Montrail Streak

Woohoo! I’ll be fit and wear testing the new Montrail Streak that is scheduled to come out in Spring 2008. There are already a few reviews of the shoe following the recently held summer Outdoor Retailers Expo, but I’m not making any judgments until I strap a pair to my feet. (Though they do look like and way runnable.) Crossing my fingers that these arrive before I head out on West next Thursday. If so, I’ll be bringing Montrail’s Streak, Nitrus, Hardrock, and Highlander.

Here’s the Streak:

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  1. Anonymous

    Goat! Just saw your email about next Thursday's weather… Glad I consulted you before packing for our excursion. After the Tetons have their way with us we'll retreat back to JH for the concert Monday, a few good beers and a whole lotta running. You should apply friendly persuasion to Loomis and see if he can blow off getting a real job for 7-10 more days. =) One week from tomorrow! See you in SLC,

  2. Trail Goat

    Burton, Can't wait to pound (or plod) some trail miles with you.Dane,Thanks. Hopefully, I'll be putting the shoes through the paces soon enough.

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