Montrail Steak Update

As previously mentioned, I’ll be fit and wear testing the forthcoming Montrail Streak. After a bit of fretting earlier in the week, my Streaks arrived yesterday afternoon. Last evening, I through them on for a slow 5 mile road run. They easily passed the “they don’t suck” test. That’s about as much feedback as I’d like to give after one short test run on the roads. I find that often the new shoes that I’ve got a bunch to say about out of the box are ones that don’t pan out as well in the end. In such cases, my initial reaction is often based on a gimmick or indulgence, such as tons of cushioning. I can say this, the Montrail Streak is not a gimmicky shoe and doesn’t over indulge the runner. To get away from what the Streak isn’t, it is a promising shoe that easily handles some road running. I look forward to kicking some rocks with them tomorrow morning in Park City.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi,i italian trail runner and montrail fans,what about a new shoe Streak,the size is normally or tight?Also can you help me to find a Team Montrail Nathan t shirt?Best FRanco

  2. Trail Goat

    Hello Franco,I feel that the Streaks are fairly neutral in sizing. The toe box is nice and spacious for me. Hopefully, the sizing will remain largely unchanged when the Streak is released next year.As for a Montrail Team Jersey, check out the Montrail website. Paul Curran, who is mentioned on that page, heads up the team and is likely the best person for you to contact.Best of luck,Bryon

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