Miguel Heras Pre-2013 TNF EC 50 Mile Interview

Miguel Heras arrives to the 2013 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50-Mile Championships as the returning champion and two-time winner. In the following interview, find out what Miguel’s been up to since his second-place finish at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (post-race interview) at the end of August and how he’s feeling for Saturday.

[Editor’s Note: For more information, we’ve published a full men’s race preview with links to other pre-race interviews.]

Miguel Heras Pre-2013 TNF EC 50 Mile Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Miguel Heras before the 2013 The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships. How are you doing, Miguel?

Miguel Heras: Fine. You?

iRunFar: Very good. You have won this race twice and you’re back. You’ve had a good year so far this year. You had a great run at UTMB. You were second. How has your season gone since UTMB? How is your running?

Heras: Besides UTMB, I did several races. I did Cavalls del Vent in Spain, Les Templiers, two races in Argentina, and a little bit of racing in Spain—short races in Spain. At this moment, I come to San Francisco on the plane.

iRunFar: Did you win Cavalls del Vent?

Heras: No, I did third. The winner was Luis Alberto [Hernando]. Second was Tòfol [Castanyer]. Third was me.

iRunFar: Very strong competitors.

Heras: Very strong.

iRunFar: Then in October at Les Templiers, you were in the lead, you were winning, and then you dropped out. What happened?

Heras: In the race, the atmosphere was humid. I wasn’t careful with my water. In one moment, I didn’t have any water and mental told me, “Miguel, stop.”

iRunFar: You couldn’t even walk, yeah?

Heras: Yes. I was running fast one minute, and my body stopped, and I couldn’t walk.

iRunFar: You came back and went to South America (Argentina) and you ran two races there. Did you win there?

Heras: Yes.

iRunFar: So you’re feeling strong?

Heras: I don’t know. At this moment, I don’t know. I feel good, but I never know what happens to each race. In Argentina, I was strong. I felt good. I did one race of 50 miles and one week later I did 42. I feel good, but I hope to recover good for today.

iRunFar: Yeah, that’s not very much time between two races and a championship.

Heras: Yeah, two weeks… three weeks. I think it’s enough. Sometimes it’s enough. Sometimes it’s not enough.

iRunFar: You don’t know until Saturday.

Heras: Yes, I don’t know. I will be at the start line and I will see.

iRunFar: In the fall (autumn), have you had good training since UTMB?

Heras: Yes, but I could do several races and training is not important because if you run a race, you must recover in between the races. The training is not important.

iRunFar: The races are the training at that time.

Heras: Yes. It’s the best training—the race.

iRunFar: It’s training for the body and for the mind.

Heras: Yes, for the mind.

iRunFar: Last year you dealt with many injuries. Have you been healthy this year? No injuries?

Heras: This year I had one injury, but it wasn’t very important.

iRunFar: Back in the spring—was it your hamstring?

Heras: Yes, in the spring, but it isn’t important. What’s important is I feel good now and I’m 39 years old. My recovery is in difficulty.

iRunFar: But you’re still very strong as you showed last December. Best of luck this weekend, Miguel. Great to see you back here.

Heras: Thank you.

iRunFar: Do you want me to have some pizza for you in the race?

Heras: I’m sorry?

iRunFar: What on top?

iRunFar: Jamón, salmon…

iRunFar: Meat?

Heras: Yeah… if you want.

iRunFar: Will do.