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Núria Picas Pre-2016 Transgrancanaria Interview

An interview with Núria Picas before Transgrancanaria 2016.

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Núria Picas has won Transgrancanaria two years in a row and will try to make it a three-peat this weekend. In the following interview, Núria talks about how her winter training has gone, what her favorite part of the course is, and what sort of weather she’s hoping to run in at TGC.

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Núria Picas Pre-2016 Transgrancanaria Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Nuria Picas before the Transgrancanaria 2016. How are you, Nuria?

Nuria Picas: Fine, and you?

iRunFar: I’m very well. You’ve won this race the last two years. Do you feel as strong this year?

Picas: Yeah, I feel confident. I have trained more than last year. So for me it’s the third time here, and I feel pretty good.

iRunFar: Has it been a good winter for training in Catalunya?

Picas: The winter was very hot, no snow there. This week is different. I’ve been training doing some ski mountaineering—not a lot of snow, but just training and running in the mountains and a little bit of everything.

iRunFar: A little bit of everything? You feel strong, and your legs feel ready?

Picas: Yeah, I feel strong, and I feel prepared for the race.

iRunFar: You have won this race the last two years. Why do you keep coming back?

Picas: I think it’s a very important to be here twice—last year and the other one which for me was the first time. It’s difficult for me because it’s the first race of the season, but I am confident because it’s my third time here. I know the track, so this is important for me. It’s good.

iRunFar: What is your favorite part of the track?

Picas: My favorite part may be the first part during the night because it’s funny and we have legs for running fast. The last part for me is horrible. Each year they change little things, but… I don’t know. All of these things are interesting, but the last part I really don’t like.

iRunFar: Maybe you’ll like the changes?

Picas: Yeah, I prefer the changes because it’s more technical than the last 20k the other year, but it will be tough.

iRunFar: Not so much running in the canal.

Picas: Yes, it’s very technical. It’s full of rocks and movement. You have to be careful, pay attention, and don’t fall. I don’t know. It’s more than 15 hours running, so the last part of the race and the sun is difficult.

iRunFar: You’ve run the new part of the course in training?

Picas: Yes. This year, no, but I know it very well.

iRunFar: You have been here for a week, yes?

Picas: Yes.

iRunFar: How was your training while you were here?

Picas: Yes, I was pushing hard last week because I felt strong there. These few days just before the race, I just keep calm, relaxed, enjoy the views and the sea, and wait for the race.

iRunFar: Did you have any snow while you were training? I know on Tenerife…

Picas: A little bit. I was training in Garañón at Pico de las Nieves, which was full of snow. It’s okay.

iRunFar: So the name was true?

Picas: The name was true. Full of snow—it’s strange on this island, but a few years ago we had the same conditions. It’s beautiful.

iRunFar: I think the weather for this weekend will be very nice.

Picas: Cross the fingers because I don’t like to run with some rain. I like when it’s cold but not so frozen. I like good conditions, and I’ll enjoy that.

iRunFar: Maybe it will be good for you.

Picas: Yeah, I hope.

iRunFar: There’s a very strong women’s field here this year. Many top runners…

Picas: Yeah, I know. Many top runners.

iRunFar: Who do you think may be the biggest challenge?

Picas: Caroline Chaverot, Uxue Fraile, Andrea Huser is very, very strong. We met together in Diagonale des Fous. I don’t know. I always say that for me, it’s me I fight against on my own.

iRunFar: Your own race.

Picas: Yes, not the other ones. I have to take care about my own, myself—eat, drink, run easy. This is the secret.

iRunFar: Good luck in that challenge. May you have a good race against yourself.

Picas: Thank you.


Picas: Hey, Nuria Picas with Bryon Powell.

Bryon Powell: Of iRunFar.

Picas: How are you?

Powell: I’m good, and you?

Picas: Good. Cut. Another.

Picas: Hi, Nuria Picas in Grancanaria. Hello, Bryon.

Powell: How are you, Nuria?

Picas: Fine, and you?

Powell: I’m very good.

Picas: Yeah? Nice to meet you.

Powell: Nice to see you again.

Picas: Okay, are you prepared for the race?

Powell: I think it’s going to be very long and very difficult, but I think I’m prepared.

Picas: You are the favorite, and you should win the race.

Powell: I’ve done much training and my thumbs are good.

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