Live Coverage of the 2011 UROC 100k

Ultra Race of ChampionsThere are multiple ways to get live coverage of the 2011 Trail Runner Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k:

  • You can get the highlights from following iRunFar on Twitter,
  • You can get time, (delayed) video, and webcam updates on the UROC website,
  • You can watch the #UROC or #UROC100k hash tagged updates on Twitter (we’re not sure which it’ll be, but we highly encourage use of the shorter #UROC tag) OR
  • You can also follow along below with a selection of some of the best Twitter feeds out there. As a bonus for this race, we’re allowing comments and discussion in the below CoverItLive box, so feel free to add your thoughts!

To get a run down on the UROC competition, here are our men’s and women’s field previews.