Sebastien Chaigneau Pre-2013 TNF UTMB Interview

A video interview with Sebastien Chaigneau before the 2013 The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB).

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Frenchman Seb Chaigneau is another guy who just loves The North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, and this is his first race since his win at the 2013 Hardrock 100 in mid-July. In this interview, Seb talks about his recovery from Hardrock, his time training on Mont Blanc with Anton Krupicka and Joe Grant, and whether or not he’s decided what shoes he’s racing in this weekend.

[Editor’s Note: Here’s our full 2013 TNF UTMB men’s race preview.]

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Sébastien Chaigneau Pre-2013 TNF UTMB Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Sébastien Chaigneau before the 2013 UTMB. How are you, Seb? Good to see you again.

Sebastien Chaigneau: Great. Yes, I see you all over the world this year—Japan…

iRF: No, not Japan. Hardrock.

Chaigneau: Hardrock. Ah, it’s your friend Koshi.

iRF: Yeah Koichi Iwasa, yeah. Here we are at another beautiful mountain.

Chaigneau: Yes. It’s my garden.

iRF: You have a hard life. You ran Hardrock just six weeks ago.

Chaigneau: Yes. It’s short.

iRF: How are you feeling?

Chaigneau: I recovered. I took more time for recovery this time. I don’t know. Tomorrow it’s a surprise because I have good sensation and good feeling but after… I try. It’s my last race before my off-season.

iRF: Last race—so why not go for it and have a good run?

Chaigneau: Yes.

iRF: When was the last time—did you run in 2009? So you have run the real course?

Chaigneau: Yes. It’s a good trip and a good race. For me it’s very important because I love the trail. I love this race—for the good pace and the good course. It’s a good race.

iRF: It’s the real course which is what you love. Have you had a chance to train much between the two races or did you just relax?

Chaigneau: Yes, I make training with Joe [Grant] and Anton [Krupicka]. Last week I go to the top of the mountain with Anton and Joe. I think it’s… I’m very excited because Tony’s good power and it’s amazing. But uh… no, it’s good.

iRF: You think you’re ready.

Chaigneau: Yes. Yes. And now I take pleasure and I take pleasure all over the race. The objective is the finish line.

iRF: You do compete, yes?

Chaigneau: Yes, but the first objective is the finish line. After, if I make a good place and good finish time, after it’s just a consequence of good preparation and good recovery.

iRF: You will be running with many people you’ve raced against before. The top four runners from UTMF are all here.

Chaigneau: Yes, it’s very fun. After you have a lot of difference with UTMF. A lot of the race is more flat and you run more. The ascent, it’s more clean. It’s different. The balance is different.

iRF: This suits you more? This is your favorite isn’t it?

Chaigneau: Yes. Yes.

iRF: It’s your favorite and it’s your last race of the season, so enjoy it very much.

Chaigneau: Thanks a lot. See you next time after the race.

iRF: I hope so. Run well!

Chaigneau: Why not?

iRF: One more question for you, Seb. What shoes are you running in this weekend?

Chaigneau:  I don’t know. I think I’ll take the Ultra Trail and one prototype without a name—the Seb shoe. I’ll decide what the conditions require. That’s great.

iRF: Thanks a lot.

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