Arnolfo Quimare and Miguel Lara Pre-2012 Run Rabbit Run 100 Interview

The Tarahumara runners from Mexico have long had a legendary status among ultrarunners north of the border. The status grew exponentially after the publication of Born to Run. One of the runners in that book, Arnulfo Quimare, along with his friend Miguel Lara have traveled to the United States for the first time to compete in the Run Rabbit Run 100. In the following interview, find out why they’re here, how long they’ve running, what the Raramuri Running Project is, and how you can join them for runs in Copper Canyon, Mexico.

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Arnulfo Quimare and Miguel Lara Pre-2012 Run Rabbit Run 100 Interview Transcript

iRunFar: Bryon Powell of iRunFar here with Miguel and Arnulfo before the Run Rabbit Run 100. They are Tarahumara and visiting from Mexico to the United States. Welcome! How are you? Are you well?

Arnolfo Quimare and Miguel Lara: Well. Yes.

iRF: Beautiful mountains, yes?

Quimare and Lara: Yes.

Translator: They are quiet, but they say yes.

iRF: How many years have you been running?

Lara: 3 years.

Quimare: 10 years running.

iRF: Do you prefer running in the mountains or anywhere you can run?

Lara and Quimare: In the mountains.

iRF: Is this your first time running in the mountains in the United States?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

iRF: Is this your first time running 100 miles?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

iRF: Have you run at all at night in the dark?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

Translator: They do the different races where they are kicking the little ball for hours.

iRF: So it goes into the night?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

iRF: It will be cold tonight. Are you used to running in cold conditions?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

Translator: It’s cold out where they live so they’re used to this.

iRF: Why have you come to run at this race?

Lara: I was willing to come and compete here.

Quimare: Me as well.

iRF: Do you look forward to the experience of being in a new place?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

iRF: And the competition is exciting?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

iRF: Do you know how people in the United States admire the Tarahumara Indians and your running tradition?

Lara and Quimare: Yes.

iRF: Maybe you (translator) or somebody can tell me about the Raramuri Running Project.

Translator: Actually, it’s a project that Dave Hensleigh started. This is really an idea of not only running but trying to get people to get to know where they live and the idea that they can come and run with them up in the Copper Canyon mountains and have an experience. For that we are trying to, later on today, get out some information on how people can go and visit. What it’s about is that they are known and people can get the experience to run with them in the mountains.

iRF: I’m sure it would be an honor. Good luck (to Lara and Quimare).

Translator: Thank you, Bryon.

iRF: Thank you.

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      1. dave

        they all serve a important purpose, a sort of support system. I met with this all this afternoon about a possible to run the Javelina 100 and they all did talk ;)

  1. Seamus Foy

    That must have been the toughest interview that Bryon has had to do. BTR does mention how shy they are. I don't think they said anything other than yes or no.

  2. Gustavo Lozano

    Endeed they are shy…It takes some time for them to be confident and start talking more and then fun comes with them…Sorry we dropped the race but there will be another time…Congratulations to all who made their big effort!!!

  3. dave

    I had the amazing privledge to be invited to join this group for a chat about some possible upcoming race this afternoon after I finihsed. They are an amazing bunch doing some wonderful things for their community! I hope to see some of them again at my upcoming races. I have nothing but tremendous respect for the way they race, it was awesome to see Miguel go for it from the start and push Timmy on that first climb! Mucho Respect Amigos!

  4. Bartman

    Great job Bryon. You did awesome and thanks for stepping up and doing this interview. The humility of these guys really shines through during the interview and the translator did a great job as well.

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