La Sportiva Crosslites – What Do You Know?

An anonymous reader of iRunFar’s review of the La Sportiva Raceblade asks,

Has anyone tried the crosslites? I train solely on a pair of slingshots, and wondering how they compare to these. I have heard many rumors of them being even more cushioned than the fireblades? anyone heard?

While iRunFar hopes to review the La Sportiva Crosslites in June or July (fingers crossed), anyone care to offer their thoughts on the Crosslites in the mean time?

La Sportiva team member, Derrick Spafford had the following comment regarding the Crosslites when iRunFar first solicited opinions regarding La Sportiva’s Fireblade and Raceblade.

Another shoe worth checking out is the new Crosslites….just awesome traction in snow and mud. Same sort of sizing as Raceblades, but less overlays on the upper.

The following sources have previously offered their take on the Crosslite elsewhere:

  • Anton Krupicka when Tony was still on the La Sportiva team;
  • Outside Magazine (clip from La Sportiva media coverage site) [broken link removed]; and
  • My Wasatch Speed Goat teammate, Tim Barnes.

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