iRunFar Reader Survey (And Contest!)

iRunFar readers old and new, while we always aim to do our best at providing you with quality trail running and ultrarunning content, we know we can do better…. but we need your help to do it. That’s why we’re asking new trail runners and veteran ultrarunners alike to please help us “dial in” our content, format, and features by taking our iRunFar Improvement Survey. Everyone who completes the survey will be eligible to win a pair of shoes that they can “dial in” in the form of a pair of Vasque Aether Tech or Aether Tech SS shoes.

Update 10/12 9 p.m. Wow! We are so thankful that so many folks have already taken the survey. We’re searching out gear stash for additional prizes for those who complete the survey. First up, a Vasque Project micro-adjustable hat that features Boa lacing system.

Update 11/4 A big thank you to everyone who completed the iRunFar improvement survey. In the end, nearly 250 readers chipped in to make even better. For taking the survey, AK Worm from Anchorage, Alaska will received a pair of Vasque Aether Techs with Boa lacing, while Mark Z from Nashville, Tennessee won the Boa-powered hat.

For those looking for a bit of iRunFar trivia, October 14 marks the anniversary of a the fundamental shift in iRunFar history. Prior to October 14, 2007, iRunFar was Bryon Powell’s personal running blog. However, thing changed with the publication of the post How to Select a First Ultramarathon on the 14th and the posting of Training for Your First Ultramarathon just a day later. In the subsequent two years, we’ve tried to make your source for mud, mountains, miles, and more. Please help us do an even better job of that going forward by taking the survey!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey Bryon, One more comment I forgot to make on my survey…as far as navigation goes — I really like the tabs you have & would suggest you create more and streamline the home page a bit — have fewer articles to scroll through (maybe just the most recent) and all others are filed under tabs? Just an idea.JS

  2. Bryon Powell

    Thanks, JS. Know that I'm carefully considering ways to make past (and current) content more accessible. It's a big priority as inaccessible content is more or less useless content! :-)

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