San Juan Mountain Trail Running Photos

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While the iRunFar team traveled to Colorado’s San Juan Mountians to cover the Hardrock 100, we’re also enjoying many a good mile on the trails. Below are a couple of our favorite shots (not including Hardrock photos). Many more photos can be found in our San Juan Mountain Facebook album. We’ll keep adding photos to that album throughout the remainder of our visit to these spectacular mountains.

Silverton, Colorado

Silverton's been our home since the start of July.

Arrastra Gulch

Trail running here may result in a strained neck.

Hardrock 100 course

For a few days, we got to follow Hardrock 100 course markings.

Engineer Pass

The trails aren't always easy. For example, there's a steep climb to the top of Engineer Pass at nearly 13,000'.

Hematite Lake San Juan Mountians

But, then, you're treated to fabulous descents with even better views.

Stony Gulch San Juan Mountians fog

Sometimes fog obscures the views... and other times it makes them.

Sunflower in Rocky Gulch San Juan Mountains

Regardless, the sun ... or a sunflower can brighten up any run.

Boulder Gulch wildflowers

More often than not, spontaneous magic happens in these mountains.

Boulder Gulch lake with wildflowers

Exhibit 1 - The wildflowers and lake in Boulder Gulch

Columbine Boulder Gulch San Juan Mountains

Exhibit 2 - A columbine in Boulder Gulch

Bryon nap Highland Mary Lakes

All those trail miles and breathtaking vistas can leave a guy tuckered out.

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