The Shortneys: Salomon Launches Courtney Dauwalter’s Prototype Shorts to the Mass Market

The launch of the “Shortneys” — Courtney Dauwalter’s iconic running shorts are now available for purchase.

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I’m sure I’m not the only ultra-trail runner who’s ever donned a loose-fitting pair of shorts and an oversized t-shirt and felt like she was channeling her inner Courtney Dauwalter.

Finally, the iconic “Shortneys,” a name we believe was coined by an iRunFar follower during the 2019 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail, which Dauwalter won, are available on the mass market for us mere mortals.

The new Salomon women’s Shortney line — featuring a loose-fitting technical top and the long trail shorts hitherto reserved for men’s apparel — is launching today.

Courtney Dauwalter running in loose clothes

Courtney Dauwalter running in Shortneys. Her loose-fitting t-shirt and iconic long shorts are now available for purchase. All photos: @the.adventure.bakery

Dauwalter told iRunFar: “Growing up I’ve always preferred longer shorts, they’re more comfortable to me. So then when I started running these ultramarathons, I stayed in the longer shorts but there was never a women’s short that was long enough, so I was usually shopping in the men’s section and buying whatever shorts were available there, and then the men’s fit t-shirt because I preferred the cut and the length of the sleeves, and just the looser fit of the men’s clothing.”

Mindful of the needs of one of their greatest athletes, Salomon developed prototype shorts for Dauwalter, which have formed the iconic look we now associate with the UTMB course-record holder. For some time there has been an outcry from trail ladies everywhere to make these shorts available for all, and Dauwalter said:

“Over the years it’s always been a message I’m getting from women — we would love the option. The women’s section normally only goes to five-inch inseams and that’s what you get to choose from. So to have the option now available to women is really exciting. Hopefully more people give them a try and find something comfortable for themselves.”

Marthe Magis, Salomon’s Product Line Manager for Running Apparel, said: “Courtney has her own style and it’s all based on comfort and performance, which is what we aim to deliver in our S/Lab apparel products. We heard the call from trail runners and fans of Courtney to make her signature Shortney shorts and t-shirt available to all women runners. After some collaborative work with Courtney and our Service-to-Athletes design team, we’re excited to make the shorts and shirt a reality for the spring 2023 range.”

Close up of Courtneys shorts in khaki

A close-up of the newly launched Shortneys.

Our resident gear tester, Kristin Zosel, has been trying out the Shortneys and had this to say: “When I wear them, I feel a little bit rebellious — like I’m contributing to the underground-worthy fight against the rapidly dwindling inseams and ever-shrinking fits of women’s running shorts every time I wear them! I feel a little bit punk — I see your shortie shorts and raise you these fabulous, flowy, uber-breathable knee grazers! And I feel like they make me faster and better able to dance on the terrain because any underlying self-consciousness with short shorts goes right away and channels into SHORTNEY POWER!”

The top and shorts are available now on, once you’ve signed up for the free Salomon S/Plus loyalty program, and will hopefully help women everywhere to tear up the trails with confidence, and a pinch of Shortney power!

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