2013 UROC 100k Live Coverage

On Saturday, September 28, at 7 a.m. MDT the 2013 Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k kicks off for the first time in Colorado while simultaneously wrapping up the Skyrunning Ultra series.

We’ll be livecasting the event on iRunFar’s Twitter feed. We’ll also be combining our twitter feed with other news sources below. This race we’re experimenting with two means of following this combined coverage: (1) A full news stream without comments for those that prefer a clean interface and (2) A full news feed with a reader-led discussion in the CoverItLive window below.

We hosted live video streams from a few points during the UROC 100k. Jump below to check out these videos after the fact.

Ultimate Direction LogoHere are a couple resources to help you follow the race:

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Simplified Coverage Feed

[Editor’s Note: We had a simplified news feed posted during the race that we’ve now removed as the content is no longer relevant to this article. ]

UROC Coverage with Discussion



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-Bryon Powell, Editor-in-Chief of iRunFar

2013 UROC 100k Start

Copper Mountain Aid Station (mile 27)

Video from Above Minturn (Mile 52)

Video of the Finish of the 2013 UROC 100k