Sebastien Chaigneau Post-2011 TNF UTMB Interview

Sebastien Chaigneau is well known in Europe, but not so well known in the States. However, Chaigneau previously had a second place finish at The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc and added a third place finish to that at the 2011 edition of the race. Hear what Seb has to say about his previous runs at UTMB, this year’s race, and, nearly as important, how to say his name.

[Editor’s Note: We’re afraid this video’s been lost in the ether.]

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  1. Dean

    I'm new to this sport and I realize this race had some issues with how the organizers communicated with the runners…etc…

    But I just want to say how struck I am by the passion and the spirit of the athletes you have interviewed. The way they will each other on and root for each other is refreshing. It seems all of you have really embraced the idea that the real competition is with oneself.

    It has inspired me to start running "far" — and hopefully to get to run the UTMB one day in the future, at a very leisurely pace.

    Until that day, I will be an avid reader of all you do Bryon. Please keep up the great work. I really believe this community and this sport is something the world needs more of.

    1. Scott

      I agree Dean!

      I have been very surprised at how supportive and "themselves" everyone is in the community of runners I have encountered thus far. I have said I think it's due to all the time we spend inside our own heads ,while suffering especially, getting to know whats really important to us in life and discovering the power of our own minds and bodies. Passing someone on a long climb and them gasping out ,"great job" as you pass them is still a very surprising aspect of this sport and I love it. We all need a good humbling to remind us we're all human and all the same and we all need each other.

      Great effort Bryon and thanks for the great coverage I was like a crack addict all day watching the feed :)

  2. emmanuel

    But… where is your cap Bryon :-) ? Lost in mountains ?

    Yet another great interview ! You should interview us, frenchies, much more often, then we will improve a little our english speaking !

  3. Iammykl


    Sebastian is a cool guy. He stressed the importance of running his own race and not being too worried about results. I support this way of thinking and also practice it during my runs. Too often the pace dictates the runner when it should be the opposite.

    Anyway, looking forward to the competition in San Francisco in December.

    1. Stephen

      Totally agree, Sebastian's personal race attitude/philosophy is bang on… focus on oneself, have fun, enjoy the moment, don't to get caught up in the competition aspect and the outcome will take care of itself!

      So much can be learned from these amazing athletes that can not only be be applied to running but outlook our lives/lifestyle in general. Love this stuff great job Byron!

  4. Erwan Japon

    Great interview(s) !

    And such a great coverage of UTMB by irunFar.

    Can't believe you were not only covering, but running also (the first part).

    When were you sleeping ?

    I really enjoy all your coverage, and all you pre and post interviews.

    Hope that one day you will do the UTMF (Ultra Trail Mont Fuji, in May) in Japan.

    Now, like all runners who compete in UTMB: enjoy your rest !

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks, Erwan. I think the answer is that I wasn't sleeping. I was up working at 3:15 am on the Friday morning of the race and was still working in my room at 10:45 pm before the 11:30 pm start. Next time I attempt UTMB, I'll try to find better balance.

      I'd love to be a UTMF if I can find a way to get over there.

  5. Stephen

    Sebastien is a really great guy.

    I had used his training videos last year and met him in Chamonix in June.

    Although only a brief conversation, he came across as a very down-to-earth, friendly guy with tremendous motivation.

    Fascinating to hear the tactics and camaraderie at the sharp end. Long may it continue.

    Keep up the insightful interviews.


  6. Steffen Ernest

    Warum kommen die Amerikaner am UTB nicht ins Ziel.Es wurden doch soviel Craks aus Amerika angekündikt. Wo waren sie am UTB ?`?`?`?`?`nirgends

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