2008 100 Mile Race Entry Fee Analysis

Friend of iRunFar, Mike Mason, compiled the following table analyzing the 2008 entry fees for 21 of the most recognizable 100 mile races being run this year.*  The entry fees range from $115 at Kettle Moraine up to $295 to toe the line at Western $tates.  The mean (average) entry fee for Mr. Mason’s selections was $174, while the median 100 miler entry fee was $165.  Read on to see the full table.

Thanks for compiling and sharing this table, Mike!

*Mr. Mason notes:
(1) The table does not include any 100 milers that are free or charge a nominal fee, such as Barkley.

(2) Quite a few of the races have escalation steps in their pricing, so the price steps up the closer one gets to the date. In these cases, I included the starting price on the grid. For most people, 100 miler decisions are made well in advance, so I assumed most would pay the lowest tier fee. The really expensive ones usually fill up far in advance anyway, so I felt no need to normalize those that escalate to the expensive ones that fill early.