Núria Picas Pre-2014 TNF TransGranCanaria Interview

An interview with Núria Picas before the 2014 TNF Transgrancanaria.

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Núria Picas had a tremendous year in 2013 and, now, she starts her 2014 by racing TNF Transgrancanaria. In the following interview, Núria talks about how her 2013 season went after taking second at TNF UTMB, what her off season of running and resting looked like, and what her goals are for this race and her 2014 season.

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Núria Picas Pre-2014 TNF Transgrancanaria Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Núria Picas before the 2014 Transgrancanaria. How are you, Núria?

Núria Picas: Fine, thanks.

iRunFar: Last time I saw you was at UTMB. You took second in your first 100-mile race. How was your season after UTMB?

Picas: Yes. After 15 days later, I ran in Cavalls del Vent. It was hard for me because of the recovery. It was a good race. I won the race. After, I ran in Templiers in France. That was the finish of my season.

iRunFar: How did that race go? Did you win that as well?

Picas: For me it was a good experience. I won the race. I would like to do that again.

iRunFar: So you’ve won it twice and you’ll maybe go back for this year?

Picas: Yes.

iRunFar: It’s going to be a very big year at Templiers this year.

Picas: Yes.

iRunFar: It’s sort of their anniversary.

Picas: Yes, maybe their 20th? I don’t know.

iRunFar: After Templiers, did you take time off from running?

Picas: Yes, of course. I needed a rest.

iRunFar: After UTMB you said you needed a rest.

Picas: Yes, but I like to race Cavalls del Vent because I love that race. After Templiers, that’s all. During the winter, I was skiing and I was climbing. I really love those kinds of sports that I cannot do during the season. For me it’s very good for my body and for my mind.

iRunFar: Did you relax?

Picas: Yes.

iRunFar: Did you spend time with a book?

Picas: Sometimes, yes.

iRunFar: When did you start running again?

Picas: 15 December, I started to run. Now it’s two months and a half. For me it’s okay because I’m really… I feel strong to run Transgrancanaria.

iRunFar: Have you run here before?

Picas: No.

iRunFar: Have you been to the Gran Canaria before?

Picas: No, it’s my first time here. I’m so excited. I really love this island and I’m very excited to run here.

iRunFar: The race—it is very early in the season. The race will be on March 1. It’s 125k. Does that seem long?

Picas: It’s very long, but I keep calm and go slow at the beginning and then we will see. If I eat during the race and I drink and run clever, we will see. It’s a lot of kilometers but the island is very beautiful and the people here are great. I love this.

iRunFar: What do you think of the 12 a.m. start?

Picas: It’s very hard. I run another race like this with 12 in the night but it’s okay. For everybody it’s the same so no worries.

iRunFar: You’ve done it before.

Picas: Yes.

iRunFar: What are your goals for this race?

Picas: It’s the Ultra-Trail World Tour [UTWT]. I would like to be at UTMF and Lavaredo maybe and UTMB—of course I’d like to repeat there because I love that race.

iRunFar: So you’re going to take part in the series?

Picas: Yes. Then if I’m strong or not and if my mind is okay, maybe Diagonale des Fous. It depends on my… I don’t know…

iRunFar: Very strong mind.

Picas: Yes, very strong. It’s a long season.

iRunFar: A lot of very long races.

Picas: Very, very long and too many hours. It’s okay. The island may be very beautiful like this.

iRunFar: Did you bring your family to this race?

Picas: Only my partner. My kids are in school.

iRunFar: They’re not going to the beach with you?

Picas: For me it’s okay because it’s very hard to stay here and run, train, kids. Now when we’re here to take a rest, it’s okay for me.

iRunFar: You came here and went up to Garañón?

Picas: I stay in Garañón for two days. It was a great experience but very cold. I prefer to stay here. It’s warm and near the sea.

iRunFar: It’s perfect.

Picas: It’s perfect, like a holiday.

iRunFar: Maybe go to the pool later.

Picas: The pools are amazing.

iRunFar: Six pools.

Picas: Warm pools and the weather here is better than Garañón. They have the mountains and I love to stay in the mountains.

iRunFar: You have the best of both.

Picas: Yes, the best, of course.

iRunFar: Núria, it’s great taking with you and best of luck both with the race and your season.

Picas: Yes, thank you very much.

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