Alex Nichols

coaches at Colorado College as well at Trails and Tarmac. He's a graduate student pursuing his master's in Sport Coaching at the University of Denver. On the trails, Alex has won the Pikes Peak Marathon, Mont Blanc 80km, and Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile; he holds the supported Nolan’s 14 record; and he's fallen on his face roughly a million times. He's supported by SCOTT Running and Honey Stinger.

When to Change the Plan

Alex Nichols writes about adapting your training plan on the fly when you encounter problems.

Imagery for Performance Enhancement

How imagery can help you perform better.

Rethinking the Aid Station

Alex Nichols gives tips for effective aid-station visits during trail races and ultramarathons.

Mantras for Your Mental Game

How mantras can help you in trail races and ultramarathons.