Ellie Greenwood Pre-TNF EC Championship Interview

Ellie Greenwood of Scotland is in San Francisco hot on the heels of her win at the 100k World Championships last month. Greenwood, who now lives in Banff, Alberta, Canada, also won the women’s title and placed second overall to Hal Koerner at this summer’s Canadian Death Race. The TNF Championships this weekend will be her first race in the often contested Marin Headlands. Hear what Greenwood has to say about her races this season and what she expects at this weekend’s championship.

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  1. BBowen

    Excellent work as always. I haven't commented before but regularly check for updates. The effort is appreciated.

    (Cheeky request – any chance you'll interview Jez Bragg?)

    1. Bryon Powell

      I would have loved to have interviewed Jez before the race, but I didn't see him until 9:30 last evening. I thought it best to let him get a little rest. Keep hoping he absolutely kills it today, which I'm sure you already do!

  2. sophie speidel


    Thanks for this interview with Ellie! It is so cool to hear what the ladies have to say—I appreciate how you always try to get both the male and female perspectives. You are doing an awesome job out there!! Come back east sometime and run with Andy and me in Charlottesville :-)

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