Geoff Roes Pre-2011 Western States 100 Interview

iRunFar’s Bryon Powell caught up with defending Western States 100 champion Geoff Roes two days before the 2011 Western States 100. Among numerous topics, they talk about Geoff’s thoughts on the race, what he’s looking forward to most, how his training has gone, and whether someone could break 15 hours on this year’s course. We’ll let them do the rest of the talking.

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  1. Brett

    I just read on a blog that TonyK said Kilian did 35 hours of running in the last week ith 56,000 vertical feet.

    I tried to research that, and found this:

    Thursday 6/23, 26.7 miles, 3000'+ vert, 2h37m
    Wednesday 6/22, 28.4 miles, 3000'+ vert, 2h55m
    Tuesday, 6/21, 19.7 miles, 500' vert, 1h30m

    I had trouble trying to get into other older reports in that system, but that should hopefully give you enough data to assume TonyK is right. SHEESH. That boy loves to run doesn't he? Maybe one day when he turns 16 he will get a drivers license and just drive around whereever he needs to go instead of running right before big events. ;)

    1. Brett

      Actually, now that I understand the site more, my distances are incorrect. I actually don't see the distances anywhere I can easily find…but 7 hours+ over the previous 3 days is correct.

    1. Trail Clown, Hamilto

      I think Bryon did a great job; if he was nervous, he has good reason. Roes is uber-focused, reticent and withdrawn, and almost solipsistic. I'm sure Geoff is different when he leads a running camp, or is on a run with someone, but in interviews, he comes across that way, and it must be hard on the interviewer. Contrast that with AJW, who goes out of his way to help Bryon with the interview, and even asks about Bryon's WS race, etc.

  2. Brandon Hansen

    great interview – I am excited to see how the race plays out and watching the updates on twitter. its interesting to see how different these top runners are in their preparation and mindset leading up to a major race such as this.


  3. footfeathers

    Nailed it, Trail Clown.

    Not like I'm best buds with Geoff but have run with him a couple times and he's one of the nicest and chattiest people you could know. Down to earth and relaxed. Contrast this interview with his laid back interview last year after the race. Pre-race focus must be the answer. Good to see, since I was getting concerned with all the soft, apathetic blog posts and recent Wolpert video.

    1. Forrest Brown

      I definitely agree. Interviewee makes a big different. All in all, I love the coverage and enjoy hearing so frankly and directly from the competitors in stark contrast to big-name sports.

      1. Trail Clown

        Well, watching the YouTube video of Geoff high-fiving Killian right before Killian went on to the track…that pretty much speaks for the kind of person Geoff is, I think. Pretty cool. Just like I suspected.

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