Miguel Heras Pre-2012 TNF EC 50 Mile Interview

A video interview with Miguel Heras before the 2012 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championships.

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In 2010, Miguel Heras won the TNF EC 50 Mile championships (post-race interview). However, he succumbed to a knee injury at the 2011 TNF UTMB and that injury would continue to plague him well into 2012, denying him a chance to defend his title last year. In the following interview, find out whether he’s healthy and what he’s been up to.

We’ll be providing live coverage of the TNF 50 on Saturday. [Update: We’ve posted full 2012 TNF 50 results with links to many other race resources, including to a post-race interview with Heras, who finished second.]

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Miguel Heras Pre-2012 TNF EC 50 Mile Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Miguel Heras before The North Face Endurance Challenge Championships. Welcome to the US, Miguel.

Miguel Heras: Thank you so much.

iRF: Two years ago you won this race—a very impressive run. Since then you’ve had a number of injuries? An injury?

Heras: Last year I was injured in Europe. This year, I feel good. I hope to do good.

iRF: Your knee is okay?

Heras: Not to worry. I don’t have problems in this moment. I hope the race will go well.

iRF: Two years ago there was also bad weather.

Heras: This year, I think the weather will be raining, but the race is for all the same.

iRF: You have much experience in bad weather here, Mount Blanc…

Heras: Yes, this year the weather at that race was no good—cold, rainy. I hope today’s weather report means the rain is not much.

iRF: You were hurt, but you’ve run some races this year. You ran in Patagonia? Did you win?

Heras: Two weeks ago. Yes, I won, but the race is very different.

iRF: There is some great competition here. Your teammate François, many of the top Americans are here.

Heras: In Patagonia, there was Luis Alberto, Miguel Caballero, my company… All races are different, but it is good to win.

iRF: Has your training gone well? Have you been running much?

Heras: I train well. Today we went running for two hours.

iRF: Were you on the course?

Heras: Yes, on the course. There are a lot of paths, crossings; it will be difficult.

iRF: On Saturday, they’ll all be marked for you. It will be easy to follow.

Heras: Sure.

iRF: It’s good to see that you are healthy and running this race. Good luck!

Heras: Thank you so much.

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