Hardrock 100 Prediction Contest

Due to popular demand, iRunFar is bringing you another prediction contest – this time for the gnarly Hardrock 100 (HRH). […]

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Hardrock 100 HRHDue to popular demand, iRunFar is bringing you another prediction contest – this time for the gnarly Hardrock 100 (HRH). This contest will be the simple-yet-challenging Hardrock yin to Western States’s ultra-complicated yang. All you do is pick the five individuals who you think will be the first five to kiss the hardrock in Silverton. There are no gender distinctions or geriatric divisions. Hardrock does not play favorites and neither will we.

The Winners
This go around there are no prizes, just pride. In the end, we’ll recognize two winners.

The first winner will be the individual with the deepest exacta. He or she will make the most correct picks spot-for-spot from the top down. A single missed pick will result in the disregard of all subsequent correct picks.

The second winner will be the low scorer in the same style as the Western States prediction contest. That is, points are accumulated on the difference between an athlete’s predicted place and his or her actual place. DNSs and DNFs will be scored based on the athlete finishing one spot below the final finisher. An entrant’s four lowest scoring picks will count. (Yes, this is a tougher standard than the WSER contest, but so is HRM itself.)

Ties in either contests will be broken by determining which entrant’s predicted winning time was closest to the actual winning time.

The Contest
Make your picks for the top five places below. Given that runners may still get in off the waitlist, we’ve included the top 50 off the July 2 version of the waitlist. You are free to pick waitlist runners, but you do so at your own risk. The contest closes at 4 a.m. MDT on Friday, July 10… we want there to be some mystery as to who gets in off the waitlist from the Silverton gymnasium.

[Thanks again to Mitchell Goodman of Ultra Good for being the man that makes this iRunFar prediction contests possible!]

Feel free to post your picks or even some Hardrock shout outs in the comments.

Bryon Powell

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