Michael Owen 2011 UROC 100k Pre-Race Interview

Michael Owen is running the 2011 Trail Runner Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k. There aren’t a lot of other 22 years olds that will be pushing the other runners at the front of the field, but Michael will. He had a great debut at the TNF EC championships last December and was just third at the USATF 100 mile trail national championship (16:26) with some collegiate running, including a 2:30 marathon at the NAIA championships. Hear what got him into trail running, catch up on his last couple races, and learn who his favorite is for tomorrow’s race.

In case you wand to be on top of UROC this weekend, we’ll be covering both on Twitter and on iRunFar.com itself via CoverItLive (like UTMB). Here’s our UROC men’s preview in case you need more info.