years now there is no better feeling then the change of weather and all of my old trails seem new again. This all gets topped off with March being my birthday and I always get a new pair of trail shoes (this year my first pair of Montrail,the rouge racer). Spring is truly the best time to be a trail/ultra runner.

    I got into this sport just before things really started to take off. I have read a few articles with runners concerned about their sport becoming more popular and race entries increasing so promoters can supply prize money. Well I agree entry fees have increased and I have to work a little harder to keep up to the increasing competition but at the same time living in northern Indiana, I probably would have never heard of this glorious sport. I would still be racing the same boring hometown 5 and 10k races training on the trail when I needed a break from speed work on the track longing for something more. to this day I haven't ran a road race in over 4 years and I don't miss it one bit. I think that's worth an extra $10 to $20 a race don't you?

    p.s. Thanks to the pioneers of the wonderful sport for helping me find my love of running again.

    Daren – Warsaw IN

  135. Jeremy

    I echo the excitement of anticipating your training runs on killer train just as much as you do the race your preparing for. Most of the excitement for me is studying the maps and planning that next outing on the mountain you've always wanted to tackle.

    I for one am looking forward to incorporating some added "weight training" in my hike-training by loading up my 18-month old daughter in the kid carrier and hitting the trails this spring. Dad-daughter time couldn't be better.

  136. Josh Allfree

    Thanks for the excellent column, Geoff, and congratulations on Iditarod. What an awsome race report and an amazing feat of strength and endurance!


    Louisville, KY

  137. Barbara Shainberg

    Congratulations to irunfar and to Geoff Roes! To Geoff: I enjoyed your article on transitioning from snow running/walking to training for mountain trail ultras. The spring article is an especially nice addition after reading your article on the Iditarod; which I printed so that I could thoroughly enjoy each word. Hopefully, you will be able to include pictures as well as words. Your words are spectacular, but coupled with pictures I almost feel as if I am running with you. Of course, that is impossible, but the written word has always transported me into new terrain. Looking forward to your articles on irunfar.

  138. Rojo Runner

    What I'm anticipating most this spring is running a 50 miler. Most of us have been running in the dark for the past few months, let's hope it has paid off.

    The aspect I'm most excited about is all the new gear and grub. Companies are putting a lot more $ towards R&D then ever before, which is creating some really technically specific gear and better tasting trail food.

  139. Captain Midpack

    "Roes' Ramblings"!

    What a great addition to iRunFar!

    Sign me up for the gear…even if its a womans tank top. I do have a pretty svelte figure..

  140. Lucas Marxen

    Very excited about your new column, Geoff! My wife an I have not been able to stop watching "Unbreakable" and we still get goosebumps/tear up every time we see you take the lead from Anton and then later reach the finish at the track field. Congrats on the Iditarod. You continue to inspire us both. Looking forward to my first ultra 5 weeks from now.

  141. David

    Great addition! There seem to be a number of quality columnists that are becoming regular contributors recently. iRunFar is definitely becoming my go-to source for trail running info and opinion pieces. Can't wait to read more!

  142. Jeff

    Looking forward to the extra hours of warmth and sunlight and the opportunity to learn new trails as I train for my first 50k. Great first article, can't wait for the next one!

  143. TomH

    Geoff, I am one of these new comers to trail running, and am proud to say I have just completed my 1st trail half marathon. After mile 10, when my legs pretty much stopped working, I kept telling myself 'think of Geoff Roes in Iditarod – if he can do that, you can handle a half marathon, you big girl's blouse'. Your article was really inspiring and definitely helped me through! I'm really looking forward to reading your column in the coming weeks.

  144. Greg Friedman

    Thanks for the reminder that I enjoy the up's the most. Just because there is still spring snow on the ground, doesn't mean I shouldn't be postholing my way up the trails instead of sticking to the drier areas.

  145. tomdog

    Happy to see Geoff will be writing regularly for IRF. I am new to the sport and don't know many names, but I like Geoff's approach to running.

  146. richard felton

    nice post and another great athlete writing for irunfar! seems as though the growth of irunfar has gone hand in hand with the growth of trail running. coincidence? i think not?

  147. Chuck Swanson

    I agree with roadies coming to trail races. Exciting o see how they fare and what they say about the races. It has increased the interest, hopefully for the better. Glad to see you will be writing regularly, I look forward to reading your work.

  148. ken michal

    Wow!! Judging by the number of comments, I would say that the column is going to be a raging success!!! Nice! I really can't wait to read more! I would love to hear about what keeps you going when you train and what goes on inside your head at mile 80 in future articles, Geoff!

    For me, I'm excited for the spring colors blooming in the Marin Headlands!! I'm also loving the extra daylight to go out and run! It really does feel like a time of rebirth right now! It's a great time to be alive!!! I have a couple big races on the books for spring (SBER is right around the corner!!! I can't wait!) and I'm super excited for them!!

    I think it's pretty cool that there are more road runners out on the trails these days! Look at what Uli Steidl does out there!!! We're in for some amazing races! I've also noticed more of a trend of trail runners hitting the marathons more often… The recent Olympic Trials had what would normally be considered an amazing field of trail runners!

    The best name I can come up with is "The Roes Garden". Has a nice ring to it… It's a forum to cultivate, nurture and grow ideas… It's got your name in it.

    That's not a giveaway, it's a freaking sponsorship deal!!! AWESOME!! The only thing better is if all that gear really could help us run like you! I promise to do my best with it if I win!!

    All Day!


  149. David E.

    I love reading and learning about all things running far. I am racing my first 50k and very exited to give it a go. I come from a road and trait background and have raced one time at 30k. Thanks for all your insight and help by the stories you tell.

  150. Benjamin

    I'm looking forward to beiing able to get outside after work when it's still light.

    Also looking forward to more articles by Geoff

  151. Pano Skrivanos

    Hi iRunFar, Geoff,

    Great post, I'm looking forward to the regular columns.

    I was at Chuckanut a few weekends ago and witnessed first hand exactly what Geoff was referring to with regards to fast roadies entering the world of trail running. Its very exciting!

  152. Chris Lassen

    Awesome article Geoff! Congrat's on your 350 mile blizzard blitz!! You could call the column Geoff Roes Rambles On!! Best of luck this year, relish in the runners lows.

  153. OOJ

    Are "employees" of iRF eligible? :P

    Excellent update and "State of the Union"! Chuckanut was a wake-up call to us "slow guys" — we need to start training "faster" for the 50K event, yet still be strong, technical trail runners. Likewise, I think some of the faster/shorter roadies got a bit of a similar wake-up call at TNF-SF in December, and will going into the summer long ones!

  154. doshierd

    Great read! Look forward to reading your upcoming columns. Lovin me some spring time running here in beautiful CA.
    Cheers to healthy training! You're gonna kill it at Hardrock.

  155. Linz

    I am a new follower to iRunFar- have you always had such amazing giveaways? Haha. Great article, and I'm looking forward to future posts.

  156. Seamus Foy

    I'm definitely feeling the excitement. Before a long hiatus from running (2002-2009), I loved running trails, but had not run a single trail race. They might have existed, but I didn't know where to find them. I remember spending hours looking for a trail marathon.

    Now, I'm psyched to have several trail race options per month from April-November all over New England. The things that are happening at the elite level are super exciting too! I'm actually hoping to go to a major ultra like WS 100 or Hardrock as a spectator! I'm definitely feeling the enthusiasm!

  157. Johan

    More faster runners is a good thing. More prize money for them is a better thing. BUT having to sign up for a race 6-9 months in advance will always be a bad thing.

    Looking forward to this addition to the already excellent irunfar lineup


    Quakertown, PA

  158. Vermonter

    Wow, I'm excited about so many things right now! Geoff's bi-weely posts, spring trail running, the future of trail running, a run like Geoff contest, etc. The future holds so many wonderful possibilities, how can you not be excited?!

  159. tommllr

    I've been a fan of Geoff since I saw the Western States 100 documentary "Unbreakable." He's reserved and soft-spoken, but that cool exterior hides a white-hot inner competitive drive. I hope that in future columns Geoff addresses the competitive instinct that's responsible for much of his success. Where it comes from. How to nurture it. How to exploit it responsibly.

  160. Ty

    Great article, glad to see another great addition to the site. Now if we could just get spring to show up in the PNW before July this year. Looking forward to some long runs into the high country.

  161. John Burton

    The nice thing about Spring is that most of us are well rested and injury free from an off season of cross training and taking it easy. We're excited about the possibilities. We've picked out our key races. We've bought some new gear.

    Contrast that to late summer or early fall where the high mileage weeks and over racing have worn us down and burned us out. Perhaps we should try to keep a little "spring" perspective in our training approach year round!

  162. Grady

    Hey Geoff, glad to see youve got a regular gig with IRF, Ive always enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to your forthcoming articles!

    Im always excited at the change of seasons, and the weather as of late, I live in Lyons, CO, has been spectacular, could use some rain though. Im particularly psyched for this season as Ill be racing longer than 26.2 for the first time at least twice this Summer. Theyre of the shortest 'ultra' variety, 50k, but both pack a healthy dose of vert, the SpeedGoat 50k and the Dirty Thirty. I also love steep technical running/hiking and cant wait to toe the line at these races as well as some shorter ones I have planned, and who knows, if all goes well maybe tack on a 50 miler in the Fall.

    Ill also be volunteering at the HR100, should be a great weekend!

    Enjoy the season

    1. Bryon Powell

      The email addresses associated with comments aren't used for anything except, possibly, contacting the author directly if there's an issue with the comment or the person's won a contest. We don't use it for marketing and we never pass it on to anyone else. I'm pretty much the only one who'll ever see it.


  163. Kyle

    Great article!

    My buddies and I have this argument all the time and it goes something like this…

    It's a 100 miles!

    But it's a 10 minute pace!

    Have you ever tried to run up and down, then up and down a mountain trail before??? No! but it's a 10 min pace!

    Why don't you try and find out?

    Nahh…it's not my thing!


  164. Chad S

    Awesome article Geoff. It is runners such as your self that I believe have inspired the trail running boom.

    Keep up the good work.

  165. Rob Digga

    I'm already a regular on your other blog. Now with two places to read your literature I'm more stoked. Welcome aboard!

  166. Russell Walker

    This site keeps getting better all the time – well done Bryon for getting Geoff on board as a regular contributor.

    "Geoff Roes – From the Source"

  167. James

    IRF is my go to source for trail running info. I love how you guys are up on the latest events and are able to get people engaged and talking about their own take on running.

    I look forward to reading more of Geoff's articles, excellent stuff!

    There's a great scene here in New Zealand, with more races and events starting up, particularly those on world class heritage trails. Ancient forests, stunning mountains and pristine lakes aplenty!


  168. A. Pace

    Looking forward to the feeling of dirt underfoot again after a looooong Alaskan winter. Thanks for the enthusiasm & care you bring to the sport–

  169. Brian D.

    Geoff's new column is a great addition!

    But it sure doesn't feel like Spring is going to show in soggy Portland for a long time.

  170. Colin Dowey

    I love the column Geoff. I have been an avid follower of your blog and love hearing about your running. I have recently had more free time this early spring and I have spent it out on the trails of northern Scotland, and am having a blast!

  171. Bill

    Woohoo! More ways ways to read up on the epic adventures of Geoff Roes. Paired with irunfar, that's great! Bryon you will finally be able to take over the world! of running. It's like a one-stop shop, great to hear, all the best to you both!

  172. Jim Bruening

    Congratulations on the Iditarod win, Geoff. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and race reports. Looking forward keeping up with the new column.


  173. adam


    I love your overall perspective on running and trail running in particular. Too many fall in the habit of parsing the merits of the runners, shoes, courses, etc. It may make for good fodder for some blogs, but it gets old fast. Congrats on the column and irunfar for creating an environment that supports such writings.

    Suggested column name: Check Yourself, by Geoff Roes

  174. Jeff

    I'm excited to read your new column and for all the changes coming to trail running. I'm new to the sport myself having come from the world of road racing. I'm looking forward to what I can accomplish in trail running as I move forward.

    Column title suggestions: "Run Like Roes" or "Roes on Running"

  175. Jacko Kelly

    Hi Geoff,

    Your column is stimulating to read as I look forward to it as I do each trail run I do. Never bored. At 61 going on 62, this is my retirement package and I hope to do as much events as I can in the future. I have in the very distant past, been a road runner never without some sort of running injury. I had to take some years off due to injury upon injury. Since getting back at 'er a few years ago in my first trail event, I haven't looked back and that's my story. You and Anton have been a great inspiration to my pursuit of excellence. It would be a great honor to meet U-2 someday, just to shake your hands' in thanks. Keep up the great influence you have on the trail running or for that matter, running period.

    Sincerely…Jacko Kelly, Dartmouth, N.S. Canada

  176. Paul K. Lindauer

    Great site from Bryon and great to see Geoff now on it. I, too, look forward to Spring and sunnier days on the trail. I am excited about all aspects of our ultras, from new comptetion to more races. Finally, I think the new column should be called:

    Roes Running Ramblings or Roes Ramblings or Roes Ruminations…

    Paul K. Lindauer

    Boise, Idaho

  177. Chase Duarte

    It's nice to read well written perspectives from the top runners in our sport. Thanks Geoff. Since your bi-weekly aricle is somewhat of a homework assignment, you could simply call your column, "Trail 101 with Geoff Roes." Anyway, good luck with your future articles.

    Chase Duarte

    Vail, AZ

  178. Matt Smith

    Great start for the new column – Geoff's perspective is always refreshing and welcome.

    I can only imagine how the promise of spring affects those who live in The Land of the Midnight Sun (or Mid-day Moon, depending on your perspective.)

    Matt Smith

    Chatham, NY

  179. Greta

    The return of the warm sunny weather is exhilarating for my mind and feet, and it IS a great time to be a trail runner! :)

    Greta Ledgerwood

    Penn Yan, NY

  180. Andy Mc Breen

    Geoff has been a great inspiration to Me. I love His humble nature. I believe with the growth of the sport will come healthier runners than ever before, due to the clean mountain air and solitude that it offers.

  181. Jeff

    I've always enjoyed reading Geoff's writing and it will be a great addition to iRunFar. As for a column name, clearly the best choice can be borrowed from the early-90's favorite professional bi-athlete (duathlete?) Bo Jackson, with his Nike ad campaign/catchphrase "Bo knows". The result: Roes Knows. It could work, right?

  182. Max

    "What aspects of the sport of trail running are you most excited about at the moment?"

    More and more, people here in Canada (Quebec) are discovering this sport which is, in my opinion, probably the most beautiful of all. For its simplicity, peacefulness and self-discovering aspect.

    Thanks for that nice article Geoff.

    I've been following you for a while now. Love your writings, best wishes for this new column!

  183. Blair

    Although the weather in the Northeast has been crazy. No winter to summer and now back to spring. But it has been nice to see some green after four months of brown. Looking forward to the fortnightly columns.

  184. JulieMIller

    Love the positive focus of this article! Trail running in LA is quickly growing as there are twice as many events in 2012 than 2011 -it's awesome. I'm glad to say that I've converted a few friends to the trails and still trying to get more out where the wild things are….Happy writing!

  185. Mike

    Definately looking forward to "seeing" you in some exciting competition/venues this year – Transvulcania and Hardrock. Enjoy the Spring!

  186. Jenn B

    I've also noticed the rapid and dramatic increase in trail running over the past few years. More and more people at all ages and fitness levels have joined the sport and it has created awareness of the importance of preserving our environment. I really enjoyed your article. Thanks!

  187. Scottay

    As a loyal follower of your blog – I always look forward to reading what you are up to. Its great to hear that you'll be posting regularly here on irunfar.com as well.

    Happy running, and writing!

  188. Dave F


    So happy to see that an article here by you will be a regular thing. As someone who has only just gotten into this field of running, input from someone like you is prized. (Plus I have watch Unbreakable – Western States about five times so far lol)

    Dave F

  189. lewis price

    Excited to see what great race match-ups the spring and summer will have to offer. I'm also interested in seeing how the quality of fields grow on the top level as the sport continues to grow. Blog name: Geoff's Trail Trash

  190. Gunter

    Excited about the column, Geoff! Big fan here. You should call it ROES, ROES, ROES YOUR BOAT. (Just kidding; you definitely shouldn't do that.) W/r/t spring, I'm most excited about running in (or just after) warm rain showers. Also about the vacation my wife and I have planned to Oregon–so many good trails. Good luck!

  191. Dan Nunan

    Awesome that Geoff's jumped aboard the irunfar express! And great to hear a different perspective on spring running (where I'm from, spring is the warning siren before a long, hot, humid summer). Geoff's spring reminds me of my autumn. Either way, I'm psyched! Looking forward to reading more from The Talented Mr Roes.

  192. Mike McMonagle

    Living in Maryland and experiencing all four seasons each year (although, in recent years, certain seasons have been less than seasonable), there is something refreshing about change. I find that every season, I enjoy the affects of the changing weather on my running. By the end of a long, hot summer, I look forward to the colors and cool down of fall. After a month or two, then, I get excited about layering up and running in the snow. Eventually, slushy streets and chilling winds get old too, though, and I welcome the colors of Spring while shedding layers and enjoying cool runs with minimal sweat. And even after a month or two of the comforts of Spring, I am ready to take my shirt off and get drenched in sweat running under the beating sun.

    For now, Spring seems to have officially sprung and I am loving the comfortable temps and cool running. It's hard not to walk around with a smile on your face when it's sunny and 65.

    I continue to be most excited about the people in the sport of ultrarunning. Every event is a new opportunity to meet some extraordinary new folks; and the growth of the sport means more events, which means more opportunities for that!

    Also, of course, being the nerd that I am, I'm stoked to follow the continuously increasing competition at the front of the big showdowns.

    I haven't read all 450+ responses, so I don't know if it's been said, but my corny, punny suggestion for the column would be: The Roes Garden.

  193. Ben Hill

    I am also excited for the change of seasons. Hope to soon retire the ole' tights and gloves attire and trade for the shorts and t-shirts. With all the exciting ultras approaching, let's get up in the mountains folks!

  194. Rudy Rutemiller

    Absolutely love reading all the musings of the pro runners! Springtime is here and I'm itching itching to get back to long adventures. But first must fully recover from Terrapin 50k this past weekend! Loads of fast runners. The fields are certainly getting deeper and deeper every year.

  195. Andy (one of many no

    Great read, Geoff (and your Iditarod race report, too). The beauty of all the change and excitement in trail running is that it builds great competition for the elites and for the sport as a whole while not changing the simple joy of traversing rugged beautiful terrain one iota. Title? How 'bout "Trail Tales," or "Singletrack Mind" ? (I suspect these have already been suggested but I'm also not reading all 400+ responses :-) Best of luck this season.

  196. Paul Marticorena

    Just finished watching Unbreakable and I'm absolutley humbled by the pure determination and talent displayed by all four runners featured in the movie. In fact it has motivated me to try to take my trail running to a new level so my first 50K here I come. Crawl before you run hopefully this will lead to a 50 or 100.

  197. Tom

    I look forward to the new column. The iRunFar website is nicely developing and this new column will only help further it along the trail, so to speak.

  198. Brian Musick

    Spring? I feel like we skipped straight to summer here in Ohio! Anyhow, I'd love to try out some new gear and hope I win!

  199. Daryl

    I too think of spring as a time of anticipation and look forward to getting out more, but when living in Alaska, I found that it was also a bit of a sad time, since some of my favorite trails begin returning to "bog" status.

  200. CJ

    Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in this column Geoff. I agree that it's been great seeing some fast road runners toeing the line in trail races.

    Happy Trails

  201. Larry

    I look forward to reading your posts and watching you disappear over the fist hill at Hardrock what a race that will be with all the great runner who are in. Now that spring is here I better get training.

  202. Marcus

    Nice article. I didn't realize that the "boom" was already upon us. I left trail for a 3 yrs (out of necessity), but now that I'm back it's nice to see that the community has grown and, that growth has spurred more competition and more attention to this wonderful sport.

    Your positive attitude is contagious. I'm curious about what drives you to run passionately at such a high degree of competition and intensity.

  203. Joel Wright

    Myself and others are kind of sad that you and Killian won't be racing this year against each other. Any chance of you two racing again in the near future?

  204. meg henning

    Hi Geoff,

    I really enjoyed your race report of the 2012 Iditarod Trail Invitational. Beat, one of your fellow racers, ran with me for half of another race and talked my ear off about this race. I had never thought that humans could or would do such things. Thanks to your race report, I may need to add this to my list!

    Thank you for planting the idea.


    Eugene, OR

  205. Jared Friesen

    Wow am I with you on that! It has been a very long and very snowy winter here in Anchorage. Just tonight I shed a few layers and it felt great. I keep telling myself all this snow running will make me super fast once (if) the trails dry!

  206. jeff collins

    Yes, the sport of trail / ultrarunning keeps getting better and better every year. Geoff is one of many representing the 'sport' very, very well…

  207. Tim Gates

    I am excited about the earlier sunrise spring and summer bring. I am out the door by 6 AM at the latest each morning after working all night. And, though it happens rarely, I love running on trails! The up and down, quick turns, wind in the trees…pretty sweet!

  208. Wouter Buist

    As a regular reader of your blog I look forward to reading more from you, Geoff.

    For me the 'Running and Love' training mentality is a source of inspiration. Hopefully I am already running a bit like you. Though I would like to try the kit too :-D

  209. David in Norway

    It is inevitable I suppose that more and more runners will find the trails, both those transitioning from the roads and those who just dig nature and like the idea of seeing more at one go.

    I belong to the latter group. Hiking deep into the wilderness has become running those trails and I believe there is room for everyone and every type of trail user.

    I will never win money for doing what I do. However I do get my reward with each and every run.

    Further up and farther in to all!

  210. Stanislav

    I am excited about the spring because hopefully it would rain less here in Seattle. Running is so much more enjoyable when the sky is blue :)

  211. Morten

    A Geoff Roes column! As if I wasn't addicted to this site already.

    Can easily relate to the spring time feeling, and looking forward to more running and following the coming trail running season on this site.

  212. tom

    really looking forward to the Roes column (no matter what the name actually will be) and more articles of this site in general!

    …spring is already omnipresent for some time at the eastern margin of the European Alps, so some routine has already been added to the excitement of running snowless trails in shorts ;-)



  213. Jussi

    Best thing about spring are the trails! After five feet of snow it's great to have the trails back!
    Name for the column: Trailer Rash ;) Sounds good, doesn't it?

  214. Dale

    I was so inspired by Jeff in the movie "Unbreakable" I'll be running my first Ultra this June. It's only a 50K but it will be a huge accoplishment for a former 235# guy who just started running 3 years ago. Keep up the great writing Jeff!

    God Bless!

  215. Nick whited

    Geoff is as humble as they come. He has a gritty work ethic but really listens to his body; as the old Kenny Rogers song, 'The Gambler', he knows when to hold 'em and knows when to fold 'em.

  216. Shawn R

    Great column Geoff I look forward to reading each of these and also looking forward to seeing if you can hang with me on an Easter day run. HA HA

  217. Jeff

    Great column, Geoff! I'm stoked just to get healthy again and get some solid mountain miles in over the coming months.

    Column name suggestion: "Every Roes Has its Thorn."

  218. Stew

    I'm most anticipating the green leaves on the trees and the spring wildflowers. My favorite part about ultrarunning is that you can cover so much terrain (and scenery) in one day. Trails that would normally take 3 or 4 days worth of day-hikes to cover, can be covered in one long run.

  219. Ian Campbell

    Hey…. a great article that made me think of why I like to run trails rather than road. It also makes you think, apart from the prize money, why lots of road marathoners are moving to trail. Prize money is not necessarily the only motive, its about being at one with nature and having less razzmatazz than the big city marathons. This article put a spring in my step!!!

    Keep em coming Geoff and irunfar…………

  220. Reid L.

    Several of these elite runners write really well. Geoff is one of them. I'm glad to see you've recruited him to do this, Bryon. And I'm glad you are going to do it, Geoff.

    Suggestions for column name:

    "Flowing Forward"

    "Forward to Flowing" ("Fumbling Towards Endurance"-like)


    Little Rock, Arkansas

  221. Shane Pettit

    Super excited about the new column!! I'm more than a bit of a running geek now, and have to admit that I've watched "Unbreakable" at least a dozen times already… Geoff's words at the end kept popping up at my 50 miler this weekend… Whenever the pain made me think of slowing down I heard him saying "… and I hurt.. a lot.." at the end of that race, and it kept me pushing… It was my first time placing in an ultra ever, and a PR well over my previous 50 miler, and I really have to thank Geoff for inspiring me to push…

  222. Rachel

    My favorite thing about trail running right now is watching my husband run on them! I haven't quite gotten into it yet but that prize pack would really help! lol

    I look forward to reading more!

    (over 500 comments so far – sheesh!)

  223. Dvroes

    I have a great name if you switch to bike "Roes Peddle". You could give the Great Divide another try and maybe chase Pete to Nome at the ITI.

  224. Tobias Sorensen

    I never stopped running this winter. With the lack of snow it's actually been awesome, and now it feels like it's already getting too hot. When the temperatures reached the 70s this past weekend, it felt like my brain was boiling. I guess it's just a matter of getting used to the heat again…

    Anyway, I'm not running Hardrock 100, but I'm getting very excited about running my first 100k!

    Good luck Geoff!

  225. Vern Eastley

    Geoff, it was great meeting you in Bellingham. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures on iRunFar.

  226. Lucy G K

    Thanks for the wonderful article! Look forward to more! TNF 50 2011 pre-race write up is an all time race preview favorite :)

  227. Mark L.

    Awesome addition to the Irunfar team. I am equally as excited about the sport and my upcoming races. I just started running 1 year ago, and am training for my first trail marathon on May 5 at Bear Mountain. I'm sure the column will be a worthwhile read.

  228. Gary Gellin

    Sheesh, next time I am interviewed by Bryon I'm going to announce a prize drawing – perhaps a case of homemade energy bars shipped to your door.

    More importantly, a column title suggestion for Geoff: "The Prose of Roes" or "Roes Prose" or "Roes knows no Foes".

  229. Reid R.

    I am often asked why I like to run/race trails so much and why not road races anymore. Geoff nails it everytime I read his articles. I have also been running trails all winter in the snow, and it is hard to explain the beauty of it to non runners or road runners. I love reading about the passion Geoff has for nature and the trails, even more than his passion for racing and competition.

    Thank you, and looking forward to upcoming articles.


  230. Steve Delgado

    Running my first ultra in mid-May. 50k McDonald Forest in Corvallis, OR. I am looking forward to the rain and darkness subsiding as we move through spring into summer. I am hoping to run the McKenzie 50k in September and the Mt. Ashland marathon in November. My goal is to move to a 50 miler next year than 100k and finally the 100. I am enjoying the challenge of running long as I push myself physically and mentally to "see what I can do".

  231. Amy H

    As a new, relatively young ultra runner, I am psyched to see just how far I can go on the trails. I have been absolutely astounded at how welcoming and accepting the ultra community is to newcomers. Road races are a thing of he past for me. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably still run them, but there's something about the trail that has taken my heart by storm.

  232. Gary Gellin

    Bryon – You've already won that contest! Come on out to Tahoe on August 13 with your tweet machine for a free delivery!

  233. Daniel Ellis

    I agree with Geoff that trial running will be intersting to watch over the next few year as good road runners get into it. People such as David Riddle and others are starting to make a name for themselves on the trails and the progression is cativating.

    Daniel Ellis

  234. worm

    woot woot! already enjoy reading your blog so it'll be great to see you on my favorite website.

    thanks, Bryon, for the chance to win Geoff's gear. it's LEGIT!



  235. Scott

    I'll add my comment for a chance to win. Geoff, coming up to AK for the 25th anniversary of the Equinox?


    Anchorage, AK

  236. Holly Harris

    My anticipation this spring is for running my first 50 miler at Zion. My excitement in trail running is for exploring new places, like Zion and Costa Rica.

    Gary Gellin actually thought of this column moniker: Roes' Prose Knows No Foes.

  237. James W

    Glad you are opening up the creative side by writing your experiences. I'm looking forward to reading your next post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.

  238. Justin L

    Geoff, you've been an inspiration since I first met you during your win at HURT. I was working one of the aid stations and just in the quick transactions we had, you impressed everyone at our station. Aloha.

  239. Joshua Sun

    loved the article geoff. it was a fantastic experience crewing for my friend out at the UROC 100k and as an added bonus, i got to see some of the best and most respected runners including yourself race firsthand (even got to help fill up your water bottle with about 18mi left!). seeing some of the top trail and road long distance runners square off at UROC was indeed a sight to behold and speaks volumes about the trend in trail running you spoke of in your column. excited for the present and looking forward to the future.

  240. Brendan

    great to see you join the team at IRunFar. Looking forward to hearing more from you and hope you have a great year running and racing. Come out to Aus one year.

  241. TatterDemalion

    What I'm most looking forward to in spring is being able to run in just shorts off trail and then hop in a stream and hike up or down it and sit and eat lunch in the sun with no need for extra clothing to be comfortable while I'm at rest.

    I'm excited trail running is finding a wider audience because that is what I enjoy, being out in nature. Running is fun on just about any surface, no doubt, but running in the woods with no chance of being hit by a car and 100% chance of seeing deer, birds, and other wildlife is preferred by far! I'm new to running but find a lot of inspiration in people running ultras much farther and on harder terrain than I am encountering.

    Column title suggestion? "Geoff Roes Knoes" where "Knoes" is a new word. Definition – Geoff Roes' outlook on running and life.

  242. John

    I'm excited about the new addition to the iRunFar team. I thoroughly enjoyed the race report for the Iditarod Invitational, so I look forward to more content from Geoff.

  243. Brandon Baker

    Geoff- SO stoked you'll be writing here and very excited to hear about your adventures in the coming months. I will never forget WS '10 (thank you unbreakable and CLifbar) and your amazing turn around, what an incredible race, what an amazingly humble racer you are! Perhaps Kilian was right, in the end, mountain men are all the same, just simple men who love to play and compete in the mountains- If only I can count myself among you! Godspeed and have a blast out there this year; everyday for that matter!!

  244. Yannick

    Great article Geoff. I really enjoyed your blog entries already and I'm super psyched to hear that you'll be writing regularly on of my favorite running website. Looking forward to your next article and hopefully getting lucky with that contest!

  245. David

    I too have been snowshoeing and rando skiing all winter and am interested in how this translates into running form this spring.

  246. Tim

    Yes indeed, there has been a kind of convergence occurring as accomplished marathoners take to longer distance trails but I would like to see some Kenyan talent one day join in the fun as well !!

  247. Mom Roes

    Geoff -great writing as usual. Bryon made a smart move by adding you to the team. Can't wait to read more. I have a few suggestions for a title – Sweet as a Roes – Roes Bud( dy) – Roes's Blooming – or as someone else suggested – Roes Knows. Can't wait until next weekend – we get to meet Elle and spend time with you and Corle'. We are all so excited!!!!!! Easter is surely going to be eggstra special this year.

  248. Andy

    Love the posts from Mom Roes. And if Mom says it's great writing, you know that's an unbiased view! One more corny title suggestion: "The Roes Less Traveled"


    I have long been a follower of Geoff's blog, and I was super stoked to see that Bryon has him on the irunfar writing team now! I don't have any good titles for the column though, but I will certainly be reading it every time it gets posted!

  250. Liz

    Good reminder that so many top road runners are already doing ultras. But there's still a changing dynamic – say, as "road" runners devote more and more training time to trail events, due to increased prize money, prestige, or whatever.

  251. Tomislav

    Less clothes and beautifull new spring vista's ahead.

    I seriously dubt that this equipment will enable me to run like Roes but hey I can look like Roes (bigger version) :-)

  252. James BG

    Nice writing Geoff. There's a calmness and humble quality to your views, despite the fact that you're a world-beater in this sport. Thanks for the inspiration. No way I could "run like Geoff" but new pair of Montrails would be cool for the spring.

  253. beah

    one day I hope to define "time off" as training for and finishing a 350 run through the freezing wilderness. Maybe if I had some new running gear…

  254. Douglas Wickert

    Really looking forward to reading Geoff Roes' regular musinging on IRF. Great addition to a great line-up.

    I think more than anything else, Geoff's humility and simplicity are inspiring. Trail running, mountain running, ultrarunning… whatever we call it, there is nothing more primal…. The only true spiritual moments I've had have been while running alone in the mountains. There is something about the immensity of the mountain that puts man in his proper place. I've never been able to adequately explain this, but Geoff's blogs often come close to expessing the magic I feel in the mountains. Looking forward to this.

    Roes Knows Mountains!

  255. Chris

    My first time on iRunFar.

    Freshly starting to pickup running at age 51, I'm excited about the climbing temperatures of spring to get out there. I'm not sure how far I'll get this season, but I love nature and have now finally discovered the love for running. I'm having some nice trails in my 'backyard' and am eager to saver the trails.

    Will be back for inspiration and advice.

    Happy Running.

  256. Ben

    While I do see benefit of elite road runners joining the sport, I am excited to see people from the other end of the spectrum coming into the fold, as well. Many of us who will never be a fast road runner, but who love trail running for the simple reason that we are in creation and getting to see a lot of it at a faster pace, are jumping onto the trails more than ever. Thanks to the popularization of trail running due to many factors (Born to Run, prize money, trail running personalities, Unbreakable, etc.), more and more of us are aware of the sport, and are enjoying the privacy or camrodery (depending on your disposition) that trail running can give.

  257. Graeme

    Mom Roes needs her own bi-weekly column. Can see where Geoff gets his writing skills. Can call it 'Mom Roes Knows More'. 'Eggstra special' – priceless!

  258. Glenn Steckler


    You say it all here: "I have taken part in a lot of different sports over the years, and have had a lot of fun doing so, but not one of them has ever felt nearly as natural and satisfying as running on trails through the mountains."

    Being at one with the mountains, mind drifting, then living in the moment, worries melted away, on auto-pilot, gliding over the trail, at peace, rain, snow, thirst, hunger, all natural elements and feelings coming together, euphoria, blissful fatigue, then hestitation at the end of the workout, knowing that it is time to go back to all the things that the trail isn't. That is what I look forward to, and am just beginning to experience, this Spring.

    Glenn in Telluride, CO

  259. Daniel Gamble

    Geoff, thank for the "finishers" Patagonia hat at the end of the Chuckanut! Pleasant surprise to see you in person after an awesome race!

  260. Chris Williamson

    Sweet article, a 1st class edition to what is already a top shelf site.

    Article ideas:

    1) Deep Thoughts

    2) Over the hills & through the woods

    3) The Pace

    More to come

  261. Drew Gunn

    Spring fever? I feel like I have a terminal case. Thanks for the inspiration Geoff. I'm also looking forward to the training that I'll "need" to do for Hardrock. The very best kind of running.

  262. Jay Kelly

    I am a converted road racer. Love running on the trails and am training for my first Ultra 50K and first 50 miler! Nothing like running the trails and being humbled by a fall as tired legs lead to catching a toe on a root or rock. Assess the damage and keep on running!

  263. Grant


    Ever since I unknowingly wandered into Foresthill in the summer of 2010 during the middle of the WS 100, I've become enthralled with and addicted to trail running. I've followed your blog ever since, and it has been a source of inspiration. Makes me wish I had discovered trail running at a younger age…

    Here's what I like about Spring in Northern California: when you sign up for a race, you never know what kind of weather your going to get. Did the Lagoon Valley 1/2 today in rain, hail, and 40mph wind gusts. The trails were so muddy, it was nearly impossible to stay on your feet. I've never seen so many soaking wet, freezing, filthy, … and happy runners in my life!

    Since I didn't win the Mega Million, I'll try my luck for this prize. I've been running in Fairhavens for awhile, and I would love to try the new Masochists with the Fluidpost.

  264. Kate L

    I always love spring and the promise of warmer days after a long winter. This year I'll be making the transition to ultra's from Marathons and Ironman-distance triathlons. I'm excited to spend some time on the trails and off the roads. For me, ultra's are the next logical step in pushing my personal limits. There's something epic to being on the trail covering such distances.

    Great article!! Look forward to reading more!

  265. Ryan

    Looking forward to reading more from you, Geoff, especially on your lead up to Hardrock. Another great reason to come back regularly to irunfar.com

  266. Dawn

    I am looking forward to reading your column as I always enjoy your race reports. Your last (Iditarod) being the best! Keep up the great work. Why not call the column A Run With Geoff? When I read your colums it makes me feel as if I am! Happy Running!

  267. Kix

    Spring has sprung! Hit the trails. Love the column – well, anything you seem to write really. I find you have a knack for writing what the rest of us thinking or feeling. Love Geoff Roes – Unbreakable should be permanently looped on my tv.

    Happy Trails

  268. Glenn S

    I'm looking forward to dry trails and not scraping up my legs on abrasive knee-deep snow.Spring in the valley isn't quite the same as spring in the mountains. As for a column name, perhaps "Up front on the trail", reflecting both Geoff's penchant for running up mountains at the front of the race and his candor (being up front) with his readers.

  269. Laren

    I love that irunfar has augmented the website with more first-hand authorship (and the breadth of other materials as well!). I look forward to reading Geoff's biweekly column as well as AKJ's and a host of others… how about some more female authors?

  270. Scot

    I'm psyched for the growth of irunfar and the addition of Geoff as a columnist. Thanks for all the hard work Bryon, your site is a great resource and gets me primed to run day and night!

  271. Rachel D

    One of the things I am most excited about with the boom in trail running is the support for our natural places that it will generate. We protect what we love. That's basic human nature. When you take up trail running, you can't help but fall in love with these natural places. I think one of the most important side effects of increased trail running, will be an increased desire to protect and preserve our natural places, create more trails and enhance the ones that already exist!

  272. Doug

    I've been following Geoff's blog for a long time, and look forward to his input here on irunfar! This is such a gem of a site, and the number of top notch runners and writers that contribute is incredible!


    will start by saying I am fairly new to trail running. Or the concept of running trails. I have been active outdoors most of my life so trails aren’t new just running them is new. I have been running trails for about a year now since I was encouraged by a co-worker. I have been training since becoming medically able after 4 years of being sidelined by health issues. I have taken thing slow but progressively moving forward.

    I am very excited for spring because as you were saying it brings the new sense of being able to run at different pace then what can be done on snow or ice.

    I will be running the Leadville trail marathon as my first real trail Marathon. I am nervous yet very excited to get the opportunity.

    As far as a name for your column it could be: FOR THE LOVE OF RUNNING.

    AM2 Steven Guthrie

    Funeral Honors Coordinator

    NOSC Denver

    7 Snowmass St. Bldg 1301 Stop 62

    Buckley AFB, CO 80011-9544

    cell 303-501-7769

    fax 720-847-6228

  274. Kelly

    After running multiple marathons I decided I needed a new challenge – why not try an Ultra? Signed up for the HAT 50K in Maryland and what an amazing experience. Different than the marathon in terms of training, running for time instead of miles, and you just never know what to expect.

    I found trail running more demanding on the total body, you need core strength and balance to keep you in good running form whether it is 5 miles long or 30 having that core strength makes a difference.

    I am hooked and will incorporate trail running into all of my training be it a marathon on the road or on the trails.

    Thanks for sharing the article!

  275. Brenton Day

    Really enjoyed the read, Geoff, and I echo your sentiments. I think it's a good thing to see many people who were/are road runners make the transition to the trail. It's exciting for me to see just how they fare and how the simple pleasure of running through the woods or in the mountains can make them smile unlike any other kind of running. I look forward to reading more of your columns in the coming months.

  276. Kevin S.

    Thanks for the article, Geoff. iRunFar continues to be the best place for trail runners to get information about the sport.

  277. Ian Scott

    Looking forward to more of your writings Geoff! Thanks to you and Bryon.

    I am psyched Spring is here in Colorado, love the longer days.

  278. Jacob Puzey

    Thanks for the insight and perspective. I'm looking forward to reading and learning more. I am also looking forward to seeing the sport get more competitive and hopefully make room for more guys to make a living at it. In terms of the spring I am most looking forward to the sunshine and longer days. No suggestions for a column name. I feel that should be determined by the author of the column and those who have and are sharing seem to do fine with words.

  279. Laurie

    Great column, and I'm looking forward to reading more! Also looking forward to seeing Unbreakable. You inspire me to run far!

  280. Mike Dixon

    I am most anticipating longer trail runs in preparation for WS100! I share that same excitement in the springtime. I would much rather cover distance on the trails than the roads. Both have their positives but this ultra world is such a new adventure for me… great post!

  281. Molly

    Glad to see you have a column on this site; enjoy following your experiences. As spring slowly comes to southwest Montana, I'm excited to see snow disappear and the dirt exposed. A slow process at low elevations…

  282. Erik

    I'm definitely feeling the excitement! An injury has kept me sidelined for a while (as has trying to come back too fast too soon from said injury…) and I can't wait to get out again (but I'll wait until I'm totally ready this time…)!

  283. Brett

    Excited to see you posting in another spot Geoff. I'm looking forward to getting onto some mountain trails this Spring that I haven't been on since last Autumn.

  284. Rich

    Great piece, looking forward to reading more from you Geoff.

    Following the Iditarod Trail Invitational was a lot of fun.

  285. Wynter K

    Yesterday I had the best run of my life! The late day sun poured into the forest and fell across the single track I was running. The Temperature was perfect and I felt fresh and fast. Winding through the trees and switchbacks I couldn't help feel an excitement for the season to come. Once again Its great to be alive! I'm looking forward to a spring and summer full of amazing runs like this. Being new to the sport of trail running I want to share this wonder with like minded people and maybe race a little. Although I will never win any awards or Cash prizes, yesterdays run was worth all the money I could have payed. Thanks for all the inspiration to keep getting out there.


  286. Patrick C.

    Better weather has been slow in coming to Oregon, but it's starting to feel like it's on it's way. I'm definitely feeling the excitement of more miles and more races coming up!

  287. Craig

    Nice weather and getting back on the trails. I'm new to the sport and I'm also looking forward to entering my first race this year.

  288. Josh Gum

    Your description of ITI left me feeling disoriented and in complete awe. Thank you for sharing and many congratulations! Looking forward to reading what you've got to share in your column.

  289. Jeremy Bradford

    This spring, I'm most excited to compete in the inaugural Quad Rock 50 race that Nick Clark is co-directing. Looks like a solid group of runners and a challenging course. And, of course, I look forward to following this column. The inspiration Geoff provides has turned out to be quite practical for me. In my last couple 100s, when times got hard, I just kept picturing Geoff pulling a sled through sub-zero temperatures in AK and I was able to summon the strength I needed. Thanks for continuing to share your experience and insights with all of us.

  290. natalie

    I always feel revived/renewed when spring comes. I love heading out the the trails and hearing the sounds and smelling the fresh dirt. I look forward to runs in drizzle and fog! This year I'm looking forward to increasing my distance and heading out for longer runs.

    How about Geoff's Jive, Taking it to the Trails, Running According to Roes, A Roes in the Wild (HA…maybe a bit girly!), Prose from Roes, Trail Chat.

  291. Brandon Mulnix

    I am most looking forward to distance. Over the winter, my long runs all consisted of running races. I look forward to LSD with friends on local trails at all hours of the day or night. Running for me is lonely without friends.

  292. Maja

    spring trail running: I'm anticipating splashing through puddles and soggy grass on the first barefoot run of the year! you can melt now, snow!

  293. Brian

    I've wondered about the merger of road and trail enthusiasts. Specifically, about a runner from my hometown who qualified for the Olympic trials in NYC (before Bejing), but never seems to break through to the very top – what if he, as a 34 year old, switched to trails? Examples of great "older" trail runners exist in abundance, churning through the wilderness could be a great way to unwind from the anxieties of the road format.

    Always, love to read you thoughts Geoff – and the blog! Would love some new gear too…

  294. Adam

    I love hearing about your running — you run for the right reasons and make me want to get out and push my limits. I'm excited to read your articles here on iRunFar.com.

  295. Ron Heerkens Jr

    Geoff great article! Great to see even more of your writing out there. I am extremely excited for spring. I get the winter blues pretty bad. Going for my first Ultra this year and the weather has made the training less than ideal.

    Super stoked to see the talent infusion into trail running and the success it is becoming, however not liking how fast the races are closing out.

  296. Betsy Fischer

    I'm excited to see that Geoff is expanding his talents to include published writing! Can't wait to see him share more of his thoughts on trail running. I love his quiet, respectful attitude to the sport and to those who share it with him. It's obvious he has given a great deal of thought to the subject and is unafraid to put forth new ideas. Looking forward to the next column.

  297. B Devo

    Geoff great to see you on iRunFar and enjoyed your iditarod race report. Excited about the trail run season as well. Just kicked off the year with my first trail ultra here in MI -plenty of slogging through snow and slush.

  298. Martin


    Always enjoy your blog and congrats on the new assignment. Look forward to more in the future.

    I moved from NY to Florida recently and have noticed how I havent experienced my usual spring running fever since the weather doesnt vary all that much. Not complaining mind you, just an observation.

    Keep up the good work and good luck this season.

  299. Mark

    Great post, Geoff. It has made me begin to re-think my own "off season". I don't normally take one, as the weather in our home area (SW Missouri) doesn't really impede our training. For the second year in a row I'm really fit but also injured heading into peak racing season.

    A move to Colorado or Alaska may be in order!! Thanks again for your insights, as I really enjoy your blog.

  300. Laura Waldo

    After following Geoff's blog for a year now I think he is a great speaker for most of us who run ultramarathons. I love his appreciation for the planet and his love for running. His comments and stories are wonderfully applicable to all runners..those of us with full-time jobs, family and trying to get in the mileage for training. When I am less than motivated on getting out on a solo run, after work, on the cold, dark and snowy trails I will bring up his "fumbling towards endurance" and read a bit…he is not a rah-rah-everything-is-great guy, and that is what I appreciate! His comment that he runs alone over 95% of the time was all it took to, again, get my unmotivated self out there as I train alone also. I think irunfar did a great job of bring Geoff on board for writing as he has the running talent and the ability to express his thoughts, experiences wonderfully. Now I only wish I could swing getting up to one of Geoff's Alaskan camps!

  301. Nikola P.

    Good luck with your column.

    It's nice to see that trail running is progressing and developing as a sport. hopefully it won't get too much attention by big sponsors. More prize money is always a good thing, but, at least for me, amateur side of this sport is something that should be preserved. Likes of you and many other good runners today are a model of trail runners that I would hate to see disappearing under the pressure of professional runners. Don't get me wrong, I think that you deserve more than you can win in todays races, but it would be a shame to see people doing this sport soley, or to a larger extent, on a highest of level driven only by possible monetary gains (as it is a case in marathon).

    Once again, good luck with your forthcoming races and enjoy every moment of your training.


  302. Thad Sweet

    I love how I Run Far has added quite the depth on insight and voices! Thank you for branching out and providing TONS of invaluable info. Geoff, thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's always interesting to find out details from the lives of others, and some of their thoughts and opinions.

  303. Forrest

    Thanks for the great insights. It is always wonderful to experience the changing of seasons and be active and involved with the trails throughout those changes. Thanks for the words.

  304. storhund

    looks like hardrock is going to get the competitive prestige it deserves.

    question – which direction is harder?

    answer – gotta be honest, they're both easy. hah!

  305. Christine

    Looking forward to future articles! I enjoy your style of writing on your blog so just another place to read your thoughts. Good luck at Hardrock!

  306. Lee

    Great stuff, Geoff and iRunFar. Have followed Geoff's blog and this site for a long time, and now the worlds collide.

    Should I be the lucky chosen one, can you ship this swag to me internationally? :) I live halfway between the madness of Shanghai and the amazing mountains of Hangzhou, and could certainly put all this stuff to good use!

    Run well at Hardrock.

  307. Dylan


    Interesting read and really interested to see what else you have to write about in the coming additions. Something that might be of interest to write about would be your thoughts possibly on doping and the sport of ultra-running. Since ultra-running is still blooming, many doping accusations haven't been brought out into the mass media unlike other sports (i.e. cycling, baseball, etc.). Would really like your general standpoint/view on it.

    When looking at what I most am looking forward to this Spring is; heat. I like the warmth that the sun bring to the Pacific Northwest, and I'm hoping that we get a nice hotttttt summer here.

    Till your next entry Geoff,


  308. Drew roehrich

    I AM EXCITED! Thanks for the great post Geoff! I have taken 3 weeks off from chuckanut and will start my white river 50 mile training first thing in the morning! And I am very honored to be one of those slow ultra runners who have inspired elites like yourself.

    Cheers, drew

  309. Emily

    Excellent article! I think all runners are experiencing some degree of "spring fever" right now as the weather becomes better and it starts to get light earlier. Looking forward to some fantastic summer racing!

  310. caine

    hi Geoff

    loved the article mate. I think the column could be called, "Into the Red Zone" ultra running with Geoff rows.

    anyway this got me thinking, your right about the marathoners as here is australia we already have some of our top marathoners taking on our hardest trail races, again with mixed results.

    The thing that most excites me is That with more competitors and elites means more interest from sponsors and thus more money for events and in turn more participants joinin this great sport, which in my mind is one of the most
    important things, for people to get out there and have a go.

  311. Rob

    Well written article. Glad Geoff is a part of the writing team and excited that he is enthusiastic and ready to set more records. Good luck.

  312. Choy B.

    Awesome perspective on the growth of trail racing. Love your optimism about the sport and your embrace of the diversity of runners that are joining you on the trails. Look forward to reading future posts. Oh, will you be racing Angeles Crest 100 in the near future?

  313. Ross

    Always inspired by your blog and now looking forward to reading this new regular post. Doing my first ultra in about 6 weeks so looking for all the inspiration I can muster!

  314. Jim

    Geoff, Really looking forward to keeping up with your columns on irunfar as well as your own blog. You have really helped me understand what running is about and how to love it for my own self and well-being. Can't wait to read wednesday's post!

  315. Jim P.

    Looking forward to healing up and disappearing for hours, getting a wee bit lost and reemerging tired, but happy to have a mental map of yet another new place.

    Jim P.

    Evergreen, CO

  316. Rob

    One of the best parts of spring is definitely the colorful scenery – I love running by flowers and blooming trees.

    Ideas for column titles:

    Flows by Roes / Flows with Roes / Roes' Flows

    One Word After Another / Word by Word

    Single Track / Single Track Mind

  317. Brian

    Sounds like you're undergoing a bit of a rebirth yourself as the seasons change. Looking forward to the "Rambling Endurance".

  318. Blue Camp

    I am very happy to see Mr. Roes writing on here, his blog is one of the best ultrarunning ones I've found. He is a great addition to the Irunfar site!

  319. Brian Wilson

    "Anyone else feeling this excitement?"…I have already passed this article along to a few friends and am looking forward to the next installment.

  320. Sophia Lewis Robinso

    Apropos for spring, I anticipate rebirth and renewal: being a runner again after many seasons of injury-surgery-rehab.

    So excited following the increasing competitive fields at races. Interesting juxtaposition with the epic/meditative/spiritual nature of the training.

    how about

    Running Wild with Geoff Roes

    Making Trails with Geoff Roes

  321. Joe Hess

    I find that in the absence of writing I tend to take pictures. In the absence of pictures I write. Inspiration comes from within, and it will flow as it needs to. I look forward to running for a goal, and one of those goals is the ability to hike on the Appalachian Trail with my 7 and 10 year olds and wife. I need to be in extra special shape to carry the extra weight. Having been a runner for a number of years, then a cyclist and then a couch slug, and now a runner again I look forward to venturing off the beaten path into the local wilds of Pennsylvania. A new job brings a new outlook on life. As far as a name for your column "Running….a prisoner's dilemma"

  322. nelson

    Really like your writing Geoff

    Its so true about the rapid growth of trail running, including myself who is only 19 and have been running (started with trails) for 2 years now. I have seen new races pop up world wide with more ultras and way more numbers racing.

    Wicked proud to be part of it all the way from New Zealand.



  323. Jan

    Thanks for inspiring thoughts. I’m Looking forward to the next article and also I wish good luck in forthcoming training and races. Either way, enjoy your trails.

  324. Paul Barbier

    I love the Spring, as everything begins to go green in North Wales where I live. Its full of promise and inspiration and time to test the winter trained legs. Summer is around the corner and the weather is so changeable at the moment, that everyday is different on our hills. One minute 20 C heat and the next snow all over the hills, then rain and wind… Amazing

    I am hoping to do a Paddy Buckley Round this year, a local mountain circuit, and also run the Lleyn Peninsula Coast Path at some point plus lots of other things.

    Geoff, thanks for the articles and your blog, its great to get inspiration from for sure. As for a title for the column, how about " On the run with Geoff Roes" or "Run for the hills"??

    Thanks again and keep up the great writing, this column and your blog. Have fun out there and good luck for the season

  325. Jeff Pelky

    Hola Geoff,

    Saw you at the Chuckanut 50k after event but was too timid to ask for a photo…shucks.

    At any rate, I look forward to reading more from you.

  326. Matt

    Spring in Southwest Florida is not much different than winter, which is in turn not that much different than summer. I may not have to wait for the snow to melt but there is a subtle shift in the feeling on the trail. Look forward to more articles like this.

  327. Just Adam

    Looking forward to your contributions here. I enjoy reading you perspective, and appreciate the candor. I as well am interested to see how the sport will continue to change with elite marathoner crossover, and generally growing interest/participation. This is my first spring as an ultra participant; been following for longer. Excited to get off my worn-out training course ,and enjoy some races.

  328. Niels Oomkes

    I occasionally make it into the mountains near Nederland, and always hope to catch a glimpse of other runners and of course Geoff Roess. I have enjoyed reading the blogs (ITI – simply amazing), and look forward to more here at irunfar.



  329. Just Adam

    …(publish button a bit closed on phone)… And can't wait to get in some mountains!
    How about "Rhythm of Endurance", or "Real with Roes.". Keep healthy!

  330. Forrest Brown

    Look forward to the column. You've got a great sense for detail in understanding races and that North Face preview last year was just brilliant.

  331. Chad Brackelsberg

    I look forward to weekends of skiing peaks on corn followed by long runs on our dry trails. I am most excited about the advancements in nutrition that make running Ultra's more enjoyable. Call the column 'Roes Prose'

  332. Travis


    Congrats on your race and thanks for sharing the details. One can't imagine a race such as that but you were able to give us all a glimpse of what running thru AK for 350 is like in winter! I look forward, as do many others, on future articles.

    Best of luck in your upcoming races in 2012.

  333. Shari

    Every spring, I anticipate the melting of snow in the high country. This year, it is happening sooner than later after low snowpack in the rockies. I do worry about the wildflowers. "Single Tracks" may make a good name for a column.

  334. Jason Johnson

    It's always fun to take a road runner on some of the trails around here in Colorado. I get to learn a lot about pacing, HR monitoring, etc. and they get to learn about watching out for rocks! It is a similar dynamic between roadies and mountain bikers.

    Great having you as a contributor to IRunFar, Geoff. Enjoy reading about your insights.

    Hope you have a great summer,


  335. Rudy Rutemiller


    Your humble disposition always baffles me in the best of ways. I can imagine it's difficult to not get cocky. You're a true trail runner who does it for the love, and that's inspiring in and of itself. That's a column name? "In and of itself."

  336. Mark Berry

    Geoff, great perspective on the evolving sport of trail and mountain running. We've seen it in our community – Omaha, Nebraska. Several years ago, I tried to find a handful of folks interested in forming a trail running club. I even went as far as reaching out to individuals who have finished trail running events in the region; no such luck. This year, a friend set up a Facebook page and within four weeks, we have over 200 "likes", runs every day of the week at several different venues, and several dozen hard-core members (and papers filed with the state for incorporation).

    Looking forward to future postings.


  337. Chris Peiffer

    I got back from Afghanistan last week and ran my first 100K, The Georgia Jewel 100K, last weekend, without the ideal level of preparedness because of being deployed. It took me 16 hours but I enjoyed every second of it. This is going to be a great year for running!

  338. Becky Darsey

    I am looking forward to beginning my experiences with trail running this Spring. I have been trying to map out some trails at local parks in order to get me started – and I made friends with the manager of the state park about 10 miles from my house. He has been extremely helpful in guiding me to the trails that are more suited for a beginner (not so rutted, etc)as well as which ones loop back and which ones are the heaviest traveled. So if I had any suggestion to make, it would be that – make friends with local folks who KNOW the trails! Take their advise, and get going!

    So since I am not currently very well equipped for trail running, winning this one would be super awesome!

  339. Helen

    [Perhaps it's just because I'm a newbie, so forgive me if this is daft, but] what I find exciting is (what seems to be) a growing number of trail running camps … for adults! The opportunity to run with, and more importantly, learn from Geoff in beautiful southeast Alaska or exploring the the Tetons with Krissy Moehl and Luke Nelson is fricking EPIC.

  340. edward

    Geoff, you've single handedly sparked my desire to try a sled pulling winter race. Bravo, and keep up the writing! You're very inspirational! I can't wait to put this gear to use, but unfortunately it'll miss my first hundred of the season this weekend.

  341. Anonymous

    oops. i meant the movie Unbreakable…great movie. Endurance (about Haile Gebrselassie) is also a great movie…but Geoff isn't in the latter one…i will stop writing now…

  342. Mike england

    Anyone would be stoked to win all this. What would be better would be a personal run with Geoff and 4 Additional hours to pick his brain about Ultrarunning.lol

  343. dylan hammons

    I would love to run like geoff. Just once. I was a athlete who hated to run. Then I got obese! Then running came to me. First 5k's then marathons now ultras. If my name is drawn next year for WS. I will run like geoff. With passion,respect,and love for our sport. Just not as fast

  344. Ken Ballard

    Great article Geoff! I have been following your blog since you won Western States. After reading your race report on the Iditarod race, I bought a pair of Drymax socks. They are awesome! Thanks for the tip.

  345. Andre Greene

    Living in Texas, smack dab in the hill country- I am so excited about running the trails lined with blue bonnets and gillardia wild flowers. The sunsets can truly be amazing!

  346. Cameron

    Trail running is definitely gaining in popularity and it's great to see the competition and camaraderie at the same time. I for one will aim to bring new races to our sport and hopefully attract the kind of high-quality runners and people who I enjoy seeing at races today. Thanks for the reminders about what we're all a part of…

  347. YubbyOne

    If days come longer, runs go further, that's spring time !

    Feel free to run lighter, w/n wearing such heavy pants, gloves … feel free to run simply !

    It's timme to focus on serious training, to target special event like WS100, Hardrock, or for europeans like me, UTMB !

    The time has come to set up big matches between east and west friends, on the most excited races around the world. We want share this all together, 'cause before a sport, trail running is passion-way-of-life.

    That's my little point … Spring time ? Just smash it !

  348. Brian

    As Spring enters, I am looking forward to increasing my mileage and getting ready for a 100-miler in November. I understand the need for time off to mentally and physically reboot in order to get ready for the next round of training!

  349. Ben LaVigueur

    Our long winters in Alaska can leave a true fire burning inside for spring and summer to arrive. I am rightr there with you Geoff. Long live trail running and iRunfar!! Keep up the good work Bryon!

  350. Eric Walker

    I am most anticipating my first hundo this spring at Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin.

    I am most excited about the diversity and number of people who are embracing the beauty and challenges of trail running. While I sometimes prefer being out there solo, there is something enriching about spending time on the trails with people who can share their experience with you and learn from yours.

    Do you have a suggestion for a column name?

    Roes in Prose

    Create a great day!

  351. Stephanie

    Super big fan, Geoff!!! Best of luck to you in your future races. I've only recently dipped my toes into he pool of ultra running but am looking forward to seeing how far I can push myself.

  352. Megan

    This spring I'm looking forward to tackling the steep trails to train for TRT50. Just ran my first 50 at American River last Saturday and I'm hooked!! As for a column name, maybe Roes Goes?? Hahaha nevermind that's lame. Can't wait for the next column!

  353. Leon

    If I win I promise to not believe that any/all of this stuff has any shot at making me actually run like Roes. I do, however, reserve the right to be really, really excited to put any/all of this stuff to the test.


    Manheim, PA

  354. Tyler Lopez

    It is a great time to be a trail runner! I just completed my first 50 miler at AR50 this year. Instead of agonizing over the stomach issues I endured the last 10 miles, I'm anxious to get back at it so I can learn what I need to do differently. Thank you for the articles. I look forward to reading about your training.

  355. Nick whited

    Good article. A neat name would be frozen fire. You live in Alaska, yet you compete and win striking at the last moment, keeping your fire under ice until ou need it.

  356. Kevin Hoffman

    I am looking forward to the sights, sounds, and smells of spring. My run today took me past a field that was being tilled, and the smell of the freshly turned dirt was great!

  357. Ron

    Like Mark Berry mentioned, it's great to have a new group of excited people (and new friends) in the Omaha, NE area to run trails with! My wife & I are really looking forward to doing more with this group.

    Good luck this year Geoff!

  358. Alan McMurtrey

    Excellent article as usual. This will be the best year ever on the trails. And Geof is an inspiration…on and off the trails.

  359. charles L

    Wow, sweet giveaway, be great to finally win something this year (will be much harder to do on trails, moving up to 50 milers currently). Can't wait for more news out of Alaska, keep up the great work, Geoff!

  360. Ryan

    Nice. Glad you'll be contributing to the content at irunfar. I really enjoyed following your 350 mile adventure in Alaska. If you can survive that, I can certainly survive SD100 and Wasatch100. Especially once I win the package of goods. :).


  361. Katherine Welch

    Hi Geoff,

    CONGRATULATIONS on your Iditarod victory!

    I am also very excited about the world of ultrarunning! Where I live in Thailand (just moved here from China), running is popular, but ultrarunning is just budding. The first ultra – The North Face 100km – was held in Feb of this year and I was privileged to be a participant (I also won the women's division). I've started an ultraunning club, and while there aren't too many people who like to run long, at least I have someone to run with for at least part of my long runs!

    Ultra races are few and far between – usually it requires international travel – so our group has to make up our own little races locally just for fun! I'm in the midst of planning a 6/12/24 hour run here in July.

    Thailand has many beautiful mountains and hills, but not as many trails as you would think, so 90% of my training is on the road. One of the things that I hope to do in the future is to develop more of the trails or dirt roads for trail-running. The more people interested in running trails, the more interest there will be for development. Still, there are may beautiful rural roads through wonderful little villages with the friendliest people. Since I just moved here it is fun to explore new routes. I just heard of a 90km loop that I'm just salivating to complete!

    So, just like many things in running and the rest of life, anything is possible if you just put your mind (and your legs) to it!

    Please come and visit beautiful Thailand!


  362. Jeff Smucker

    Well said. I come from the roads but have finally learned how to run the technical stuff. Now I don't run many road races anymore. Trails are too fun.

  363. Ian

    I love reading your blog and am looking forward to the articles that you will be writing here. Perfect inspiration for Track season!

  364. Bill

    Nice article. It's going to be a great year for racing and in my dreams, I'm sprinting the last mile for the finish line with you!

  365. Michelle

    I feel the excitement!! This year looks to be a great running year for a lot of people, me included. I'm looking forward to your next article.

  366. kelly bradbury

    Anticipating running in shorts daily…

    Most excited about running/biking on trails in southeast Idaho (a magical, rather unpopulated landscape)…

    Name for site = "Roeminations"

  367. Kris

    I feel bad for the skiers and cross my fingers for rain, rain , rain to fend of forest fire here in CO…..but this spring I am most excited about the high country opening up "early" – especially after last years epic snowpack. High country here we come!

    Column name suggestion – Roes Colored Glasses

  368. Jason

    Most excited about the trails opening up and being able to get in the mountains more. Thanks for the words and good luck this season.

  369. Wayne

    Hey, irunfar's great, and getting better – thanks! It's been one of my inspirations to 'run all my hikes' here in the Swiss Alps. Cheers!

  370. Nigel Fishburn

    I think you are right, the competition for the sport is great, however as a middle of the pack runner I don't think you can beat the friendship and kinsman ship of the long trail races in comparison to the road racing scene,

  371. Paolo

    Nice article! I hope more and more road runners will continue to join the trail racing. It is going to be good for the sport ( and for them …)

  372. KeithPowell

    Congrats on iditarod! Your blog on the race was awesome. I'm excited that you're looking forward to running again. Reading your thoughts before Alaska had me a little bummed, I'm a big fan, and your new enthusiasm has got me pumped. I'm running my first ultra (uroc) in Sept. Can't wait. Long time trail runner soon to be newbie ultra runner..if I don't dnf. You're the best ambassador for running period. Humble and tenacious.

  373. Chuck Swanson

    Great article to kick things off. I like reading about trail runners and seeing the photos they take. Not a lot of things like that to see here in Nebraska. Keep up the great work on your pieces and thanks for contributing to the site!

    Chuck S.
    Lincoln, NE

  374. RIchard Ferron

    Wow! Nice contest!!!

    Trail running is getting quite popular and it's great since there are more and more races BUT I hate when a race becomes so popular that you have to register a year in advance or have a lottery or something like that.

    Looking forward to your future columns!

    Crossing my finger for the contest!


  375. David MacDonald

    Nice column !

    With the growing popularity, we'll see more and more natural talented runners surfacing, more kick-ass competitions and new innovations in running gear … i'm soooo glad to be in it !

    Really hope to lay my hands on the prize, my gear is really getting old !

    Best Regards,


  376. Jen

    I love the new smells of spring, as I am running the trails I take in deep breaths of all the new budding trees and bushes. My favorite indulgence is the sweet smell of lilacs, almost better than chocolate cake or a long massage! Looking forward to reading your articles.

  377. Sarah S

    I also feel the stirrings of spring which create even more excitement (not that I needed anymore of that!) for this sport that I love. Great post, Geoff. Looking forward to your bi-weekly posts!

  378. Br

    I love the feeling of anticipation coming out of the winter "lull." I love being able to hit the trails without the need for additional equipment. Good luck in your training for Hardrock.

  379. Robin

    I am very fortunate to live in Zion canyon and watching the canyon come back to life after the winter months. Each season is amazing here but Spring brings with it all the anticipation of great things to happen. This Spring I am finally tackling my first 50 miler which is on some of these great trails around here. Venturing out on more technical trails and experiencing the beauty that surrounds us is what is most intriguing about trail running right now. Looking forward to more articles…sorry can't think of a clever name. Thank you for all that you do!

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