Scott Gall 2011 UROC 100k Pre-Race Interview

The 2011 Trail Runner Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k is bringing together all sorts of runners, including some that don’t often frequent ultras. Case in point, Scott Gall who’s finished fifth at the World Mountain Running Championships and an Olympic Trials marathon qualifier back a few years back. He’s now tried two 50ks and is stepping to his first 100k at UROC. Hear his story below.

In case you wand to be on top of UROC this weekend, we’ll be covering both on Twitter and on itself via CoverItLive (like UTMB). Here’s our UROC men’s preview in case you need more info.

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  1. Brett

    I agree with him that Mike Wardian should be competitive. With 30 miles of pavement, it may be hard for some folks to put enough time in on the trails to make up for his 2h18m marathon speed. (Not that he is a slacker on trails anyway.)

    1. Ben Nephew

      I was hoping that he was going to struggle on the trails when I raced him at NF DC. Neither Leigh Schmitt nor I really put any time on him on any of the technical sections. Most of his issues on trails seem to be related to navigaion more than technical ability.

  2. CraigR

    Gall may be the sleeper in the whole men's field. 3:18 @ Ice Age is pretty stout. Sure, this distance will be new to him, but he appears ready. Then again, Wardian, Roes, Mackey, Sharman and James(if he doesn't blow up @ 50K) will be out front nonetheless. Be interesting to see how he holds up after 50 Miles of racing. Going to more then likely come down to the last 10K of the race.

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