Rabbit Women’s Warm Weather Apparel Review

A review of eight items of rabbit women’s running apparel.

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rabbit is a female-owned, California-based company that aspires to provide some of the best running apparel on the market. The company name is a nod to the spirit of both the furry, friendly animal and the selfless athletes who give the rest of us someone to chase. As lifelong runners, the owners were specifically inspired to tackle the challenge of perfecting the running short.

In this article, we review these eight pieces of rabbit women’s apparel:

The thoughtfulness that went into the design of each product I tested is apparent. I truly love them all. I’m 5 foot, 7 inches tall, weigh 135 pounds, and tested a size medium in all the garments.

Rabbit 2021 Gear Review - Annie Behrend - Dash the Rabbit

Gear reviewer Annie Behrend with Dash the rabbit, the unofficial mascot of this gear review! All photos courtesy of iRunFar/Annie Behrend.

rabbit Repeats 4″ Shorts

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I was not surprised to learn that creating the “perfect” running short was a particular passion of rabbit. I’ve historically resorted to relying on mid- to long-spandex shorts in an effort to prevent wardrobe malfunctions, primarily chafing, while running. Since receiving the three pairs of rabbit shorts that I tested, my spandex shorts have quietly made their way to the back of the shelf.

One of my favorite features of all the shorts I tested is the zippered pocket on the back of the waistband. Having participated in a few too many key fob search-and-rescue efforts, I deem a simple zipper invaluable. The rear zip is big enough to house most phones; however, I find the weight of a phone a little much for shorts and prefer to stash mine in the rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra also reviewed below.

All three pairs of shorts are undeniably soft, breathable, chafe-resistant, and quick to dry. Each also houses a brief liner.

I love the retro style of the rabbit Repeats 4″ ($60); these guys take you back to the nostalgic track days of your youth but with modern performance technology. The Repeats shorts are made with rabbitDRY, which is composed of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, a sleek and sustainable little combination that utilizes a new recycled coffee grounds printing technology. Who knew my favorite morning bevvie could be repurposed into a quick-drying woven wonder that is designed to reduce the condensation rate when you sweat and provide odor control?

The material is thin and perforated, yet somehow remains resilient. I have zero wear and tear to report on any of these shorts despite heavily relying on them all summer. In addition to that back zipper pocket, the Repeats shorts also have two internal front pockets and one internal back pocket, each open-topped pockets that are large enough to stash a few gels. The internal back pocket is described as a key pocket, but I’ll personally continue to opt for keeping my keys zipped in the external back zipper pocket.

While I tested the four-inch inseam version, these do come in a two-inch option, the rabbit Repeats 2″ ($60).

Shop the rabbit Repeats 4-inch Inseam ShortShop the rabbit Repeats 2-inch Inseam Short

rabbit Repeats 4-inch - front view

A front view of the rabbit Repeats 4″ shorts.

rabbit Repeats 4-inch - back view

A back view of the rabbit Repeats 4″ shorts.

rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4″ Shorts

Designed to be softer and lighter than the previous version, the rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4″ ($68) shorts are made out of a woven combo of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. The lightweight material effectively wicks away moisture and dries quickly. The waistband is flat and wide, making it remarkably comfortable. Two internal front waistband pockets and two side pockets offer ample storage for fuel, trash, and more. These are in addition, of course, to the aforementioned and highly esteemed, zippered back pocket.

The Dirt Pounders 2.0 shorts tend to be my go-to, everyday shorts, surpassing the Repeats due to the extra-comfy waistband. The medium in this style does look and feel slightly baggier than the medium size of the other two styles.

However, my suspicion is that a small would be too small, as there seems to be a notable difference between rabbit sizes. The drawstring effectively keeps these shorts in place despite feeling plenty roomy.

The Dirt Pounders 2.0 only come with the four-inch inseam. If you prefer a shorter inseam, go with the rabbit Mountain Climbers 2.0 2.5″ ($68), effectively the same short with a 2.5-inch inseam.

Shop the rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4-inch Inseam ShortShop the rabbit Mountain Climbers 2.0 2.5-inch Inseam Short

rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4" - front view

A front view of the rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4″ shorts.

rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4" - back view

A back view of the rabbit Dirt Pounders 2.0 4″ shorts.

rabbit Smashems 2.5″ Pro Shorts

The rabbit Smashems 2.5″ Pro ($80) are rabbit’s ultimate high-performance trail short. Like the Repeats, these are made with rabbitDRY (88% polyester, 12% spandex); the material is not visibly perforated like the Repeats, so they look different despite similar technology. I had serious trust issues with anything shy of a four-inch inseam prior to testing the shorter Smashems 2.5″ Pro shorts.

One particular summer day, a friend and I decided to take the gorgeous 40-mile Rogue River Trail from our valley to the Oregon coast; I wore the Smashems in and out of waterfall pools and through the hot canyon walls without a single hitch in my giddy-up. I’m not sure I would have the confidence to choose a 2.5-inch inseam for say, the 100-mile race I was training for at the time, but I’d consider it. If you have similar reservations, there is also a four-inch inseam available in the rabbit Smashems 4″ Pro ($80).

The storage capacity of the Smashems shorts is truly remarkable and something akin to a full-on waistbelt, but more comfortable. These trail shorts sport five large built-in pockets plus the back zipper pocket; storage opportunities essentially run the circumference of the flat, wide, mid-rise waistband. The three front pockets connect, so you may find that your gels migrate around a bit, but remain readily accessible. An internal draw cord maintains a secure fit even when loaded up with goodies.

Perhaps even more marvelous, the Smashems have rear elastic loops, lined with silicone grip, that can secure your poles and free your arms on long descents. With skepticism, I’ve stashed my poles in these loops for hours with thousands of feet of elevation change, thinking it would surely drive me nuts to have them riding around back there.

Honestly, it’s easy to forget about them. I’ve never taken the time to figure out how to quiver my poles into my running vest the way they are intended to be stored there. The loop system via the Smashems is straightforward and mindless, exactly my style when racing, adventuring, and more.

If you don’t like purple and would like to save yourself a few bucks, there is the regular rabbit Smashems 2.5″ or rabbit Smashems 4″ in solid black for $75.

Shop the rabbit Smashems 2.5-inch Inseam Pro ShortShop the rabbit Smashems 4-inch Inseam Pro Short

rabbit - smashems 2.5" pro - with poles

A back view of the rabbit Smashems 2.5″ Pro with running poles attached to the loops at the back.

rabbit Smashems 2.5" Pro - front view

A front view of the rabbit Smashems 2.5″ Pro shorts.

rabbit Smashems 2.5" Pro - back view

A back view of the rabbit Smashems 2.5″ Pro shorts.

rabbit EZ Perforated Trail Tank, Tee, and Long Sleeve

The first rabbit top I acquired was a Miwok 100k finishers’ shirt in 2017. While the majority of my race shirts have been passed along over the years, I continue to wear that one all summer, every summer. The company was far less familiar to me then, but I’ve learned over the past couple of years that I have yet to meet a rabbit shirt I don’t love.

rabbit’s goal with their line of lightweight, perforated shirts was to take “the most comfortable running tee in existence” and make it lighter and more breathable by adding perforations; I believe they accomplished just that. There are currently three different shirts in this line, the rabbit EZ Tank Perf Trail ($45) tank top, rabbit EZ Tee Perf SS Trail ($45) short-sleeve shirt, and rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS Trail ($50) long-sleeve shirt.

If you tried their apparel in past years, perhaps you’ve also noticed that sizing has evolved a bit. The medium-size shirt from a few years back definitely feels smaller, more like a true small, than the medium shirts I recently tested. In my opinion, all three of these shirts fit true to size.

rabbit EZ Tank Perf Trail - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tank Perf Trail tank top.

rabbit EZ Tank Perf Trail - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Tank Perf Trail tank top.

I received these shirts in the middle of our hot summer months and a relatively high-mileage training plan. I think I’m self-aware enough to recognize that when working out more than once a day, multiple days a week, my hygiene efforts start to slip a bit. So, for better or for worse, I have been elated by how sweat-wicking and fast-drying the perforated EZ line is, not to mention their comfort and fit.

Shortly after receiving these, I called a friend to confess that I had not showered or changed my clothes since three workouts prior, but was so pleased with how accommodating this line was, I hardly felt guilty about it. Thus, I’ll emphasize rabbit’s warning that these are “so easy to love, it may be hard to take [them] off.”

rabbit EZ Tee Perf SS Trail - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tee Perf SS Trail short-sleeve shirt.

rabbit EZ Tee Perf SS Trail - back view

A detailed back view of the rabbit EZ Tee Perf SS Trail short-sleeve shirt.

All of the shirts are a blend of 94% polyester and 6% spandex. The medium in each of these cuts fits great, never feeling boxy or clingy.

Now that fall and cooler weather has rolled in, I’ve been getting more mileage out of the long-sleeve shirt than the short-sleeve and tank versions. The long-sleeve shirt has been a great choice for runs around the 40-degree Fahrenheit range, when a short sleeve doesn’t seem like enough, but I fear getting overheated and sweating through a long sleeve. The perforated fabric continues to wick and dry, offering the extra material you need to stay warm while preventing you from getting chilled by your own elbow sweat.

During our smoke season this summer, I noticed the long sleeve would subtly absorb a bit of the smoky air and make me smell like I had been downwind of a campfire. This “problem” was undetectable to my spouse and not beyond the help of an OxiClean soak, but did seem somewhat specific to that shirt at the time. If rabbit decides to humor us and replicate these shirts in additional color options, I’d love to own a few of each!

Shop the rabbit EZ Tank Perf Trail Tank TopShop the rabbit EZ Tee Perf SS Trail Short Sleeve ShirtShop the rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS Trail Long Sleeve Shirt

rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS Trail - front view

A front view of the rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS Trail long-sleeve shirt.

rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS Trail - back view

A back view of the rabbit EZ Tee Perf LS Trail long-sleeve shirt.

rabbit High Country Snap-Front Tank Top

Perhaps the most unique of rabbit’s trail attire is the “performance plaid” rabbit High Country ($65) snap-front tank top. When you need one shirt to wear for a progression of activities, including but not limited to, morning coffee, climbing a mountain, and happy hour, this one does it all.

I’ve already disclosed my shameless tendency to jump from one task to the next without giving much thought to what I might look like. Perhaps many of you can relate and this is why rabbit markets this shirt as something we don’t think we even want, but we do in fact really need.

Made from 88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex, this tank will breathe, dry, and stretch. It does all the things while making it look like you didn’t dress solely to work out.

The back panel is fully vented with perforations, a feature I’ve found especially helpful under a running vest or child carrier. Like the perforated EZ line, the medium fits well, not boxy, clingy, or overly form-fitting.

Shop the rabbit High Country Tank Top
rabbit High Country - front view

A front view of the rabbit High Country tank top.

rabbit High Country - back view

A back view of the rabbit High Country tank top.

rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra

The rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra ($55) is designed to provide moderate support for runners with A/B or B/C cups while comfortably carrying most phones, or anything else you might need to stash in a back center pocket with minimal bounce. I’ve been very pleased with the support provided, historically trending on the B/C end of the cup range. I would vouch that this bra is more supportive than most non-encapsulated running bras I’ve worn and dries in a much more respectable time frame than an encapsulated running bra.

Since becoming a mom, I’ve rarely been able to run without a phone handy; being able to stash it in the pocket bra has been a game-changer! Word of warning, however, if placed screen-side-in, the subtle bounce that occurs may disable your touchscreen and defeat the purpose of carrying a phone/being reachable. If placed screen-side-out, the situation is brilliant, so much so, that like many of the other pieces in this line-up, the Strappy Pocket Bra has become another multipurpose item that you need more than one of.

I find myself milling about my property, phone stashed on my back, hands-free to snatch a toddler or feed a goat. It will slide out relatively easily if you’re bending down to tie a shoe, but the generous pocket size also makes it easy to get the phone in (albeit, I usually need both hands to stash it).

The material is a blend of 76% polyester and 24% spandex, designed to be lightweight and quick-drying. It comes with two removable inserts, which at least initially, seem to migrate around less in the wash — a pet peeve of mine — than the typical insert. Like most rabbit apparel, machine wash cold and tumble dry low is recommended for longevity.

Shop the rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra

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rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra - front view

A front view of the rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra.

rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra - back view

A back view of the rabbit Strappy Pocket Bra, showing its clever storage pocket.

rabbit Women’s Warm Weather Apparel Overall Impressions

rabbit has raised the bar for my running wardrobe. They’ve managed to perfect the balance between fashion and function, exceeding my expectations in both areas. Even their neck gaiter is a trendy goes-with-everything white, covered with rabbit’s irresistible and endearing little icon.

My daughter points out the logo on every item worn, “Bunny, Mama!” rabbit has got me and my two-year-old smitten. I have only good things to say about this line. Try them all! It’s a rabbit hole you won’t regret going down.

rabbit Neck Gaiter - Annie Behrend daughter

The author’s daughter wearing the rabbit Neck Gaiter as a headband.

Call for Comments

  • Are you a rabbit gear fan? What is your favorite item of clothing from them?
  • Is there any particular gear that you wish rabbit would include in future lineups?

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