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Lots to catch up on in the near future, such as why I didn’t finish the Bull Run Run 50 […]

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Lots to catch up on in the near future, such as why I didn’t finish the Bull Run Run 50 miler, my current training, changes in race plans, and the new home. For now all you’ll get is that:

(1) The Friday before Bull Run I decided that I wouldn’t go the full way because the previous week was ridiculous with work until midnight one night and 2 a.m. another night. Add house buying craziness to that and you get no night of more than 5 hours sleep that week. I was the walking dead and since my BRR team was already out of the running because Montrail teammate Mike Schuster was hurt, there’d be no harm to the team from me dropping and there was no point in me finishing. I dropped at mile 28. Got to run with the top three women for various lengths of time along the way

(2) I’m basically considering myself as starting from zero training wise. Last week I was running about five miles a day with some slightly longer days (only missed one day). This week I’ve got a five miler and a 6.5 mile run in so far. My plan is to try and run everyday and slowly build up my mileage. I’ll take some focus off really racing the Rocky Mountain Double Marathon, Laurel Highlands, and Vermont and instead focus on getting consistent with my running and getting in shape. I’ll still try my best at those races, but try to get myself in good shape for the fall.

(3) I will not be running Miwok because (a) I’ll be renovating my new house that weekend and (b) I ain’t got no money, honey. I really need to spend my time and cash on my house for the next little bit.

(4) Oh yeah, I’m closing on my new house tomorrow. Taking possession of it Friday night or Saturday. Lots of work to do. Gonna try and run everyday through the end of the week (if only a little each day) and think I’ll need and take a destressing while I take all of next week off to renovate. If anyone in the area wants to help out on my place, be it painting, demolishing, moving stuff, whatever. I’m sure I’ll have something that you can do. Anything would be a big help. Gonna try and get this sh*t hole fixer upper up to snuff right quick.

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