Mike Wolfe, 2010 UTMB 2nd Place & Top American, Interviewed

We caught up with American Mike Wolfe in Chamonix shortly after his second place finish at the 2010 Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc. In the interview, Mike discusses what it feels like to place well at the “restart” UTMB. He also gives a full blow-by-blow on his experience in the first attempt at UTMB ’10, his Friday evening after the cancellation, including a 3 hour hike, and his run at the second UTMB. Mike also talks about what it’s like to be relatively unknown at a race and the advantage that provides.

Mike Wolfe also talks about what his experience as an American at the Ultra-Trail du Mont Mont Blanc. He touches on the special mountain culture of the area, how he’d like the American ultrarunning scene to grow, and how every American ultrarunner should run UTMB at least once. He also talks about using trekking poles in the race, the differences between American and UTMB aid stations, the ease of being an English-speaker racing in non-English speaking countries.

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    1. Bryon Powell

      WET, regardless of whether it "was the real thing," it was the thing this year. No need to separately degrade Mike's and Lizzie's and Jez's performances. Your repeated comment would be best served and more appreciated under our general race summary. These individuals did not control in the slightest which course was run or who showed up at the starting line. They showed up and kicked ass.

  1. Brenda

    It was still an amazing race and a brilliant experience despite us having to miss running 47 km of the course. Having a restart on the second day had its own challenges and, in some ways, it made it more of a difficult race. I loved the UTMB and didn't feel at all disappointed with my experience; the organizers did a great job at pulling together the restart. But I agree with Mike – I want to go back next year for some unfinished business!

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