Jez Bragg, 2010 UTMB Champion, Interviewed

Jez Bragg is the “unexpected” (per his words) 2010 UTMB champion. As he mentioned in our pre-race interview, he’d never put together a good race at the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. Well, all that was lacking in those previous race was there for this year’s revised race. In the interview Bragg shares his experience in Friday’s canceled race, Saturday’s revised race, and the confusing interim period with a focus on Saturday’s official UTMB.

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  1. Tony Mollica

    Congratulations to Jez Bragg on his victory! Nice interview again Bryon! These interviews just add so much to your race coverage. It's awesome to be able to see and hear the top runners. It adds a lot in letting us get the full flavor of these big races! Thank you so much!

  2. What everybody'

    This is not a UTMB champ. UTMB was cancelled, therefore Jezz and Lizzie have won nothing. The CCC replacement was at best a watered down concilation, absolutely not a race which should be recognized as the 2010 UTMB.

    1. Bryon Powell

      WET, you are out of line. The race organization did cancel UTMB on Friday night but a revised race was restarted on Saturday morning. A race organization can alter a course at will, whether it's a small re-route to avoid an obstacle or a wholesale replacement of the course. Jez and Lizzie ran the event that the race organizers deemed to be the UTMB. Surely, these runners cannot (nor would they) say that they had run the Tour du Mont Blanc, but they have, in fact, won the event know as the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc, an ultra-distance trail race on Mont Blanc. Get over it.

      Furthermore, there is no need to separately degrade Mike's and Lizzie's and Jez's performances. Your repeated comment would be best served and more appreciated under our general race summary. These individuals did not control in the slightest which course was run or who showed up at the starting line. They showed up and kicked ass.

      One last point, if you intend to post such inflammatory comments in the future, might I suggest taking ownership of your comments by leaving your real name. Not doing so is quite cowardly.

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