New Balance MT101 Review

Flying New Balance logoI’m an unfit Popeye and the New Balance MT101s are my spinach. The year’s not quite over, but I can’t imagine anything but the MT101 as my favorite new shoe of the year. Seriously, that’s no hyperbole. For anything shorter than marathon, there’s no other shoe I’d rather run in right now. The New Balance MT101/WT101 (MT101 from here on) is light, low to the ground, and fits like a glove. All the issues I had with the original MT100 have been ironed out.

New Balance MT101

Meet the New Balance MT101

Since being launched last autumn, the New Balance MT100 has been the talk to the minimalist trail shoe world. (“Barefoot shoes” are their own thing.) Originally designed with the help of Anton Krupicka and the Skaggs brothers, there aren’t a lot of extras on these shoes. The MT101 is merely an evolution of the MT100, but the changes that were made make it a much better shoe.

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Here’s a summary of the changes before jumping into an in-depth review:

  • Better foot lockdown by the addition of midfoot and rearfoot overlays
  • Improved ankle collar construction that saves your Achilles
  • Slightly more expensive – it costs all of $5 more
  • More flexible rockplate
  • Slightly heavier at 7.48 ounces versus 7.09 ounces for a US men’s 9
  • Less odiferous glue

Below, we’ll examine the MT101’s upper, midsole, outsole, and weight before taking a look at my own experience with the shoe. Read on to find out why I love the MT101 so much!

[BTW, if you have an interest in minimalist shoes, New Balance, or Anton Krupicka, check out our preview of the forthcoming New Balance Minimus line designed with input from Anton.

New Balance made its two biggest improvements to the MT100 by adding overlays and fixing the ankle collar in the MT101. In addition, they tweaked the tongue a bit. Otherwise, it’s the same great upper as the MT100. Here’s more on the upper.

Additional Overlays
The MT upper continues to be primarily mesh backed by lightweight fabric, but now with significant and well-deserved additions. In our MT100 review, Travis Liles noted, “the upper… does not offer much lateral support, which can be problematic on technical or switchbacking trail.” This observation was echoed by many others.

In response, New Balance completely redesigned the upper’s overlays. Most notable is a significant metatarsal wrap that expands from an inch wide at its attachment point in the center of the arch to five inches wide at the top of the shoe. That results in a wrap stretching from the foremost eyelets to one and a half inches back on the ankle collar. This is a huge improvement that really locks down the entire foot as well as providing a small amount of support.

New Balance MT100 MT101 upper medial

The insteps of the New Balance MT100 (top) and MT101 (bottom).

On the lateral (outside) portion of the midfoot upper, New Balance added one midsole-to-eyelet band (from four to five), but, more significantly, the company spread out the connection points of those bands from two center eyelets to five eyelets, which gives broader metarsal lockdown.

New Balance MT100 MT101 upper lateral

A comparison of the lateral uppers of the New Balance MT100 (top) and MT101 (bottom).

Finally, New Balance added both a medial (inside) and a lateral band connecting the midsole and the ankle collar. This change, along with all the others, makes for a much cleaner ride on technical terrain. The MT101 is better connected to your foot, which means you are better connected to the trail.

[Update: Following 2 paragraphs added 11/20/10] In investigating the MT101 even more closely, I noticed a barely detectable polymer mesh over the fabric mesh on the lateral side of the heel and ball of the foot. I contacted New Balance to get the scoop on this. I asked, “Is the purpose of this polymer mesh primarily to provide structure to the upper, to prevent blowout of the fabric mesh in these areas, or something else?” Product Manager Brian Gothie responded,

You are correct on both assumptions. Tony was blowing out the MT100 right at that spot on the lateral forefoot so we needed to strengthen it. Also, felt like we needed a way to add some structure to the heel and this did so in a lightweight, “barely detectable” manner.

Ankle Collar
With the MT100, a  small, but significant number of runners experienced severe chafing of the Achilles tendon area. I was one of those sufferers in the MT100 when the skin over my Achilles sawed to pieces in less than 3 sockless miles. For some, the problem even persisted while wearing socks! The culprit? A 2 mm high ridge of thin EVA at the top of the ankle collar. That ridge served no purpose and was merely a relic from the manufacturing process.

Well, I’m happy to report that New Balance successfully revamped its manufacturing process. I can now deem the MT100’s ankle collar problem completely eliminated in the MT101. Sure, I still get some light rubbing in the Achilles notch, but it’s minor and what I’d expect given these are the only shoes I’ll wear sockless.

New Balance MT101 MT100 Achilles notch

The Achilles notch on the MT101 (left) and MT100 (right). Note the absence of a ridge on the MT101.

The Tongue
The MT100’s tongue was a single layer of the fabric-backed mesh that is used throughout the rest of the shoe. This thin mesh had a tendency to fold and collapse. New Balance found a way to provide structure with a minimal addition of material. On the rear of the tongue, they sewed on a thin, second layer of fabric that extends two inches down the backside of the tongue at the tongue’s edges while tapering to an inch at the center of the tongue. On the front of the tongue, New Balance bonded a half inch-wide ribbon that extends vertically two inches down the center of the tongue. These two additions can hardly weigh a thing, but they do keep the tongue laying flat against the top of your feet.

New Balance MT100 MT101 tongue

The tongues of the New Balance MT100 (top) and MT101 (bottom). I did not adjust either before taking this picture.

Other Upper Features
The MT101 still has the slipper like feel of the MT100, while retaining plenty of toe box wiggle room. The mesh upper is highly breathable, but does let in quite a bit of dust. The MT101 also retains the “sausage-like” Sure Laces.

If you can feel an underfoot difference between the MT100 and MT101 you’ve got some pretty sensitive feet.

As with the MT100, the MT101 lacks a post for pronation control. However, the midsole is raised on both the inside and outside of the midfoot, which provides a modest amount of support.

Once again, there’s a Rockstop TPU-rockplate sandwiched between the outsole and midsole that offers decent push-through protection in the forefoot and midfoot. New Balance made the MT101’s rockplate slightly less dense, which results in more forefoot flexibility. While I’ve not been able to feel the difference in flexibility while running (Yes, I’ve run with the MT100 on one foot and the MT101 on the other.), the MT101 is hands down the more flexible shoe in manual testing.

I don’t feel that the decreased rockplate density detracts from its push-through protection. In fact, in side-by-side “jumping ’round the yard” tests, I felt the MT101 offered better rock protection as the MT100.

One other thing… according to some, the MT100 had a “horrible, long-lasting VOC stench.” This smell came from the cement that glued the rockplate to the midsole. New Balance corrected this problem with the MT101.

New Balance didn’t change the MT100’s trail-specific outsole one bit for the MT101. Why mess with a good thing? The outsole is a scant 2mm (or so) thick at the midfoot with lugs ranging from 1 to 3 mm in the forefoot and midfoot with 5 mm lugs in the heel. There are still circular cutouts in the outsole to reduce weight. These cutouts expose the Rockstop rockplate in the forefoot and midsole foam from the midfoot through the heel.

New Balance MT100 MT101 outsole

The identical outsoles of the New Balance MT100 (top) and MT101 (bottom).

The MT101’s outsole remains perfect for packed dirt trails; however, it’s not the shoe of choice on sloppy trails. That said, the heel does provide some grip, which is why Anton didn’t shave it off before the snowy start of the 2010 Western States 100. I’ll note that, every once in a blue moon, a piece of pointy rock will stick into the heel’s exposed foam.

International Outsole
Note that in some international markets where trail runners demand more traction, such as the UK, New Balance uses a more aggressive NB 840 outsole for the MT101. (iRunFar contest winners will receive the US version no matter where they live.)

New Balance NB 840 outsole MT101

New Balance uses the NB 840 outsole on some international MT101s.

Weight (or lack thereof)
I found the light weight of these shoes to be exhilarating… especially, because I still consider the MT101s to be full-fledged, if stripped-down, shoes. My used MT101s in US men’s 9 weigh 7.48 ounces (212 grams). While that’s pretty darn light, it is a bit heavier than my used MT100s, which weigh in at 7.09 ounces (201 grams). Given that the MT101s still weigh in at less then 7.5 ounces, I can live with an extra 11 grams on each foot.

New Balance WT101

The New Balance WT101 is black and silver with a hint of pink.

My Experience With the New Balance MT101s
As noted at the top, I love the MT101. I get to slip my feet into more trail shoes than I can keep track of and, at the moment, there’s no other shoe that I’d rather slip into for a quick run. These shoes feel fast and make me want to run fast. In fact, while I’m not sure if it’s a placebo effect or my need to be a midfoot runner in the MT101s, I think they do make me run faster. When I want to bust out of my running doldrums, the MT101s are a stiff breeze at my back.

In truth, most of my running in the MT101s has been on a roughly even mix of paved roads, dirt roads with some gravel, and soft shoulders. I admit I love running short road runs in these shoes. No, they are not well-cushioned, but I like the firmness. I can’t see myself ever logging 20 mile all-pavement runs in them, but I have logged up to 5 or 6 miles of pavement in a run without regretting it.

The MT101s also kick butt in the water. The mesh upper instantly takes in water, but it also sheds it like a sieve. Plus, there’s not much in the shoe that can absorb liquid. Within a minute of completing a recent half hour run in the rain, I weighed my MT101s and they weighed in at under 10 ounces. They picked up a scant 2.3 ounces (65 grams) of water for a wet foot total of 9.74 ounces (277 grams). Meet my new stormy weather trail shoes!

In my few proper trail runs, I forced sharp turns, leaped onto pointy boulders, and otherwise pushed the shoes as best I could. They’ve not failed me yet. I do find that, if I’ve not worn them in a while, I find gravely roads to be intermittently painful. However, over a series of runs, I quickly adjust to block out this transient, nuisance-level pain.

Both the MT100 and MT101 have a 10mm drop from heel to toe. Although the drop is a little less than the 11-12mm drop found in many shoes, it is not small. The numbers would lead me to believe that I could train at will in the MT101s. That would be wrong. If you have been a heel striker or have suffered from foot or lower leg issues, please slowly transition to the MT101! The MT101 has a much lower than average 18mm heel height and an 8mm toe height, so there’s not much cushioning. As a result, you will run more on your toes than many of us are used to. The shoes are an awesome tool to help build foot and leg strength and I believe they would make a great transition shoe for long-time runners who later plan on incorporating barefoot running into their running regimen.

As an aside, I speak of the above gradual progression from experience. In November 2009, I was hit with plantar fasciitis. I spent 6 months in extremely supportive shoes while mostly sticking to relatively flat runs. By the time I was symptom free in May 2010, my calves had atrophied from the lack of miles and hills. This summer, even my initial, short 4-5 mile runs in the MT101s left my feet and calves tired the next day. I loved the shoes, but couldn’t wear them more often than every other day and for no more than 5 miles at a time. A few months later, I’ve now worn them for up to 10 miles at a time and I’m holding up much better on 6-8 mile runs in the MT101s. They remain, at most, an every other day shoe. I look forward to continued progression with my new favorite trail running shoes, the New Balance MT101s.

Price and Availability

The MT101s are available now! It’s true that New Balance did up the MSRP $5 from the MT100s to the MT101s, but I think MT1010s are still a steal at $79.95! Note that you can find the MT101 and WT101 for $74.95, the same as previous MSRP for the MT100 and WT100.

Call for Comments/Questions
While the contest is as simple as noted above, we’d love some more info from our readers. If you’ve previously worn the MT100 or WT100 or if you’ve had a chance to try the MT101/WT101, please let us know what you like about them.

As always, please ask any questions you might have about the shoes.

New Balance MT101/WT101 Giveaway
We held a worldwide contest to give away five pairs of the MT101/WT101. Winners were announced here.

[Disclosure: The Amazon link in this article is part of an affiliate program that helps support iRunFar. New Balance provided the sample MT101s as well as the five pairs of MT101/WT101s awarded in the contest.]

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    Great review, you never cease to amaze me with the amount of work and detail you put into iRF. Keep it up!

    I have not been bitten by the 'minimalist' trail shoe bug (yet) and I do my trail running (including this year's Pikes Peak Ascent) in Saucony Xodus shoes, which I love (on my 3rd pair – each a newer model as they keep updating them!!).

    I do some road running in Nike Free and have some five fingers for general use (not running).

    I currently live in the UK and the NB 100/101s don't seem to be available here but I may test some Saucony Kinvaras (that you recently reviewed) – if I can track some down!



  4. Pete

    Great review – Question and my contest entry…

    Bryon, why do you think its purely a marathon and below shoe. I think Anton (Granted its Anton) has worn versions of the MT101 for Leadville and WS100

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  6. Kurt Decker

    Nice write up on the NB 101. I think the small updates will be a nice change for alot of people. Had a chance to try a sample on a few months ago and felt very nice ( just a bit small ). Looking foward to running in a pair.

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  7. Natural1

    Great review of an awesome shoe! I still run in my 790's on occasion, even though they're completely trashed after 600-700 miles and frequent daily wear. I'd love a pair of 101's for my upcoming fall races – a lightweight shoe would make 50M that much easier. I'm not sure I'd wear these sock-less, but it's good to know that they wouldn't shred my heels if I did…

    Thanks again for the great give-aways!!


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    Really indepth review – especially enjoyed the point by point comparison to problems in the last iteration. This new version is also quite a bit nicer-looking as well, in my opinion.

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    I've run far in my last two pairs of 100's and I can't think of a new shoe I'd rather run in. Stitching is starting to pull apart (or disintegrate, can't tell)on the heels of both pairs that I own but one pair has just under 700 trail miles on it and the other is at about 500 (they've got to come apart sometime, right?). I love the low price on these shoes but I could ALWAYS use a free pair! A spare $75 in my pocket means I could do another race!!

    Another thing, I wouldn't limit you use of this shoe to runs under 26. I've had no issues up to 50 and I'm certain they'd feel good even farther!

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    Another great review Bryon. I have a few friends that have been foaming at the mouth for these shoes to come out. I'll be forwarding them your link. I bought some Kinvara's after your review of them and I just started to try them out. How do you think the two compare? Would the 101's be my next transition after the Kinvaras? Or should I stick to them if they work out.


  65. BC

    I've been really wanting to take these for a run and as a medical student drowning in loans, I could really use a free pair!

    Betsy Campbell

    Detroit, MI

  66. Bryon Powell

    While I enjoy running in the La Sportiva Crosslite, I think it would be a stretch to consider the Crosslite a minimalist shoe. A 12mm heel-toe drop is a standard running shoe drop and it's got a dual-density midsole. I think of it more as a standard (as opposed to minimalist) trail racing shoe. The Salomon SpeedCross 2 would fall into the same category.

  67. John Dayton

    Please throw me in the pot! Been thinking really hard about getting a pair but no one sells them locally and am a little nervous ordering untested.

    John D.

    Helena, Mt

  68. Colby H.

    I've been tempted on minimalistic footware ever since reading Mr. McDougall's Born to Run book. I'm just starting out, so I didn't know if I should just start with them, or if they were for a more experienced runner. Thanks for the review.

    Colby Higgs

    Watson, Illinois

  69. Deanna D

    I have been thinking about switching to a more "minimalist" shoe and this is now one of the candidates. Thanks iRunFar for another amazing review?


    Oak Park, IL

  70. Anonymous

    The addition of more (more like "any") lateral stability is the one thing I was looking for in the new model. These are going to be very popular this year!


    Portland, OR

  71. Josh

    i've been a brooks guy for years and still run in their road shoes, but the MT100s are hands-down my favorite running shoe and I never had the problems that you and other reviewers have mentioned. I have two pairs and have put over 400 miles on each and they're still going strong. i'm definitely going to try out the MT101s soon, but getting a pair for free would be a huge bonus! thanks.

  72. Jon

    I'm always on the lookout for a good low profile trail running shoe. I tried on the previous version of this shoe and was really impressed. It just wasn't what I was looking for at the time. At this point I think my feet would appreciate anything that falls somewhere between a built up trail show and racing flats. How well does that rock plate work?


    Tulsa, OK

  73. Stu

    Very excited about the new model and hoping to try some out soon. Good to see that the tongue collapsing issue has been resolved. Good times.


    Black Hawk, CO

  74. DaveB

    Thanks for the great review, Bryon. Glad to hear your feet are getting healthy, and I hope your move is for a positive reason. These shoes sound great. Put my name in the hat.



    Neptune, NJ

  75. Clint Wells

    Men's size 12!

    I've got the 100's and took a file to the heel to save the achilles. I'm glad that I won't have to modify these if I end up getting them here (or buying them). The tongue fix was also pretty clutch.

    Clinton, Illinois 61727

  76. Brett Zugnoni

    I just recently purchased a pair of the Brooks Adrenaline ASRs for trail running. I chose those shoes because of the pronation control. But to be honest, the weight of the shoe sort of brings me down. I would love to give the NB MT101s a shot – not to mention they look pretty sweet. I'm a moderate pronator, but from your review it sounds like these shoes do in fact offer a little bit of support. I hope I win! Thanks man!


    2510 Hulett Road

    Folsom, CA 95630

    cell: (916) 549-0044

  77. Jay

    Have been in New Balance shoes all of my running life (my dad is a lifelong runner and NB wearer) and I'd love to take a pair of these out for a spin!

  78. George

    When I pleaded with some New Balance reps last year to not change the 790, their response was, "We already did!" My subsequent hoarding has kept me from trying the 100, but I'll soon be ready to start a new lasting relationship with the 101.


    Berkeley, CA

  79. matt lindsey

    I have been training and racing in Sportiva Crosslites for a while now, but these shoes look very similar in structure and build and would love to try a pair to run in.

  80. David Fields

    never ran trails yet .. just pavement … guess you gotta have the shoes to do it in though … used to go "off-road" when I was a kid and it was fun then … probably just as fun now .. but will probably jump over the mud puddles instead of in them … =)

  81. Melanie Garden

    Would love to sport a pair of these New Balance – all my running friends would pay attention as we are all about the gear!! Hopefully they come in Womens Wide as I have heard NB are good for providing wide fit. Would be buying a pair of Vibram Five Fingers if I could find them in stock in my size, but alas, not so. PERHAPS you could keep the market share buy providing me my first pair of NB! PLEASE Please???!! Women's 9.5 or 10 Wide!!



  82. Vincent Hey

    I began running thirty years ago in New Balance shoes, but switched to other brands over the years. The latest designs by New Balance have me intrigued to switch back.

  83. Bill Day

    I have a wide (EE) foot and have greatly appreciated the availability of so many NB models in that width. I'd love to hit the trail in a pair of these.

    Bill Day

    Broken Arrow, OK

  84. Korey Konga

    I am running the Orcas Island 50K for my one year running anniversary in february.

    I could use these shoes!



  85. Megon

    Aw MAN! I'd LOVE to have a pair of these to run on the trail my hubby keeps cleared for me in the woods behind our house… I need some new trail shoes so stinkin' BAD!

    Megon in Manchester, GA

  86. Todd Miller

    New Balance has been my favorite brand of running shoes for years! I buy a 2 to 3 pairs a year and I love them! The staff at Inside Track in Harrisburg, PA rocks!! I would love to have a pair!!

  87. Denise

    I would love a new pair of New balance.. they seem to be the shoe that allows you proper movement and durability to run at your full potential.. would love to give the newest version a try.. I am so overdue for a new pair..

  88. Alison Maxwell

    I'd live a new pair of the NB, currently training for the Amica Seattle marathon. Sweet new pair would see me through!!

  89. Cheri Redwine

    Can't get enough shoes.

    W/ the new balance minimalist shoe…do you have to gradually work into them??

    Cheri Redwine

    McMinnville, Oregon.

  90. Alex

    I have used some Vibram 5 fingers, but they are definitely not going to become a go-to shoes for me for most runs. It sounds like the MT101 could become that shoe.

    Alex Jones

    Pocatello, ID

  91. Susan Bush

    I've been a NB freak for years and really, really want to test out the WT101s — in a size 6, wide! NB doesn't make my favorite model any more (874) and the upgraded models (875 and 876) just don't work. I think the WT100s or WT101s are the shoe for me. But since I just bought La Sportiva Wildcats, I can't justify forking out $75 quite yet. So I would love to win a pair. Thanks for all you do on the website. -susan

  92. dogpaddle

    I have been eyeing up these shoes for months. Can't get them in Prince George until mid November. I would love to win a pair.

    Great reviews as usual.


    Prince George, BC, Canada

  93. G.E. Anderson

    Thanks for the very thorough review!

    I have a pair of MT100s and I absolutely love them. I've had none of the problems mentioned, though I did notice the glue smell (it didn't really bother me). The thing I like about these shoes is that they don't let me get lazy and start heel-striking toward the end of a run when I'm tired.

    All of the MT101's improvements sound great, so I'd love to get a pair!


  94. Bob Korolus

    Love New Balance. Running on a budget, and running in shoes with a small hole on the baby toe. Running with shoes that ….well smell so much that the wife insists I leave them outside.Run the Good Life 1/2 marathon on October 10th. After 5 months of hard training, strain tendon,sore knees and Achilles, and wife recovering from an operation.

    Then there is the weight lost. I use to weigh 341 pounds , and now I weigh somewhere in the 250 pound range.Running hard, running slow, and I expect to finish the race in 3 hours and 30 minutes.

    I love New Balance shoes and would love to have a pair of new shoes. If my shoes finally come apart. Then there is the Charity that gives away people donations.

  95. Maureen

    I have a pair of 100s that I love because they are super light and don't have arch support. Could you comment on the 101 arch support?

    I would love to win a pair! I wear women's 8.

    Thank you,

    Maureen in VA

  96. Lloyd Norris

    I heard New Balance were awesome and I also hear that barefoot running is the best for health and performance. I am new to running and would love to try this shoe!!!!!

  97. Larry

    I love NB & I love trail running. I wanted a pair of MT100's, but could never find them locally. Would be thrilled to win a pair of MT101's.

  98. David SAVELLI


    I bought one MT100 in California at NB store in Gilroy outlets. this summer. I ran with MT 100 a trail (21 km – 13 miles) and around 200 km since two months. They are goods shoes for shorts trails less 30 km.

    The MT101 looks like better than MT1OO.

    Great review iRunFar

    Best run


  99. Cathy Norris

    I love New Balance Shoes. I have never ran in them, but have 2 pairs for daily use. I need something for running and this would be a great start!!!

  100. Sam Winebaum

    Would love to try a pair. Seems like the perfect shoe to dance through the rocks and roots of New England single track on a dry day. The granite is rarely pointy it's water and weather worn like me!

  101. Jim kreofsky

    I look forward to trying the MT101 from New Balance whether they come to me through the contest or, purchase. my wife and I have always gravitated to endurance sports competing in loong distance canoe racing, triathlons(Ironman World Championships 3 times for me and once for Marcia)as well as trail runs. Because I have a wide forefoot I have run more ,trail and road, in New Balance than any other shoe because they have always made extra widths so that I didn't have to size up in order to get the width that I needed. We have recently moved to Cool, CA. to be what I call the heart of trail running. The Western States trail is accessible from our back yard on the edge of the American River Canyon. When we are not competing we are volunteering at races.

    Jim Kreofsky

  102. JC

    Your review is far and away the most comprehensive out there!

    Love the 101s. Did a 100 miler in them with nasty terrain, smooth fire roads and non-stop rain – Blister FREE! Most of my training was in the 100s. Need to win cause mine are pretty dirty!

    Best, JC

  103. Sharleen

    I'd love to try them out as I'm somewhat of a skeptic on barefoot running, but am curious on trying out lighter shoes for half marathons and shorter distances. I wear a 6.5

  104. Mariko

    I wear the WT100s and love them. I did all my summer trail running in them (including my first trail 50k) and am really excited to check out the 101s! I have been plagued by achilles tendon problems in the past, but surprisingly had no issues with the 100s. I hope New Balance keeps these around forever!Thanks for hosting the contest!!

  105. Laura

    I would love to win a pair of these shoes! I'm just getting into trail running, and I think it would really be helpful to have a pair of shoes that were really meant for outdoor trail running (as opposed to the regular, kind of slippery road running shose I'm currently using).

  106. jerome

    i ve been running in the NB070 eco shoe and love it. As with anything you love they stopped making it and this NB101 seams like the best next thing. Im looking forward to running with it

  107. Nathan Harris

    wow looks like a lot of people are wanting these shoes. Count me as one of them!


    Dunedin, New Zealand

    P.S. Good work on the site Bryon, definitely my first stop when looking for trail running news and gear reviews (esp your coverage of WS100 and Mount Blanc)

  108. Josh

    Very in depth review, like all the pictures. My Montrail Masochist have never seemed right for me, maybe this is the shoe!


    Stanley, NC

  109. Todd Gallagher

    I would love to try these shoes out on the mountains around Vancouver, BC, Canada!! I love give-aways!!!! Thanks also for this website, always great info, interviews etc… Cheers!!!

  110. Todd

    After blowing both calves out, and using 'traditional' footwear. I think it's time to go the opposite route (yes pun intended) and try out a minimalist trail shoe.

    If they're as good as all the claims, I should be giving Anton fits. ;)

    Todd B.

  111. Joe

    My mt100s are my favorite shoes ever; Ive had them for over a year, thousands of miles trail and road, uppers are blown but still wearing them. Can I have some new ones please?

    Joe G

    Palo Alto, CA

  112. Chuck Wheeler

    Could DEFINITELY use a pair of running shoes. Just bought my first pair a month ago. Cheap sneaks before that since April when I started running. Already counting my miles before I need replacements.

  113. Aaron

    I've been waiting for the release of these shoes for about six months, the MT100's were like "hen's teeth" in Australia, and all internet stores were sold out of my size. Undeterred to get some miniamalist trail shoes of my own, I even tried the "Anton" method of cutting the heel off my existing pair of road shoes…it was a fun way to ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes! I think "New Balance" has listened to what we want this time around, And I for one am very excited!

  114. Steve Nairn

    Hi there…..Would love to have a pair of these shoes. We dont get them in New Zealand and im not sure of the size range. This truly is a generous offer. Thanks to all involved.

    Thanks steve

  115. Lori De Marco

    I just got permission to hike the mountain outside my front door…and I would love some new shoes to do it with! Size 10. Peace!

  116. Cory Birdsong

    Greetings from Texas! Sign me up for the trial shoes drawing! Love your site and my Irunfar bumper sticker always gets comments even if it is on its last legs.

  117. Chuck

    I;ve always wondered about a minimilist trail shoe. They seem to be contradictory terms, but I like the idea. I read about some of the issues with the MT-100's and I happy to hear the NB has pulled together an excellent update. Personally, I hate normal trail shoes, since they tend to be super stiff, heavy, and tend to feel more like a "Boot" than a running shoe. Hear's to running my next trail 50 in the MT-101's!


  118. Laura Clark

    I experimented with Vibes but an old toe injury made the toe fit problematic. I would love a minimalist shoe!

    size 9.5 ladies laura

  119. Peter McHannigan

    Great review and super blog. I've been reading about these for a while and would love a pair of US10.5's to make their way to Tauranga, New Zealand

  120. Dan Slack

    Look like they are worth a try. I still love running in my New Balance 790s, but no one ever mentions them. They were the predecessor to the 100s and it's as if they never existed.

  121. Rob

    Rob, Rowley, MA…

    By the way, I have to say the MT100s blew me away and I am looking forward to a pair of MT101's sooner (perhaps) or later. I have done a few 20 mile trail runs in the MT 100s and know many folks who have run ultras in them. The 100s even held up on road 10 milers for me surprisingly well, and not to knock other trail shoes or brands, but I seem to have had experiences where road running with trail ready shoes has been a major chore and led to some serious discomfort.

    One huge, huge help for me has been the stability the MT100s have provided. It is actually one of the under-rated qualities in my mind. I have run in other minimalist shoes that provide NO structure or stability and have led to some lower leg issues.

  122. Chris Boucher

    I have been very happy with the 101s so far. Got them on 9/24. Ran 2 races in them already and a couple of 10milers along with the short runs. My calves have been killing me.

    Wouldn't mind a pair of size 11s. Are they going to be available in any other color than 'big fly' green?


    Lees Summit, MO

  123. Justin

    I have been absolutely giddy with anticipation for these shoes to be released! I would love a pair for the trails in Vermont during the fall and winters seasons!

    Saint Albans, VT

  124. Jen from Avon, UK

    I run hundreds of miles on trails, aiming to complete many of the great ancient 'ways' of the UK including the Cotswold Way, Pennine Way, Offa's Dyke path and the South West Coast Path. I love light, neutral shoes with a low profile design which allows your feet to feel the earth beneath them. The NB MT101s sound like the perfect addition to my tried and tested kit list!

  125. Viktor Carlsson

    I´ve always wanted to try the MT´s but haven´t found them available over here.

    I´m in Skellefteå, Sweden (i´d be surprised if i share this location with anyone on the comment board)

  126. Paul Daly, IRELAND

    I bought my first pair of New Balance runners recently, they are the 749's. They are an excellent pair of trail runners.

    I woundn't mind trying out another pair of NB runners to really cement my new found relationship!!



  127. Paul Barbier

    These shoes sound great. Just beginning to mix in some barefoot bits of running into my training, as it helps my posture and form for sure. I reckon these would be a great compliment to my current shoes, which bit by bit become more minimal.. Like the look and fully expect them to make me run like Anton, lol!! I am a size 11 UK, 45.5 Euro

  128. kevin

    The MT101 looks like a good upgrade from an already great shoe. I've enjoyed wearing the 100's on most of my short runs this past year and a new pair would be fantastic.



  129. BTW

    I've been waiting for & salivating about these shoes for a few months now, and would absolutely love to snag a pair. They seem the like the perfect way to transition to a more minimalist shoe now that my Crosslites are nearing a natural death …

    Gimme some shoes!

    Durham, NC

  130. adam fitzgerald

    not sure if I responded to this post already. If so my apologies.

    would love a pair of these shoes

    Adam Fitzgerald

    Mt. Pleasant SC

  131. Max

    Hi Bryon (again),

    I'm Maxime Lagacé from Montreal, Canada.

    I'm really happy to see today that your contest is about THE shoe I was looking for, the MT101.

    I'm pretty sure they would be my favorite trail shoes too. Thanks for providing again exclusive stuff like this post.

  132. Vojtech

    Will be great to win these shoes, otherwise I have to order them and dont know how to get them to Czech republic, our local distributor doesnt offer them.

    Thaks for review


  133. Craig Chapman

    MT100's are awesome — especially on rugged trails but not too bad on roads either. I put on 500 miles on 2 pairs of these babies, and I'm really looking forward to buying the MT101's but winning a pair would be better!

  134. Craig Blair

    I'd love to try these shoes (size 12.5 or 13). I'm a fledgling ultrarunner preparing for my 50K and 50 miler this fall/winter and these would really help to round out my ultra gear.

  135. Zsuzsanna Carlson

    I would like to try it as I tend to buy taril running shoes from the companies that focus on trail running (ok, other than Brooks Cascadia)…this sounds like a good test.

  136. Brandon Chabola

    I would love a pair of trail shoes since I'm just starting to run trials and finding out its much better than road running. I wear size 14 though!


  137. Chris ONeill

    NB 101's would certainly cheer me us as i have the injury blues.

    THis is hard as an a minimalist ultra runner from Ireland.

    Chris :-)

  138. Siobhan Evans

    Have recently got involved in road running- just beginning to see the benefit of the minimal approach to footwear would love to try these shoes.

  139. Matthew Montoya

    I would love to win a pair of these shoes no one in my area sells them sadly, would like to use them instead of my vibram kso treks. El Paso TX


    Oh, any chance I could "borrow" a pair to trial at the Saab Salomon Turbo X in Mugdock Park, Glasgow tomorrow morning? erm, pretty please? I'll give them a thorough trial and write a balanced review, honest….


    Jim the ever hopeful

  141. Jeffrey Gelinas

    I've logged many hundreds of trail miles in New Balance shoes. they have been a great fit for me. Currently running in the 875's but I would love to try the 101's as I have also been a big fan of the lighter Montrail Mountain Masochists, as I try to get more accustomed to the minimalist trend.

  142. Brad Myers

    I have done all my running in the the MT 100s this year so I would love to win a pair of the MT 101s in this contest. Fingers are crossed!!!

    Brad Myers (size 12)

    Damascus, PA

  143. Brenden

    I just got a pair of MT101s. As much as I love my old La Sportiva Wildcats, the 101s are my new favs. I'd love to get a pair for a friend and spread the good word.

    Brenden Goetz

    Leadville, CO

    Thanks a bunch,


  144. Gabriel contreras

    In contrast to this great over view of the mt101, this shoe, actually the mt100 is the go to when I wear shoes. I run 95% in sandals on rough, steep trails on the Palos Verdes coast here near my house in Los Angeles. They are great shoes for when my feet need a break. I have run in all types of terrain in these shoes as I traveled alot this summer. Zion, Yosemite, tahoe, Ashland, Or., Portland, and caliifornia central coast. The mt100 held up great! I just got the mt101's and the only flaw if any is my small toe rubs on stiching inside shoe. I actually got a blister, the mt100 does not have the stiching on this spot. Oh yeh I go sockless when I do wear shoes.

  145. Brad

    I have yet to see these shoes in events around the southeast. The pictures of the shoes remind me of a nice car that only has grey primer paint. No frills or flashiness. Just function! Let me be one to show them off in my area.

  146. Anonymous

    Been eyeing these for awhile and wondering how they would hold up..Thanks for the detailed review. Would love to try the WT101!

    Kelly Bradbury

    Smithfield, UT

  147. Dan Metcalf, Marylan

    These are the shoes I've been lusting after and would love to train for and run the Frozen Sasquatch 50k in — however I am currently cut off from purchasing any more running shoes by my lovely wife, who was mildly horrified when I bought up all of END footwear's leftover inventory. Please help!



  148. Kathryn, Ireland

    These shoes look great, thanks for the review. I'd love to be the first of my running mates to own a pair.

    Kathryn, Ireland

  149. Sal La Puma

    Thanks for the review. It would be great to win these, as I have burned through my shoe budget for the year.



    Appleton, WI

  150. Brian

    I've been waiting to try a pair of the MT100's and have still not had a chance. I've heard nothing but positive reviews of the 101s. I'd love to have a chance to try them.

  151. Jose Suarez

    I’ve also been waiting for these shoes to arrive ever since I finished Western States this year on my 100’s. As you may recall from my race report in this fine website, I wore the MT100’s at Western States, never changed shoes during the entire race, and did not have even one blister at the end. Sure, the ankle collars of the MT100’s would rub, but I had simply learned to clamp them overnight to make them more pliable. One night of clamping is all it took. So if the MT100’s were this good, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the MT101’s.

    As soon as these babies arrived home, I took them for my usual 2-hour, sockless run. What a disappointment. Here are my gripes: (1) The fabric is thicker and therefore the shoe doesn’t quite fit like a glove. (2) The thicker fabric creates thicker seams. The seams rub against the feet. No blisters on 100 miles, yet two very nasty blisters on my toes in just two hours! (3)The ankle collar is better, but not good enough. It rubbed my skin raw in just two hours. Blood all over my ankle. (4) The fit is not exactly the same as the MT100’s. Because the Ankle collar in the MT101’s is not as chamfered as that of the MT100’s, the shoe is actually bigger inside. That means going down ½ a size.

    I ordered 5 pairs, just to ensure a large enough supply in case there was a run on the bank. One pair is used and blood-stained; I’ll keep those. The rest are going back. Sorry to be the dissenting vote.

  152. Nathan Mealey

    I'd love to try a pair of these! I'm intrigued at the possibility of running in these for a few months, and then being able to compare them to the Minimus when those are released in the spring!


    Malden, MA

  153. victor snover

    I am dying to get my hands on a pair of these! Pick me please.. .lol! I have been following the videos of the Minimus line and almost got a pair of the MT100's until I saw your post about the issues, albeit minor, and the new of the new 101's coming out so I have been waiting for them, so hopefully I will win. Great site, love you folks!

  154. Mike

    Excellent review Bryon! I have blown through both pairs of my MT100s this summer and have been waiting patiently for the release of the new version. Your review has gotten me even more excited to pick up a pair of MT101s sooner rather than later.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mike B.

    Minneapolis, MN

  155. Anthony

    My wife runs in the old style 100 and loves them, I may have to coin up to buy her these now…..but it has to be said she has never had the fit issues with the 100 mentioned by many reviews – neither has my running partner.

    My two cents..that said, I would love to test these against my Inov8's.

  156. Jesse

    It would be great if I won but I've never won any giveaway so why do I even try? I loved my mt100's and need these since mine are thrashed!

  157. Laren

    Interested in trying these. I found moving to the inov-8 rocklites (ladies version) affected my heel cord initially, but I love them once I built up the strength.

  158. Marty L

    I've had the MT100 since January this year and have been gradually transitioning to less shoe and better running form over the last two years. I love them for roads, but they are terrible on rocky trails and bombing down hill-they just don't hold your foot. I kept tying them tighter and tighter and they were no better but they hurt! I still wear them for roads and love the light weight. Am very interested in the new WT101!


    Woodbridge, VA

  159. Jason

    I've run in the MT100's since June. They are like running in my favorite slippers. I'm psyched to see that the tongue of the 101's is a little beefier. If their was one complaint about the 100's it would have been how the tongue folds up on occasion.

  160. eric

    Another cool giveaway…just did some wear-testing for NB a couple months ago…only bad part…did not get to keep the shoes….this would be just as good.

  161. Liza

    I've worn the WT100s since August and I love them. I keep expecting them to give me trouble on long, rocky runs and they just don't. I can't wait to train in the 101s.


    San Antonio

    1. Miss Emerson

      My dog Roxie loves to run trails with me. My trail shoes are worn out and now we can't go. I can't buy new ones because I lost my job. Roxie is very sad. So am I. Please make us both happy once again by sending us a new pair of the 101s. We will be so very thankful. And Roxie will be happy once again.

  162. JpD

    These shoes look perfect for canal trail running. For those in the UK, I saw an advert for the MT101 within the Blacks' supplement in the most recent Triathlete's World magazine. According to the supplement it's a Blacks' exclusive. No idea when they'll be available.


    MK, UK

  163. Michael


    I live in Prague, Czech Republic and neither MT100 nor MT101 are sold on Czech market. (at least I was told so by the distributor) Based on your review and Anton's K. experience I would like to give this shoe a chance, however I have no chance to try a pair. Recently I struggled with Salomon and Mizuno models. (Mizuno's Harriers being a great shoe for shoreter runs – with no rock plate)

    I would like to test this shoe and hopefully get the guys here (distributor) to introduce it to the Czech market. My shoe size is US 11 1/2

    With best regards,


  164. Jamie

    Ever since reading the review of the MT100 and now the MT101 on irunfar, I've been on the lookout for these rubbers. However my search has been unfruitful both in Malaysia and Singapore thus far.

  165. Landy

    Please enter me in the contest. I have the NB 100's. I like them just ok for trail running. They are better than the alternatives. I'll always prefer barefoot or VFF, but the protection is nice on trails. I wish they were totally flat though (no heel lift at all) and had a little better ground feel.

  166. Krissy

    I've had my eye on these for a few days now. I'm reading Born to Run now and it's got me all excited to try running without all the fancy cushioning. I hope I win because I'm too poor to buy them now! :)

  167. Cheri Hall

    I have been wanting a pair of these shoes for along time. They look great and the updates look like they really do the shoe justice and not just to change the shoe.



  168. Serge

    Love the glovelike minimalist feel to these. Could do with less heal, but with the excellent rock plate, I'm thinking they'd be great for some fall mountain runs here in colorado and fastpacking!

  169. Mike

    Love the look of these as more minimalist trail shoes. Definitely looking for alternatives after breaking my pinky toe doing some trail running in VFF!

  170. Markus

    From Victoria, BC.

    I have a narrow forefoot so these are a bit wide up front, but I love the low, light, and small feel of the MT101!

  171. nick b

    I fell in love with the MT100 during my first 100… wore injiji sox and never even untied my shoes, no blisters or hot spots at all… I did get my achilles torn up on other runs when i didnt wear sox, I'd love to try out the updates version… looks like NB really took runner feedback into account and made some perfect improvements without losing the original vission for the shoe…

    Nick- San Diego

  172. Katy M

    Wow! These DO look great! I'm impressed. I live in San Diego where I do a lot of running in the canyons around here and I love how these are so "connected to your foot" like you describe above.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

  173. shane jones

    I've run quite a bit in a pair of size 12 100's . My only gripe(besides the razor sharp heel tab area)is a lack of lateral stability in the upper on technical trails. This seems to be addressed with the 101. I'd like to try a pair.

  174. MT101s

    I'm training in the WT876 right now. I love them. I'm racing The Shut-In Trail in Asheville, NC in early November. I had been thinking of picking up the 100s for the race. It's mostly technical single track with 3,000 feet of climbing. Tons of switchbacks. It would be great to give the 100s a try down there. But are you even doing womens? 8 1/2 womens. I love the lacing system on these shoes. One type that keep the trail debris out of my shoes on a long run.

  175. Gavan G

    After searching for a more minimal shoe for a solid year, a friend suggested that I try his MT100s for a run. Granted they were broken in but I was amazed. I hope the MT101s will only be better. I would recommend this shoe to EVERYONE and can't wait to lace up a pair of them and run up some mountains!

  176. Michael Stanley


    I'd love to win some new sneakers. I have put around 1000 miles on my current pair! I have only won one prize in my entire 49 years on this earth. It was a broken bike in a box, not even assembled!!!

    If I won these, I would proudly wear them as my first prize ever won(that was not broken)!

    Thank you.

  177. Steve Wallace

    Oh god yes. I absolutely love my MT100, I'm definitely getting a pair of 101's. And hey winning a pair is way better than buying one, right?

    Steve Wallace

    North Little Rock, AR

  178. Christopher3000

    and I'll take 'em in SLC. I;ve had three pair of 100's and I'm excited to try the 101. The only drawback to the shoe, as far as I can tell, is that the midsole in the front of the shoe compresses very quickly where it is especially thin, leaving my with essentially no cushioning under my big toes after about 300 miles. What do you expect from a shoe thats barely there in the first place??

    My favorite shoes, but as Byron says, a little trying for sloppy trails/gravelly double track. If you're headed out for any distance on decent trails, these will help you fly.

    -Chris Cawley

  179. Susan Ford

    I have never used New Balance running shoes, but would love to try them. Everyone says they are great.

    Susan Ford

    Forrest City, AR

  180. Drew Gunn

    Drew in Durango, CO. Currently running in MT100's and it seems like the 101's will be an improvement. Eleven and a half please!

  181. Armando Bajares

    I have just ran a marathon but I'm really looking forward to do a 50k. That's is nice dream to do. I'have been training with a the north face shoes single track (great shoe) but I really want to try a more simple shoe

    Armando Bajares

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  182. christopher CC

    These shoes look fantastic.

    They are almost impossible to get in Australia. Cant wait to get a pair and hit the trails. I have been looking for a nice minimal shoe with a protective upper.

    Great review

  183. Bryan Hojo

    I have been doing barefoot running up to 8 miles. I have made my own huraches for the trails. These NB look like they may be just what im looking for.

    I just completed a solo 40 mile run on 10-9. It was my 40 B4 40 run. I turn 40 on 10-18. The MT 100's would make a AWESOME birthday gift. Thanks Bryon for the great review.

    Bryan Hojo

    size 13

  184. Cédric

    Thanks for the in-depth review.

    I hope the MT101 will be available in Europe anytime soon. In the name of minimal runner salvation!

    Fingers crossed for the contest too!


    Mons, Belgium

  185. Archer Wee

    I like to "feel" the ground more.

    Before wearing out MT840 from New Balance, I try to get MT100.

    Unfortunately, it is not available in Singapore.

    I found out recently that New Balance Singapore is NOT bringing in MT101 as well.

    Now that my MT840 is worn out, I'm wearing the Single-Track from TNF.

    Archer Wee


  186. Michael

    I just got the 101's and have been very happy with them. Trouble is, my wife who has uber-stability marshmallow clunker shoes, keeps borrowing mine! Please give me a pair wo I can have my own and not catch girl-germs!

  187. Stacey

    I have been sidlined due to bilateral Achilles Tendonitis for 5 months after completing a 1/2 Ironman in May. I have been told by that I might have success with a pair of minimalist sneakers or barefoot running. I'm too scared to try barefoot running but maybe these sneakers would be the perfect solution. I'm up for trying anything to get me back out there running. Thank you.


    Size 9 1/2 women's

  188. Mario

    After reading the 101's review in TrailRunner mag, I was thinking about maybe going for a lighter pair of trail runners. Now, after reading this post, I am convinced that these shoes are just what I've been looking for.



    St-Mathieu-du-Parc, QC

  189. Richard S

    An amazing company philosophy and shoe review. I always enjoy your informative gear reviews.

    So wish we could get them over here in the U.K. as they would be put to excellent use on the single trails and Lakeland fells I love so much


  190. Alan L.

    Can't wait to get my 101's (being delivered today!). I tried the 100's and had to return them because of the heel issue and the smell!

  191. Jorge Fernandez

    Love the side by side review…great review!

    Adventure starts when everything starts going wrong….

    Jorge, Downingtown PA

  192. Matt Logan

    I have been waiting for these shoes for months. I have heard/read nothing but positive things about this shoes. I recently started moving towards a minimalist mentality after being plagued with a series of injuries. Now I can't find these shoes anywhere within reach. Southwest Florida apparently isn't a hotspot for trail running. Great review.

    Location: Port Charlotte, Fl

  193. James Martin

    I have actually run in both of these shoes, I am actually on my 4th pair of the series and 2nd pair of the 101's (don't ask). The one thing not really mentioned is that the 101's feel like they provide a bit more volume in the uppers, which for some has been an issue because of the narrow toe on the 100's. I have logged close to 800 miles in these models so far and the only reason I had to replace one pair so quick is I ended up running on roads and didn't want to use any other shoe. Wish they would use the original 101 patterns, takeout the rock plate, and give it a smooth outsole for a road shoe. Guess I could just wait till the minimus comes out.

  194. Steve

    Wow, 651 comments! The site is taking off! I really love the 100's, they're just so much fun to run in. I'll switch to a shoe with a thicker cushion for longer (>10 miles or so) and rockier runs. But for shorter distances it's just fun to put on such a light and good fitting (for me) pair of shoes. I never had a problem with the achilles notch, but I did occasionally have issues with the tongue slipping out place. But that's a common problem with me with most shoes and it's why I prefer gusseted tongues. And I'm glad to hear that the stench (chemical) won't be a problem. One minor issue I had with the 100's is that I got a prickly pear thorn stuck through the cut out hole under the midfoot. I kept occasionally getting this poking sensation, I took off my shoe and sock looking for anything and couldn't find it. After another run I finally ripped out the glued in sockliner and found the problem.

    Idaho Falls, ID.

  195. Scotsman

    Would be really exciting to try these out on the other side of the pond. Look impressive. Working on getting you an iRunFar bumper sticker picture from the glens of Scotland!



    Edzell, Scotland

  196. Curtis Carmack

    Great review! I've been out of the minimalist shoe loop for awhile and was stunned to find out that so many are now being made. Can't wait to get myself a pair!

  197. Dave

    I had a pair of the 100s that I liked for how incredibly light yet durable they were. Unfortunately the toebox was a little snug so I would probably go up half a size to 10.5 for the 101s. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!

    Dave Chan

    Santa Monica, CA

  198. Jeff

    Just got a pair for my niece and have been eyeballing them for myself. Would love to win a pair and save me the dough.

    San Marino, CA

  199. Kevin

    I wear my New Balance when I need to scoot. Thanks for the sweet review. I like that the design uses runner input and preferences. Skaggs certified is good enough for this guy. I take mine in size 10.5. Come on lucky blog comment. Cheers.


    Santa Fe, NM

  200. Stuart

    Yes please!

    I have a pair of MT100 which I bought a half size large as the toe box was too narrow. However, the overall width of the larger size has made for a sloppy fit. I definitely would like to try a free pair of the MT101 in a proper size.


    Hong Kong

  201. John R.

    I have been getting into minimalist footwear for running and the MT101's seem to be the talk of the town. John Rife Los Angeles CA

  202. Neil Bryant

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for such an informative, honest site with well respected reviews. The MT101's look to be awsome. Currently running with the Inov8 f-lite 230's which are amazing, but I'm always wanting to experiment and I have yet to try New Balance. NB being my initials, I'm suprised I haven't tried them before! Unfortunately, I haven't seen these in the UK, so to win a pair would be just amazing!


    Neil Bryant, UK

  203. Michael Raines

    After making the transition to the Kinvara's for the road, this sounds like a possible solution to my trail running dilemma. I'd love to win a pair!


    Winston Salem, NC

  204. Milson Jenkins

    Been waiting for one of my favorite shoe companies like new balance to come out with a minimal trail shoe with some actual research behind it; right on new balance! I'm really excited about this shoe. Milson Jenkins- New York

  205. Zach Smith

    I currently run trails in road shoes – Brooks Launch and Saucony Kinvara. I like what New Balance is doing with their trail shoes. They seem to be the first company to really "get it" as far as design goes for these types of shoes. They understand we don't want to run in shoes that feel like boots – give us flexible light, and low offset shoes!

    Half the fun of trail running is the feeling of being light and nimble, looks like New Balance is hitting the nail on the head with these 101's and Minimus lines.


    Louisville, KY

  206. Joel

    Joel, Austin, TX

    I am a really huge fan of these shoes and picked up a pair on day one of them arriving at the store. I'd worn the MT100s for probably around 500-600 miles, and the tread was essentially gone on the forefoot. I plan on doing the same with these. One word of warning – be careful about wearing them without socks. I had skin rubbed off in 3 different places (heel, top of foot -the tongue bunched and scraped, and worst of all, my little toe on my right foot). A thin pair of Drymax socks and I was back in business.

  207. Cameron

    I've heard great things about the 100s. I am running my first "mini" ultra in April (35 miles), and would like to start incorporating some trail mileage into my training. These would fit the bill perfectly! Thanks for the chance to win!


    Memphis, TN

  208. Sagar

    Thanks for the review. Minimalist running shoes are far and beyond in India (though there are canvas shoes with minimal rubber available). Will definitely get a pair when available here though I hope to get a pair faster through this giveaway! Thanks,



  209. S Brindle

    These New Balance give you the best of the old and new. In the seventies a low profile shoe like this was pretty common. So no we have all the new technology with the simplicity of the seventies. Great shoe.

    S Brindle

    Longwood, FL

  210. SFH

    I still have the first iteration of these shoes, the MT790. I've been running in these since I first transitioned to more minimalist shoes and running style last year. I haven't had a chance to try the MT100. But I would love to try out the new MT101 (as well as the Minimus when they come out). Please send me a pair!

  211. brenda

    Thanks for the thorough review. I've been wondering how they would stack up on paved roads. I just found your site on a link from Running and Rambling, and I will be back often.

  212. Jordi Ramot

    I've been running with Salomon XT Wings for a long time and believe are a great pair of trail running shoes but I like radical approaches like the MT101. I live in Spain and I bet I won't find them in the stores yet, so hey NB throw me a 9'5 pair and I'll show them off in the upcoming races! :)


    Girona, Spain

  213. Torkel Skogman

    Have been running in the 100 for some time now and they are my main off road shoe. Am definitely going to get a pair of 101's one way or the other…


    Stockholm, Sweden

  214. Brendan

    Great review. I've been running in the MT840 for a little over a year and love them, with a few minor quips which I think are addressed squarely by the 101. My only hesitation in buying the 101s is that I know I'll want the Minimus come Spring. But maybe both can find a place in my closet…


    Pittsburgh, PA

  215. Tim Ensor

    The Mt100s were ace and with the improvements I cant see there being a shoe I would rather be in. The thing is you cant even get them down here!

    Tim Ensor

    New Zealand

  216. Raby

    I am a newbie on the NorCal trails (though not on the roads) and have been scouring the net to decide on my first pair of trail shoes. this review made me salivate.

    I think if I don't win these shoes I will expire in a puddle of longing

    please please send me some shoes!!

  217. Amy FH

    Training for multiple ultras in the coming months. Have found some great minimalist options for road running but need something better for the trail… would love to try these

    Amy F-H

    Mentor, OH

  218. Steven Wray

    Would love a pair of these. I currently run in virams on the roads but need someething more substantial for the trails.


    Burleson Texas

  219. Nancy

    I became a New Balance trail convert with my first (of many) pairs of WT790s and this year have enjoyed the 100s even more. My only complaint is that the uppers of both models are less than robust — the uppers of the 790s tend to tear at the flex point near the ball of the foot, and the lateral fabric on my first pair of 100s (both left and right shoes) tore the full length from ball to heel just above the midsole after not too many hundreds of miles, and it makes sense to ShoeGoo them only so many times. I'm hoping the new construction of the 101s will help alleviate this weakness, because the 100s are otherwise a perfect match for my body type and running style. In addition to shorter distances, I've raced several trail 50Ks and one 50-miler in the 100s (and many more in the 790s), and I don't see myself ever reverting to "more" shoe. I'm also looking forward to trying out the Minimus.


    Trumansburg, NY (Finger Lakes)

  220. Al Torres

    Can't wait to get my feet into a pair of MT101's. Slowly getting into the trails and a pair of these would be fabulous!

    Al Torres

    Irvine, CA

  221. Frank Doyle

    Hello from the UK!

    Would love to win a pair of these awesome 'takkies' as we used to call them in Zimbabwe. Yes, I'm a Zimbo living in exile in the UK, entering a competition on your blog…in the US :)

    Keep up the good work.


  222. Ty

    I know there are over 700 people that feel that they need/want a new pair of 101's. And every single one of them may be more deserving. I just wanted to throw my name in the hat hoping that the trail gods (and might smile on me one more time this year;) If its any help I have been specifically preparing for my very own pair running several thousand trail miles in the adidas adios and Nike streak XC this summer, waiting for New Balance to fix the upper on their shoe. Keep up the good work.

  223. Mark Shimaura

    Tried these at the NB store. Wow, what a fun shoe! I'm already a mid foot striker, and these made me get up on my toes. They just felt fast and nimble, but hard underfoot. They didn't have my size (men's 7 or 7.5), so I tried on an 8, which I can occasionally fit, but they were way too roomy, even with thicker socks on.

  224. Matt

    I am very interested in grabbing a pair of the 101s in the next installment of my shoe fetish.

    Great site. The coverage (interviews, reviews, etc.) is the best.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  225. Mary

    Send me a pair in Copenhagen, and I can run all the way back home to New York! In 6 mile increments! ..and with a flight from London! :)

  226. cole baiker

    I actually had a pair of MT100 and I did like them . . .until they were stolen.

    Great shoe, I have never disliked a pair o New Balance shoes that I have owned ..

    great weight and great fit for my foot. I would love to win a pair of either


    Cole in beautiful BC, Canada

  227. spear runner

    My brother and I got the 101 last week. We ran a rocky trail 3.5 miles ascending 1,500 feet and backtrack the way down. The shoe low profile helps on the switchbacks and preventing twisting an ankle on the loose rock. It was such a great experience, I had to run the trail twice.

  228. Chin Wui Mon

    Really hope and prayed that I could win this shoe.

    Doubt that I will get this in my country.

    Just started trail running and got hooked to it.

    Looking for a suitable shoes for trail run.

    NB MT 101 is rocking.

    Great review and enjoyed this website.


    I'm in Petaling Jaya,

    MALAYSIA..heard of this country?


  229. Chip Trimmier

    I have the MT100s and I can understand how the improvements truly are improvements. There are several things that I love about the MT100: they are the easiest shoes to pack in luggage that I have ever worn, they shed water instantly, they keep the pointy rocks from stabbing my feet and I feel like I instantly run faster when I put them on. On the other hand, I have a few gripes. The tongue bunches up and is constantly in flux and never in a good way. The Achilles thing hasn’t bugged me yet, but the foot-slipping-inside-shoe thing has. The more flexible rock plate may or may not be welcome depending on whether it continues to keep pointy things from stabbing me quite as effectively as the MT100s. I too can’t wear them on every run, so I swap up with a pair of Cascadia. I ran The Big Schloss 50k in the Cascadia and I think that was a good move on my part. Maybe next year I will be ready to wear the lightweights on a long run after some good transition time.

    Baltimore, MD

  230. Luis Cardona

    I am currently looking at purchasing a set of 101's but I am not too sure. I currently used New Balance's 070's as my main running shoes, I usually run 3-5 miles in the morning every other day. I want to transition to trail running once I move out of Active Duty Army and go back home to the beautiful city of Chicago, Illinois!

    I know the 070's were labeled as trail running shoes but they are over all really rough and they seem more of a walking/casual shoe. Thank you for such a great review!

  231. Glen

    Been through a few pairs of MT100's, both developed large holes in the uppers after several hundred miles. Looking forward to the new improvements!


  232. WhiteGlossy

    We honestly couldn't agree more… the MT101 are superior shoes made for people with a legit passion for running/hiking! Our thought? Glad you asked.

  233. Vojta

    Hi, I dindt win them, but I would like to order them, I have a question about sizing? Do they fit with same size as normal NB running shoes?

    Thanks for answer


    1. Bryon Powell

      If you plan on running sockless in the MT101, you should take the same size as your normal New Balance shoes. Otherwise, go one size (1/2 size US or UK, or one size EU) up. If you find yourself wearing two different size shoes, depending on the manufacturer, going with the larger size in the MT101.

  234. Joe R.

    Hello –

    I've been running in the MT series (100 and 101) for a year and a half and really like them. I completed a 25K in the 100s and am scheduled for my first 50K at the end of March. I read your review on the MT series and came away concerned that running in a 50K in these shoes is not advisable. Maybe I'm over-analyzing your opinion. I use the 101 for all my runs, i.e. pavement or trail, and really like the shoe. I'm particularly concerned because my training program now has getting into distance I've never run before, i.e. >15 miles.

    Any insight you can provide regarding my concerns is greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    1. Bryon Powell

      If you're using the MT101s for all your runs, then, by all means, continue to do so as you build toward and run your 50k. There's nothing wrong with the shoe that should stop one from running in it after a certain distance. I merely wished to suggest that most people can't and probably shouldn't just jump right in and log really long runs in such a shoe.

  235. steve nairn

    I love the 101 and i run everything in them. I think that the protective mesh on the outside perhaps should be put on the inside as i have blown out a few pairs at the heel and toe area in short time. some potential for more aggressive lugs. what are your thoughts?. reasons for this is that the trails here are tearing them up and some rock types they have less grip (volcanic rock). happy trails

  236. George O

    I am on my second pair of MT101's and I love them! The design in my opinion is near perfect! If I could change one thing about this shoe, it would be to start the lacing further up the foot (actually more around the midfoot) as to leave more room in the toe box and allow for swelling. That said, my feet swell nicely into this shoe as the mesh material expands nicely. As for traction, WOW! I actually did not expect much traction from these but I have taken them on some of the gnarliest trails in the NW where it rains allot and big wet slippery rocks cover the trails descending 2000 feet within 2 miles without any issues at all. I actually take the insoles out just to make them that much lighter and my foot rests nice and flat. Due to the LOW profile that this shoes provide, I have yet to sprain any ankles! A number of times I have felt my heel ready to turn but since my foot is so darn close to the ground, ankle rolling is a non issue!

    There is one con: If you are doing lots of steep downhill trail running, and it really wet conditions, you will blast the mesh material away from the sole of your shoe from the constant pressure of your foot. But hey, I managed to get a little over 600 miles out of my old pair so I guess that is not too bad! :)

    New Balance, you guys have got a crazy awesome shoe here. Please do not change anything (well perhps the lacing part as described earlier) on this shoe!

    For those of you who question if this shoe can survive a 50k? HELL YES! It will survive 50 milers, and 100 milers!


  237. George O

    Glen, the uppers still delevope holes in the MT101 but that is the price to pay for such thin, lightweight material. The thin mesh material allows for super quick drying and flex of the forefoot, the price to pay is that the mesh is not super strong! I got around 600 miles from my old pair of MT101's so I am confident I got my money's worth from the shoe.

  238. mjhisey

    After dabbling in minimalist/barefoot running in the Vibram Five Finger KSO's, I decided I would try the MT101's as sort of a "happy medium". As of today I have 370 miles on my MT101's and I think they are the best shoe I have ever owned. They are light, the fit is great, and they are low to the ground. 75% of my miles have been on asphalt, the rest has been in hard-pack trails. My runs have averaged 15+ miles with never a problem (aside from break in that lasted all of 4 or 5 runs.) I don't think this shoe can be beat, especially for the price!

  239. mjhisey

    Still a great shoe with no problems after 550 miles. I'm transitioning into the Merrell Trail Glove now and have a pair of the Minimus Trail shoes on the way as well. I just can't make up my mind about what shoe I like the best.

  240. Nick

    Hi Guys,

    I love those shoes too and been using them for nearly 3 months now and have wearing them for most (90%) of my runs. However, I've had a sudden pain the other day on a cool flat run, on my left foot. More precisely it started hurtig vividly on the external side and sole of my foot where the sole of the shoe is the most narrow (the mid part of your foot that touches the ground between the heel and the ball of teh metatarsals basically). I thought it could be due to teh fact that the sole is quite narrow, maybe too much fort my foot and that the nerve in that area got compressed. which gives me that pain and faint numbness….Don't know if it's because of the shoe or maybe I should get a size larger…

    Has anyone else had that before?



    1. George O

      Nick, I would guess that if you have never had this pain in the past with the shoes, then the pain/injury was or is caused by something else. I would recommend going a size larger and seeing how the shoe fits. I would wait until you are healed so that you can tell more acurately how the shoe feels. Unfortunately, buying the right shoe is trial and error.

      Run free

      George O

      1. Nick

        Hi George,

        Yeah I found it weird to have that sudden pain on a flat easy run especially after a few months running with them…might be due to the rather not so hard but busy previous running week… My physio told me I should alternate and maybe run a bit less with these for a while..she thought my cuboïde was compressing the tendon or something like that….dunno what to think.

        Thanks for your help!


  241. KenZ

    I have a few hundred miles on mine, including several 20+ mile trail runs, with the longest at 35 miles. Not sure I'd do more than a 50 miler on them, and not a rough trail (or road) 50. One comment I have: Traction may be good on wet SOLID conditions such as rock and sandy-based mud trail coverings, but I recently had a race in the UK that was a disaster with the 101s. Think extremely slippery ankle deep mud (without firm base beneath it). Think steep slippery wet grassy slopes down (and up). I think anything short of an innov8 wouldn't have helped, but the 101s were like sliding on butter, to include a slip near a gate and impaling my hand almost all the way through (2" deep) on a gate latch.

    Summary: I love my 101s; they're my favorite shoe. But for muddy slop conditions, I'll look elsewhere.

    1. George O


      I agree with you on this. Wet rock, and trails not an issue. But you get into some slippery mud or grass going up and down hills then you are going to have issues. The MT101 does not have the lugs that the inov8's mudclaw has for example. I do all of my 50k utras in the MT101 and I cannot see myself doing a 50 miler in them. I would probably turn to the Brooks Cascadia for anything longer than 50k.

  242. Mark


    I have a pair of MT101's and have been using them solidly for about 2 months. I guess i have done about 250miles in them but the stitching on the instep where the ball of my big toe is has started failing. Is this common for the 101's? Is it the way i run or is it because i they have been pretty much constantly wet/muddy for the last month?

    I ask as i love the fit and feel but being in the UK it is a bit of a hassle to get them shipped from the US and if its going to keep happening i might look around for something else. The same happened to by Inov8 312GTX that i used to have.

    Any thoughts?

    1. George O


      I too have had issues with blowouts on the 101. But to be completely fair I must say that I do abuse my 101's to the extreme. Steep up and down hills with mud covered trails and hard landings on the forefoot. Considering the lightweight construction of the shoe, I think that getting 250+ miles per pair is more than fair. Depending on your weekly, monthly mileage,the cost of replacing the shoe will add up. I use the old 101's on shorter runs and at times when I just have to run indoors on the mill. You can easily get another 200 miles of use out of your 101's this way! You might want to try the inov8's for a stronger built shoe that will last a bit longer. If you really like the 101, then I would suggest ordering multiple to several pairs at one time. I know that is not the answer you were expecting but hey, as distance runners, we must make a slight investment in the equipment that serves our needs right?

      Run free,

      George O

      1. Mark

        Thanks George,

        I guess it must be being constantly wet and muddy for the last month that has done it as i haven't been hammering down too many hills. I checked my records and the mileage is only approx 150 since i started using them. Regardless of the minimalistic (is that a word) qualities this doesn't seem very good. Maybe UK mud is not appropriate for US shoes……

  243. Todd

    I just blew out my 101's in the same spot, on both shoes. I think that due to only having thin material there it creates a weak spot in the shoe, and I also run on pretty knarly trails with a lot of roots and rocks. I have about 300+ miles on them. I think that considering the minimalistic design of this shoe, 300 miles is pretty good mileage.

  244. David

    Hi George,

    I'm curious, why would you switch to the Brooks for 50 miles – is it just the extra cushion?

    I love my MT101's but I haven't done anything more than a 50k. I'm looking to get into longer races and would appreciate your thoughts.

  245. Chris

    If I want to get these and wear them sockless, should I get my standard size, or go a half size smaller? For reference, I run in the Minimus' sockless in a size 10.5 and they feel great.

  246. Vassilios

    what is the ideal fit for the 101s? with the size i have now when i run downhill my toes are touching the inside of the shoe. is this the way to go or should i try half a size larger?

    1. david s

      I think it depends on how you like your shoes to fit. I actually went a full size large on my 101's. I think to avoid trouble with blisters, and your toenails, it would be a good idea to go at least a half size larger.

  247. The Rev James

    I got a pair of these last week off Amazon. The NewBalanceShop price was £50, with the Amazon price and discount I got them for £32. I recently did a Marathon in a pair of Nike Lunas. I had been training in Saucony Mirages but wore them out. I wish I had gone for a lesser shoe for the Marathon. The natural feel of the 101s is great, they are light and responsive. I bought them as I wanted to do more off-road running post marathon, and they haven't disappointed, in fact the Euro model has a more aggressive sole than that US version, owing to our in-clement weather in the UK. If anything they would like it to be on soggier and rougher terrain. They seem best running fast down muddy hills. Even managing to wear out the dog on my 15mile off-road runs, and she's a welsh collie. At £32, one of my best purchases this year. Release your inner Anton !

  248. Wild Runner

    Recently got a pair of the MT101's myself, they really are a great shoe for the price, really lightweight! I've worn them 5 days a week for the last month and love them. when they wear out I may go for the Minimus, but the price tag on the MT101's makes them pretty attractive.

    Thanks for the great review

  249. Tom

    I am interested in trying a pair of these shoes. I wear a size 9.5 in Nike Pegasus does anyone have any advice on sizing for the New Balance. Do they run similar?

    Thanks, these forums are great resource.

    1. The Rev James

      Tom, I am 10.5 and I went to an 11 for these. Glad I did, they felt great. I reckon you could go up either a half or full size depending on how snug the 9.5s are. Hope that helps. J

      1. Tom

        Rev James-

        Are you referring to a 10.5 in Nike or New Balance. Don't mean to be picky but I would like to avoid the hassle of mail backs, although there is never a sure thing. Thanks again. Tom

  250. Anonymous

    Hi Tom, sorry for the delay, hope they weren't a xmas pressie. I am 10 to 10.5 in Nike, depending on the shoe itself. The Nike Lunas I have are 10.5. I bought 11 in the MT101, because they were cheaper on Amazon. Glad I did as they would have been too small otherwise. So I would suggest at least 1/2 size larger, depending on how you like the shoe to feel.

    1. Tom

      Thanks for the follow-up. I ended up with the 10's (I'm 9.5 in Nike Pegasus). The shoes fit fine but I am sending them back, don't think I am ready for the minimalist shoe quite yet.

  251. Phil B

    Tom, The foot guide on the NB site seems to be quite acurate. I am normally a UK 8.5 in Nike Pegs (with Socks) and finished up with the same in these..but again I wear socks. As with all the other folk find it such a great shoe I bought a 2nd pair quickly (they were only £40 on Wiggle)I have only done up to 2:30hrs in them on the soggy mendips, and they were up for the job. The shorter runs you really feel like you are flying. Great product.

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