Aleksandr Sorokin Runs New 100-Mile and 12-Hour World Records

Aleksandr Sorokin runs a new 100-mile world record of 11:14:56 and a 12-hour world record of 105.825 miles/170.309 kilometers.

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On Saturday, April 24, 2021, Lithuania’s Aleksandr Sorokin set new world records with a time of 11:14:56 for the 100-mile world record (that’s 160.934 kilometers) and a distance of 105.825 miles/170.309 kilometers for the 12-hour world record, at the Centurion Running Track 100 Mile in England. In the process, he also set a world record for 150 kilometers (93.206 miles) in 10:27:48 and 50-mile Lithuanian record in 5:32:01. These are all-surface records, and are subject to confirmation. For more, you can read our exclusive interview with Aleksandr Sorokin, the new 100-mile and 12-hour world record holder.

Sorokin’s marks best the previous records of 11:19:18 for 100 miles and 104.88 miles/168.7928 kilometers for 12 hours, which were both set by Zach Bitter in 2019 at the Six Days in the Dome race in Wisconsin, USA.

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Aleksandr Sorokin - 100 mile and 12 hour world records - Centurion Running Track 100 Mile

Aleksandr Sorokin running a 100-mile world record of 11:14:56 at the 2021 Centurion Running Track 100 Mile. He continued on from this moment to set a 12-hour world record as well. Image is a screenshot from Centurion Running’s livestream.

Sorokin has a long history with road and track ultrarunning, including a 10th place at the 2015 IAU 100k World Championships, a win of the 2017 Spartathlon, and a win at the 2019 IAU 24-Hour World Championships.

The race was a 15-person, elite-invite-only event which took place at the Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford, England. The Centurion Running race organization offered live timing, a video livestream, and social-media updates across their platforms.

According to the live timing, Sorokin split 3:25:38 for 50 kilometers (6:37 per mile/4:07 per kilometer overall pace), 5:32:01 for 50 miles (6:38 per mile/4:07 per kilometer overall pace), 6:54:25 for 100 kilometers (6:40 per mile/4:08 per kilometer overall pace) on his way to the 100-mile and 12-hour world records. His 100-mile overall pace was 6:45 minutes per mile (4:12 per kilometer) and his 12-hour overall pace was 6:48 minutes per mile (4:14 per kilometer).

Here’s Centurion Running’s video profile of Sorokin and his performance:


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And here are a few more social-media updates about Sorokin’s effort by Centurion Running:

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