Live Coverage of the 2011 UROC 100k

Ultra Race of ChampionsThere are multiple ways to get live coverage of the 2011 Trail Runner Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k:

  • You can get the highlights from following iRunFar on Twitter,
  • You can get time, (delayed) video, and webcam updates on the UROC website,
  • You can watch the #UROC or #UROC100k hash tagged updates on Twitter (we’re not sure which it’ll be, but we highly encourage use of the shorter #UROC tag) OR
  • You can also follow along below with a selection of some of the best Twitter feeds out there. As a bonus for this race, we’re allowing comments and discussion in the below CoverItLive box, so feel free to add your thoughts!

To get a run down on the UROC competition, here are our men’s and women’s field previews.

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  1. mick hammonds

    I think it would be really cool if geoff roes can haul in wardian and rescue what has been a bit of a letdown year for him wether he will admit that or not.

  2. CraigR

    People need not get hung up on the fact that Wardian took 2nd. Roes won this race fair and square regardless if he could have caught Wardian or not. I highly doubt it was going through Roes' mind as to who was in front of him or not. Top runners get lost more often then we think. Heck, Roes got lost last year. It happens. Mike's still one heck of runner and we know that. Roes knows that. The course was marked, no one else got lost as far as I know. But I'm not there so I don't know. Still wondering what happened to Gall? I didn't expect Mackey to drop, but I was almost certain James would because he nearly always does "going out to hard".

  3. Mackey

    Getting off course is part of the game and some get off more than others. I almost took a serious wrong turn at UROC yesterday if it werent for Scott and I running close together to figure things out.

    Scott and I ran together quite a long stretch of the race and he said he may have gone out too hard. For my part, I just hit a brick wall at mile 30 that I knew I couldnt overcome; too much energy diverted lately to other resources than hard running energy. I knew I would either succeed or implode; too bad for me it was the latter.

    Dave James goes out hard and pushes a fine line, but he wins much more often than drops. I like his bold style; it keeps things fun for the front of the pack and for the spectators.

    I would recommend UROC to anyone. It has pavement for sure, it is a very beautiful course, has loads of fine singletrack and a vertical that will expose your weaknesses. Gill and Frannie did a bang-up job first year UROC and the race has a great future.

  4. Jon Allen

    Thanks for the coverage, Bryon- my family said they found it super reliable and useful. As always, you and the iRF team do a great job.

    I had some hesitation about UROC course (mainly all the road) beforehand, but really enjoyed it. I think Eric Grossman said it best when he said the course exposes everyone's weakness- the trail/vert guys may struggle with the fast road miles, and the fast road guys get beat up by the vert and fair amount of technical singletrack. You have to be ready for all of it. And I'd agree with Dave- I'd recommend it to anyone next year. Hopefully the field grows each year, with more and more runners of all caliber. Great, tough race.

  5. Steve Burrell

    As a definitely non-elite runner at UROC I can attest to the huge variety of terrain. As I and 2 others worked our way up the back side of Bald Mt. I commented I didn't know I'd need carabiners on the run. The road miles were a mixed blessing as they allowed you to gain back some lost time but that decision took a heavy toll on the legs. The race was well run and the aid stations brimming with positive attitudes and much needed food. I've never DNF'd before this race but even with that I'll look to put it on my schedule for next year. Kudos to Gill & Franchesca on a great event and kudos to you on the excellent coverage on the lead up and during the race.

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