iRunFar’s Next Steps

Dear iRunFar reader,

It’s with great excitement that we share that iRunFar has joined the AllGear group within Lola Digital Media this past week. We join other amazing websites like GearJunkie, Bikerumor, Switchback Travel, and ExplorersWeb among others.

To begin, at its core, iRunFar will remain the same. We continue to be the editor-in-chief and managing editor, respectively, and the work of our columnists will continue to fill iRunFar’s pages. We aim to retain the great mix of articles you’ve come to expect from iRunFar and return to live race coverage when it feels responsible to do so.

With this change, iRunFar will:

  • Experience more stability, financial and otherwise, as we’re part of a larger organization.
  • Gain the resources to grow and innovate.
  • Have the opportunity to add staff, as we have been working near our limit throughout iRunFar’s existence.
  • Offload some business, administrative, and technical tasks, so the two of us can focus more on the creative side of iRunFar.
  • Work with the outside expertise of other editors and teams within AllGear, so we’re not making every decision from scratch in a vacuum.

Joining Lola energizes and invigorates us. We’re so excited to be part of a larger team and, hopefully, to grow our own team and, thus, iRunFar.

No matter what’s ahead on the trail, we’ll work with the trail running and ultrarunning communities as our focal points and we remain committed to iRunFar’s mission of inspiring and informing its readers. We can’t wait to take this journey with–and for­–you.

Happy trails,
Bryon and Meghan

iRunFar - Meghan Hicks - Bryon Powell - Hardrock 100 - Drymax

Meghan and Bryon covering the Hardrock 100. Photo: Drymax

Members of the iRunFar team at UTMB. Photo: iRunFar

Some of the iRunFar team running in Moab, Utah.

Meghan (left) interviewing Katie Schide at UTMB. Photo: iRunFar

Andy Jones-Wilkins, Bryon, and Meghan at the Western States 100. Photo: John Mackey

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  1. Adam Leadbetter

    Congratulations Bryon and Meghan! This sounds like a great move for you and hopefully a great next chapter for iRunFar. As always, your openness and transparency in operating the site is greatly appreciated.

  2. Jon

    Happy for you, Meghan and Bryon as I’ve been around for a while on here..but, for the love of all things running, please do NOT turn this site into nothing but ads now that some “big” company owns you because they want to “recoup” what they paid….

    1. Meghan Hicks

      We appreciate you being a longtime reader, Jon. Most sincerely, we meant every word in this letter to you and all of iRunFar’s readers. We’ve always worked and will continue to work with the community and our mission as our guiding forces. Onward, together.

  3. Marissa Harris

    Congrats. Look forward to the next chapter of this amazing homegrown company you’ve built. Look forward to those late nights covering races :)

  4. Scotty Mills

    Big Congrats you two…so good to see all your hard work and dedication to the greater ultrarunning community pay off. Happy trails ahead!

  5. Sophie Speidel

    I join the chorus in congratulating you two for this awesome step forward! Cheers to many more years of exceptional content!

  6. Steve

    Congratulations… Sounds like good financial and back office support. So…. do our monthly contributions still go to iRunFar or to corporate?

    1. Bryon Powell

      Thanks, Ian! I distinctly remember connecting with Backbone as part of my first gear review (a La Sportiva shoe), I think! Then, a year later, holing up in the old BB office for a day or two of work as I spent the summer of 2009 on the road diving fully into iRunFar. Looking forward to what’s next!

  7. Alex Peers

    This is great news! I’m really happy for you guys. I hope this now means you two are able to take a breather every once in a while. Happy trails!

  8. Ciaran

    So happy that you have been able to secure yourself, especially in the current times. Glad that I can still have my ultra news fix :-)

  9. David Roche

    BEST NEWS EVER! So proud of you both for your amazing work, your brilliance, and most of all how incredible you are as humans!

    1. Meghan Hicks

      David, two exclamation points in one comment. Winning! Thank you for the kind words and all of the support through the years. You and your energy are enough to buoy the world. Onward together!

  10. Amanda

    Well deserved!!! You two have put in so much work to building an inclusive and respectful trail running community, and inspiring us all.

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