Change in Race Plans (that's one way to put it)

The other way to put it is – I’m buying a house. I put in an offer on a single family home two doors down from where I live in the Ballston neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia. The house is a real fixer upper, but the local and price can’t be beat. I close on the 26th and am very excited. However, with the outlay for buying the house, the immediate need for major renovations, and possible for immediate major system fixes (the electrical system in the 1932 house has never been updated), mean that I’m very cash poor for the foreseeable future. Lots of rice and beans, pasta, and the like in my diet for awhile. I’ll be looking to rent two of the three bedrooms out and if that happens, I should be back to a normal lifestyle in about a year. Until then, any major outlays outside of my home are off (as are any unnecessary minor outlays).

Accordingly, I’m not running Miwok in May. Yeah, I’ve paid for the race and could afford to split the hotel room, but I can’t justify the plane ticket with my current financial situation. With regard to Miwok specifically, I’ll be closing just over a week before the race and surely will not have the time to go out to California, as I’ll be taking off work for at least that next week to do major renovations.

(If any locals are interested/willing to help with home renovation stuff or moving a couple things, please, please, please let me know.)

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  1. Loomdog

    It seems like you and I are on polar opposites…. You are traveling with work, putting in lots of hours, being tested in a new job, becoming super adult with the house buying thing…… And on the hand you have me….I have basically no responsibilities, an easy job with good hours, and no domestic time draws at the moment. And you know what I envy you just as much as you envy me! Good luck with your full plate and keep the running in the mix for balance…nothing works better

  2. Trail Goat

    Thanks everyone. Loomdog, hopefully in little over a year you and I will be on normal schedules, have just finished up a run through NoVa, and will be snacking on some food out in my backyard. Now wouldn't that be nice. :-)

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