An Apology to the Ultrarunning Community

I need to apologize for portraying individuals that I highly respect in an inaccurate or negative light in an earlier version of my MMTR 50 race report. I honestly believed when drafting my original MMTR post that I was merely telling the story of an enjoyable day in the woods with friends. I now understand how portions could be read another way and those portions have been removed. In unintentionally violating the trust of two people that I greatly admire, I have learned a valuable lesson in privacy and perception. While I cannot undo what I have done, I will try my hardest not to repeat it. However, if for some reason you or anyone you know ever takes offense at one of my posts, please let me know and I will correct it as soon as possible.

To those that I offended, I am very sorry for what I have written and how it violated your trust. To the rest of you, I apologize for wrong portraying others in the ultrarunning community.

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  1. AJW

    Ouch! That hurts more than the chafing. Still waiting for the Stone Cat Ale 50 Mile Report. Jack Pilla's a tough old bird, isn't he? He kept me moving at VT for sure.AJW

  2. Trail Goat

    It sure does, Andy. With a few careless words, it appears I have lost the respect of two great individuals, including one of the ultrarunners I most admire.I've got some of my Stone Cat report written. Unfortunately, a small cold (and the sleep it requires) and preparation ahead of an emergency work trip to Boston tomorrow have gotten in the way of finishing it up. I wouldn't know if Jack was tough – I was never close enough to see him. ;-)

  3. Lisa Smith-Batchen

    Brain,you are human, we all make mistakes. Forgivness is a great lesson and life. You inspire us all by your actions.Lisa

  4. aharmer

    TG,While I don't know you personally, and have no idea who the two individuals are, I feel for you. While writing in my blog I often wonder if well-intended posts could be taken the wrong way. It's truly incredible how much more complex personal interaction is versus the written word. I'd imagine the same conversation face-to-face would have resulted in a much different reaction.

  5. Trail Goat

    Thanks, Lisa. It is good to remember that we are all human, that we all make mmistakes despite our best intentions. :-)aharmer,Unfortunately, I didn't consider close enough whether others might take my posts the wrong way. Hopefully now with both my best intentions and a critical eye of my on posts any misinterpretations will be few and far betwee.

  6. Kix


    You are the most diplomatic person I have read. Your enthusiasm for the sport of trail running is unsurpassed. I have seen you at races but, never actually met you. It is obvious to many that you wear your heart on your sleeve (how you ever became a lawyer in your previous life is beyond my comprehension). You write inspiring, riveting articles that light people up and make them want to go out and run. I cannot imagine anyone taking offense to something that you have written – people need to sit back and think – ok, maybe it was not meant this way or, how about asking for clarification on something. COMMUNICATION is the key here. Emotion and intent is open to interpretation with the written word. I hope those involved can get over themselves and realize that the running community is just that – a running COMMUNITY, we are all here for the love of the sport. Keep writing!

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