Geoff Roes and Betsy Nye Set Course Records at Wasatch 100

Montrail runner Geoff Roes smashed the Wasatch Front 100 in 18:30:55. Kyle Skaggs set the previous record of 19:35 in 2007. That’s over an hour improvement on well-established, always competitive course. He also dropped an hour and a half from his previous Wasatch time of 20:01:07, which he ran en route to winning last year. Congrats to Geoff!

Quoteth Geoff:

  • “I never thought I’d break Kyle’s record by an hour and still be looking over my shoulder.”
  • “From Brighton to here is so much different from the rest of the course. It’s so much harder.” says the man who was the first to break 5 hours from Brighton to the finish. The previous best split was 5:09 set by Karl Meltzer.

La Sportiva’s Karl Meltzer also broke his personal best and the old course with a 19:12:05. He’d previously run 19:43:47 in 2005. With Geoff breaking 20 hours, four men have now done so: Geoff, Karl, Kyle Skaggs, and Nate McDowell, who was the first to break 20 hours with a 19:52:25 back in 2002.

Karl has posted his 2009 WF100 analysis, while Geoff has posted his full Wasatch 100 report in addition to some quick Wasatch thoughts.

In another Wasatch first, two women will be inducted in the Royal Order of the Crimson Cheetah for their sub-24 hours efforts. Betsy Nye led most of the way, but local resident Mandy Hosford caught her around mile 83. Mandy held the lead until the final aid station, but couldn’t match Betsy on the final descent. Betsy has now won Wasatch six times and finally broke 24 hours for her first time in her tenth running of the Wasatch Front 100. Oh, and Betsy’s 23:15:18 sets a new women’s course record. Yes, Ann Trason ran a 22:27:00 in 1998, but that was on a significantly different and markedly easier faster course. The old record record on the current course was 23:29:28 set by Liz Irvine in 2007. That means that Mandy also bettered the course record with her 23:25:55.

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  1. Mandy

    Wonderful summary, Bryon. There is an omission, however, and that is the invaluable support that you provided me as my pacer from Lambs to Brighton. You were supportive, methodical, humorous, and positive. Thanks for a lovely crest trail sunset. Your enthusiasm carried me in good spirits and in good health. Thank you very very much. I look forward to returning the favor. – Mandy

  2. Bryon Powell

    Thanks, Mandy. I had such a blast pacing you. Could have just as easily been out for an evening stroll in the Wasatch with a long time friend as running with you for the first time during a race. Congrats on running a very smart race… and going Crimson Cheetah and breaking the previous course record! I'm honored to have been out there with you!

  3. Cory

    As a spectator at Brighton, it was very exciting to see both Betsey and Mandy and their pacers coming in and out. Congratulations to all on a great race.

  4. Marit

    Great summary, Bryon. I also want to say that I watched the finishers come in between 31 and 35 hours, after a long, long time on the trail. Some were in great shape, some were bent over in pain and almost broken from their runs, but all were heroes for achieving their goals. Geoff and Karl and Mandy are all super talented, dedicated, amazing athletes and I'm in awe of and inspired by them. AND I'm also so impressed with Joe and Hans and Brad and all the others who triumphed just because they made it to the finish. I know it goes without saying, but after being there yesterday, I felt compelled to actually say it.

  5. Bryon Powell

    Cory, it was even more exciting being Mandy's pacer coming into Brighton! :-)Marit, I give big time credit to anyone running 30+ hours at Wasatch. I ran 28+ hours back in 2005 and that felt like forever. I doubt I'd have the will to make it much further.

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