Ellie Greenwood Pre-2012 Chuckanut 50k Interview

An interview with Ellie Greenwood, defending champ and course record holder, prior to the 2012 Chuckanut 50k.

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We caught up with Ellie Greenwood, the Chuckanut 50k’s defending champ and course record holder prior to the 2012 race. She talks about last year’s record setting race, a bit about her training, and who’ll be her biggest competition on Saturday.

Ellie Greenwood Pre-2012 Chuckanut 50k Interview Transcript

iRunFar: I’m here with Ellie Greenwood prior to the start of the Chuckanut 50k. How are you doing?

Ellie Greenwood: I’m good! Great! Looking forward to the race.

iRF: Last year you had quite the race here. You set the course record, 4:12 I believe. How’d the race go for you last year?

Greenwood: Last year, it was a really good race. Last year, I’d never raced against Jenn Shelton and Darcy Africa, so it was neat because I was going to have really good competition and going to have to run a really hard race. We went out together and then I didn’t know how far back they were once I’d gone into the lead. It just makes you run, as with any race, it makes you run harder because you’re not getting splits as to how far back they are. It’s good because it pushed me. I did want to try to go for the course record.

iRF: What was it previously?

Greenwood: It was 4:17 because myself and Susannah Beck finished 13 seconds apart and she got the course record. So I definitely wanted it, but there was good competition here and more I kind of wanted the win. But because of the other people and women in the field it pushed me to run faster. It was good race.

iRF: Last winter you had quite the winter in Banff. This year, not so much, right? So how’s your training going?

Greenwood: No. It’s hard to tell. I don’t have a coach so I kind of do my own thing. So the first race of the year is a test for have I been doing the right thing. It’s been going well and I’ve definitely been able to get on the trails a bit more. Admittedly, they’ve been snowy, but a runnable amount of snow. Whereas last year I was really running on the roads and on the treadmill. Yeah, I think it’s been going well. We’ll find out tomorrow.

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iRF:  You’re going to have some great competition out there tomorrow. Who are those ladies?

Greenwood: Definitely the late addition of Jenn Shelton. It’s quite exciting to mix it up a bit late in the day not to know that. Pam Smith, Joelle Vaught, there are other names too, but I’m not the biggest one for internet stalking. That’s your job. Yes, there’s going to be a competitive field out there and it’s a course that plays to all sorts of strengths. Whatever sort of runner you are it can really favor anyone. It will be a good race out there.

iRF: Are you looking forward to any particular part of the course out there now that you’ve seen it a couple of times?

Greenwood: I really like it all. The [Chuckanut] Ridge Trail has got to be the most beautiful, the most scenic where you can really get into it. That’s trail running and why you trail run, right? You can get lost in the trail. But it’s fun charging out on the Interurban Trail and getting in some hopefully fast miles in that section.

iRF: So with the mix of pavement, climbing, descent, and mud tomorrow, what shoes are you wearing?

Greenwood: I’m going to wear the Montrail Rockridges which I know aren’t in the Montrail line up of shoes for this year. They’re my favorites from last season. I have been wearing them a lot. They’re good in snow, so if we get a lot of snow they’re good for that and they’re great in mud and all sorts of stuff. Equally, they’re not super heavyweights so they’ll be fine on the Interurban Trail, too.

iRF: Best of luck out there and have fun.

Greenwood: Thank you!

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