Kilian Jornet Leaves Salomon After 15 Years to Start New Project

Mountain athlete Kilian Jornet announced today that he will part ways with Salomon at the close of 2021.

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World-renowned mountain athlete Kilian Jornet announced today that he will part ways with Salomon, his sponsor of over 15 years, at the end of 2021. Jornet is considered one of the greatest trail runners of all time and has had success at all distances and terrain, from skyrunning-style events to high-altitude 100-mile races.

Kilian Jornet on his way to winning the 2019 Pikes Peak Marathon. Among his kit, you can see he used a trimmed Salomon S-Lab shirt. All photos: iRunFar

In a video posted to his social media pages, Jornet explained that his departure from the long-time partnership is “not to go to another existing brand,” but to focus his efforts on beginning a new, personal project. No additional details about Jornet’s forthcoming venture are available at this time.

As an epilogue to his long and consistent history with the brand, the 34-year-old plans to release a series of formative moments throughout the week.

“Together, we dreamed big, from winning trail and skimo races to climbing high mountains. I was able to make dreams come true that I didn’t even believe possible, and it was in large part thanks to this team,” he stated. “I cannot express the gratitude I have towards Salomon for having accompanied me for more than half of my life.”

See Jornet deliver the news and explain his decision in full below.

iRunFar has covered Jornet’s exploits, successes, and growth as a runner and respected member of the community since his very early days of trail running — like this oldie but goodie pre-2010 UTMB interview. In 2017, the last time Jornet ran the Hardrock 100, we asked him before the race about his evolving relationship with the mountains and the risk involved. This turned out to be a pertinent question, as that was the year Jornet dislocated his shoulder in a fall around mile 15 of the race — and continued on to win.

We look forward to the next step in his career as an athlete and community leader.

Top Men UTMB 2017 - Kilian Jornet - Francois DHaene - Tim Tollefson - Jim Walmsley

Some top men pose for a photo prior to the 2017 UTMB, the last time Jornet ran the race and when he came in second to François D’Haene. In order from left to right: Kilian Jornet, François D’Haene, Tim Tollefson, and Jim Walmsley.

Kilian Jornet - Hardrock 2017 Champion - Dislocated Shoulder

The last time Jornet ran the Hardrock 100 in 2017, he dislocated his shoulder around mile 15 of the course. He continued on to win — for the fourth time in a row. Here he is using his Salomon running vest as a makeshift sling at the Telluride aid station, about three-quarters of the way through the race.

Kilian Jornet Pre-2011 UTMB Interview - champion

iRunFar’s Bryon Powell interviews Jornet prior to the 2011 UTMB. He won that year, and won in 2008 and 2009 also. He’s wearing an early edition Salomon S-Lab running vest.

Kilian Jornet and Ellie Greenwood - 2011 Western States 100 Champions

Jornet and Ellie Greenwood after winning the 2011 Western States 100. Jornet came back from a hard year in the heat in 2010 — he studied heat management extensively, returned to the race the next year, and won convincingly.

Kilian Jornet 2010 Western States 100 - third place

Jornet running at the 2010 Western States 100 during a very hot year in a customized-for-hot-weather kit. Jornet came in third place.

Kilian Jornet 2010 UTMB Cancellation Planning

In 2010, UTMB was canceled due to weather, while runners were partway into the course. Here, Jornet sits in a local runner’s house after the cancelation, contemplating how best to use his weekend — and his fresh Salomon gear. Jornet convinced a few other runners to join him at the Trofeo Kima race in Italy. Jornet won the race.

Kilian Jornet 2009 Tahoe Rim Trail FKT

Jornet’s first trip to the United States was in 2009 in an attempt to break Tim Twietmeyer’s then men’s supported Tahoe Rim Trail fastest known time. Jornet broke the record by seven hours, and it stood for 11 years until Adam Kimball broke it in 2020. He used early models of Salomon S-Lab shoes, apparel, and gear on the project.

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