Fifth Annual AJW’s Taproom Year In Ultrarunning Rankings: 2015

The Fifth Annual AJW’s Taproom Year In Ultrarunning Rankings for 2015.

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AJWs TaproomFor the past four years (end of 2011end of 2012, end of 2013, and end of 2014), I have posted some year-end ultrarunning awards. Now, I would like to introduce the Fifth Annual AJW’s Taproom Year in Ultrarunning Rankings.

These are not scientific in any way and the criteria was made up entirely by me. They represent a selection of North American racers competing in events in the U.S. and abroad. My rankings, in no way, represent an exhaustive study nor do they pretend to be fully representative of all that occurred in 2015, so take them or leave them.

Female Ultrarunner of the Year

  1. Camille Herron
  2. Magdalena Boulet
  3. Katalin Nagy
  4. Aliza Lapierre

 Male Ultrarunner of the Year

  1. Rob Krar
  2. Zach Miller
  3. Seth Swanson
  4. Joe Fejes

Female Race of the Year

  1. Camille Herron’s IAU 100k World Championships win (interview)
  2. Camille Herron’s IAU 50k World Championships win
  3. Katalin Nagy’s IAU 24-Hour World Championships win

Male Race of the Year

  1. Zach Bitter’s track 100-mile American record at the Desert Solstice Track Invitational (race report)
  2. Alex Varner’s Quad Dipsea course record (AJW’s Taproom article focused on record)
  3. Rob Krar’s Western States 100 win (interview)

Female Surprise of the Year

  • Devon Yanko’s Javelina Jundred win

Male Surprise of the Year

  • Tony Migliozzi’s IAU 50k World Championships win (interview)

Female Rookie of the Year

Male Rookie of the Year

Best Trail Running Film of the Year

  • “Kroger’s Canteen” by Salomon Running TV

Best AJW’s Taproom Column of the Year

People’s Choice iRunFar Video Interview Award

Vote for your favorite video interview that appeared on iRunFar. Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite iRunFar video interview of 2015 was and why.

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AJW’s Beer of the Week

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Christmas Morning StoutThis week’s Beer of the Week comes from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery in Richmond, Virginia. This holiday season, Hardywood has pulled out all the stops and crafted four versions of their incredibly popular and delicious Gingerbread Stout. I had the opportunity to sample all four earlier this week and have to say their Christmas Morning Stout is extraordinary. The geniuses at Hardywood took their classic stout and conditioned it over locally roasted coffee beans to create a milk stout that is simply amazing. At 9.2% it’s not exactly sessionable, but I must say well worth the $15.99 price.

Call for Comments (from Meghan)

  • What would be your picks in each of AJW’s categories? Why did you make those choices?
  • What was your favorite iRunFar interview of 2015? What makes it your favorite?
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