Corrine Malcolm

is a self-proclaimed ultra nerd running for Adidas Terrex as well as a coach.

Trust Your Gut: The Runner’s Microbiome

The science of the microbiome in endurance athletes.

Exercise and the Immune System

How aerobic exercise impacts immune-system function.

Updates to iRunFar’s COVID-19 Running Community Guide

Updates to iRunFar’s COVID-19 running community guide.

COVID-19: A Trail Running and Ultrarunning Community Guide

A trail running and ultrarunning community guide to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Running on Science: Fact or Fiction, Part Two

The Running on Science column uses current scientific understanding to address four running myths.

Mind Game: What Runners Can Learn from Mindfulness

The science of mindfulness practice for sport performance.

Running on Science: Fact or Fiction?

The Running on Science column busts four running myths with current scientific understanding.

Pumping Iron: Strength Training for Endurance Runners

The science behind strength training for endurance runners.

Stay Cool: Cooling Techniques in Endurance Running

The science of pre-cooling and mid-cooling in endurance running.

A Million Modalities: The Science of Exercise Recovery

An in-depth look at the science of exercise recovery.

Ultras or Eating Competitions: Eating for Ultramarathons

The science of gastrointestinal-tract function, training, and distress in endurance running.

Catching Zzzs: The Science of Sleep

The science of sleep and how it applies to endurance runners.

Beyond Fatigue: Understanding Overtraining Syndrome

A deep look at the current science and understanding of overtraining syndrome.

Caffeine and Performance: What’s the Buzz All About?

The science behind caffeine and athletic performance.

Into Thin Air: The Science of Altitude Acclimation

The science of altitude acclimation for endurance running and other outdoor sports.

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