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Those who know me, know I won’t pimp my sponsors’ products* and the same goes for their websites, races, or […]

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Those who know me, know I won’t pimp my sponsors’ products* and the same goes for their websites, races, or whatever. With that in mind, I want to let you know about First Endurance’s newsletters, which I seriously look forward to receiving every month. Unsurprisingly for a nutrition company, the newsletters routinely contain an article discussing how a particular nutrient or compound effects endurance sports performance. To be honest, the FE newsletters do often sit unread in my in box (my to do list) for awhile, but that’s because I would never delete or archive an FE newsletter without first reading it and I want to give myself ample time to read the detailed articles to which each newsletter links. After I’ve read a First Endurance newsletter, I always archive it for latter reference. Read on to learn more about the useful info contained in the First Endurance newsletters.

Recent newsletters have featured articles on how caffeine (also recently discussed on iRunFar), protein, fat, carbohydrate, or iron consumption effect performance. In addition to a featured nutrition article, each newsletter usually contains:

  • A “Coach’s Corner” article that might discuss pre-race meals, food ingredients like sucralose, or vegetarian eating;
  • A “Quick Tip” that ranges from how to use PreRace during your race to how to fuel yourself effectively on a technical course;
  • Links to First Endurance news items; and
  • Other items, such as, athlete interviews, videos, and/or special offers from FE.

I strongly recommend you take a look at some of the articles I’ve linked to and consider signing up for the newsletter, which you can do one the First Endurance website.

Do any of you already read First Endurance’s newsletter? If so, what do you think?

*It is true that I tend to write more reviews of my sponsor’s products, but that’s because I have more of my sponsors’ gear rather than anything else. I’ll also share the good, bad, and ugly of any products I use, regardless of whether a sponsor made it or not.

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