Hardrock 100 – 2008 Entry Requirements Posted

Tom Hayes and Garrett Graubins
climbing Engineer Pass at HR ’05

On Monday, the entry criteria for the 2008 Hardrock 100 were posted. As far as I can tell at first glance, there are no substantive changes beyond updating dates. To enter HR ’08 you must have:

Remember not to send in your entry form before January 1 or the Committee won’t look at it. Anyway, there’s plenty of time for it to get there as the drawing for 140 entry spots will be held “on or around February 2.” Normally, I’d make fun of folks for using qualifying language such as “on or around,” but having been to Silverton, Ouray, and Telluride, I can assure you that members of the Run Committee might not be going anywhere if it really snows. (The Million Dollar Highway is r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s!)

Sunset over Ouray at HR ’05

As explained in my previous post about the upcoming Western States lottery, the selection process for the Hardrock 100 is way complicated. I won’t even attempt to explain it. Instead, read the Run Committee’s explanation of the 2008 Hardrock selection process in their own words. Depending on what happens on Saturday in Auburn, I might be getting my postage ready for January 2. (How much does postage cost now, anyway?)

Garrett Graubins descending from Engineer Pass at HR ’05