2018 Hardrock 100 Men’s Podium Finish Line Videos

Here are videos of the top-three men–Jeff Browning, Jeff Rome, and Troy Howard--finishing the 2018 Hardrock 100.

Winner Jeff Browning’s 2018 Hardrock 100 Finish Video

Winner Jeff Browning’s 2018 Hardrock 100 Finish Video Transcript

Dale Garland, Race Director: Everybody please welcome Jeff Browning! Welcome Billy!

Jeff Browning: I ran 104 miles. [Stops his watch] Oh man.

Garland: This is two 100-mile finishes in less than a month for Jeff, so congratulations. [To Jeff] Would you like a chair?

Browning: Yeah.

[Jeff takes off his hydration vest and belt]

Browning: I was thinking of doing the Grand Slam, but not now. Not next year, either. I’m coming here.

[Photographers ask Jeff and his host to pose for photos.]

Browning: At Cataract Lake, I totally thought I was off course. I thought I missed the turn, so I backtracked like a mile-and-a-half probably.

Garland: So you actually did Hardrock plus some?

Browning: About a mile-and-a-half or two miles. It probably added an extra 45 to an hour. Then I turned around and Troy Howard was right there. I saw his lights, I was like, “Oh man!” There goes my lead.

Spectator: The look you gave me when I told you…

Browning: I know, dude.

Spectator: Then you started running faster [laughs].

Garland: Nothing like an incentive, huh?

Browning: I went up Little Giant as fast as I could.

Spectator: Jeff, what’s your official time?

Browning: I have no idea. It would have been an hour faster had I not wandered around Cataract Lake. I went all the way downhill looking for the last flag. If I had gone just another maybe 60 yards, there would’ve been a flag. But there hadn’t been one for a while. I was like, “Oh man, I don’t remember this!” Oh well. Extra credit.

Garland: Jeff, we’d like to present you this [holds up a jacket and then presents it to Jeff]. It’s our silver running and so, courtesy of Smartwool, we’d like to give you–each finisher will receive one courtesy of Smartwool–a silver finisher jacket. And, I know you’ve got at least one of these: a Hardrocker t-shirt [drapes it on Jeff’s shoulder]. There you go. [Spectators applaud]

Browning: Thank you.

Second Place Jeff Rome’s 2018 Hardrock 100 Finish Video

Second Place Jeff Rome’s 2018 Hardrock 100 Finish Video Transcript

Dale Garland, Race Director: For the second time… Jeff Rome!

[Spectators cheer]

Spectator: Yeah, dude! You came in strong!

Garland: Congratulations, man. Congratulations. How you doing?

Jeff Rome: Good.

Garland: Yeah? That’s good.

Third Place Troy Howard’s 2018 Hardrock 100 Finish Video

Third Place Troy Howard’s 2018 Hardrock 100 Finish Video Transcript

Dale Garland, Race Director: Everybody, from Golden, Colorado… Troy Howard!

[Spectators cheer]

Garland: Congratulations, man. Congratulations. [Hugs Troy] Welcome back.

Pam Lizdas Howard: I’m supposed to get the first hug! [Laughs]

Garland: I’m sorry! You get the first kiss.

Pam: Yes.

Garland: Yeah, there you go.

Troy Howard: Nice job [to Jeff Browning and Jeff Rome, shaking their hands]. You’re both named Jeff, right?

Jeff Rome: Yeah, makes it easy [laughs].

Kalinda Howard [Troy’s Daughter]: Now I know how hard it is to run 100 miles.

Garland: Yeah, your dad’s pretty cool, huh? What’s your name?

Kalinda: Kalinda.

Spectator: That wine bottle was awesome earlier.

Troy’s Wife: Yeah, it was his eleventh 100-mile finish and it’s our eleventh wedding anniversary. Kind of special.

Garland: That’s nice! [To Troy] What can I get you to drink?

Meghan Hicks

is iRunFar.com's Managing Editor and the author of 'Where the Road Ends: A Guide to Trail Running.' The converted road runner finished her first trail ultramarathon in 2006 and loves using running to visit the world's wildest places.

There are 8 comments

  1. Bruno

    After several days, I am still utterly disgusted. The total disproportion between the facts and the decision, when and how it has been announced, this is all shame. How to kill the credibility of such a « race » with such nonsense…

    1. Aaron Stewart

      He broke the rules. It’s not like this was his first rodeo.

      If the rules aren’t enforced. What is the point of having them?

      1. zzzz

        1) Inconsistent application of the rules.

        1a) Here is someone accepting aid more than 400 yards from an aid station in 2015:
        https://youtu.be/YcvNTVdM92w?t=14m1s He’s still in the official results.

        1b) If you have friendly people witness it, no problem. If you have jerks witnessing, too bad. That would be going down the rabbit hole of making it an unfriendly event, people spying on each other and encouraged to tattle, not sure of motivations of spectators on the course, etc.

        2) There was room for lesser penalty based on the wording in the rules. So that could ranging from nothing (like Jamil in 2015), to a warning to maybe a time penalty, to a DQ. They chose the harshest possible.

        3) If there is room other penalties, what might be considered?

        3a) Was an advantage gained? No. He just came out of an aid station 2 miles earlier. I doubt he needed anything. That he was reported to only take a sip of water and a bit of ice confirms that. Probably lost time if anything making an unnecessary stop.

        3b) Intentionally trying to cheat? I doubt that. The race organization thinks that too in their statement.

        Most spectators probably don’t know the rules. That they might have been non-English speakers probably made that even more likely. In every trail race I’ve ever been too that had spectators, it’s natural for spectators to offer up aid. (Is cheering considered aid too?) It’s instinctive/natural to accept some aid from a friendly person without even thinking, like getting dunked by water, etc. Watch the KTVA News Mt. Marathon videos for examples of that. Yes, I know it’s not against the rules there, but I’m pointing out that it would be instinctive to just take a sip of water out of courtesy in Xavier’s case. And see Jamil Coury in 2015 in that video above.

        1. Aaron

          Let’s be clear here.

          This wasn’t a spectator giving him a lollipop. This was his crew in an area they weren’t allowed in the first place. You like lists, ignoring all of your specious arguments here is what happened.

          1. His crew was in an area not open to the public, this puts the race’s permits in Danger.

          2. They gave him water and ice. They may have also put things in his pack.

          3. This man has won UTMB, he knows the rules regarding receiving aid outside of aid stations

          4. His crew initially lied about giving him aid.

          5. When confronted with proof, they admitted it.

          So you have a crew that knowingly cheated, lied about it. Xavier could’ve simply said “no” as well. Both are culpable. All of your other nonsense means nothing. Xavier isn’t the first or last non-english speaker to do well here, it’s also not his first start here. He knew the rules, he knowingly violated them.

          It looks like Jamil should’ve been DQed as well. Perhaps your ethics are flexible enough to violate the rules, but I haven’t accepted aid outside of an aid station. Either you follow the rules or don’t.

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