2017 Hardrock 100 Women’s Podium Finish Line Videos

Finishing videos (with transcripts) for the top-three women’s finishers of the 2017 Hardrock 100: Caroline Chaverot, Darcy Piceu, and Nathalie Mauclair.

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Here are videos of the top-three women–Caroline Chaverot ,Darcy Piceu, and Nathalie Mauclair–finishing the 2017 Hardrock 100 along with brief finish-line interviews.

You can also watch the top-three men finish.

Winner Caroline Chaverot’s 2017 Hardrock 100 Finish Video

Winner Caroline Chaverot’s 2017 Hardrock 100 Finish Video Transcript

Dale Garland: Everyone please welcome Caroline Chaverot to the Hardrock!

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Caroline, is that the hardest thing you’ve ever done?

Caroline Chaverot: Yeah, and I got lost and had no energy.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Are you happy?

Chaverot: [motions “so so”] I got lost for one hour-and-a-half.

Man 1: What happened around Kroger’s? You got lost for a little bit?

Chaverot: Yes, it was so difficult because you have to go up. I tried to continue and then I was more lost and more lost and I felt all the time… I knew I needed to go all the way up… It’s difficult to be motivated when you get lost… Then I said, Okay… my family is following and the lottery ticket is… so I was lucky enough to get one ticket, so I have to finish. It was really difficult. I tried to motivate myself. I think I spent too much energy going up, down, up, down when I was lost, and I was going really fast to… Then I was…

Man 1: How did you finally find your way back?

Chaverot: My friend, Mike [Ambrose], saw a guy up there, but in fact we could see him, but he was on the other side of the mountain we had to scramble. We scrambled up and then down. And then I fell down.

Man 1: This happened around Kroger’s?

Chaverot: Yes, I fell also on my rib. I think I have a little injury…. Finally I managed to get to this guy and found the way, but first we went up, down, up down. We never knew where it was. I think there were no markings. It was funny because all the course was really well marked except for this place… I saw it in the day, but in the night it’s not the same. I didn’t recognize it at all.

Man 1: How much time do you think you lost?

Chaverot: I think an hour-and-a-half because I think I was at Kroger’s at 9:45 p.m. and I arrived at Telluride at 12:15 a.m., so it was a long time.

Man 1: Did you ever think about dropping out?

Chaverot: Yes, because I was so discouraged. At the moment I couldn’t find the course. I was turned around. But then I say, Okay, I left my family at home. It was a very expensive trip, so I didn’t want to pity…

Man 1: You didn’t want to let them down.

Chaverot: Yes, and out of respect for the organization and all the runners… Two days before the race, I talked to Betsy Kalmeyer, and she said she forbids herself to drop. She dropped one time, and she felt so bad, she never drops. I was thinking of her.

Man 1: Given all that, what does it mean to be here having won the race? Describe how you’re feeling?

Chaverot: I’m very surprised because when I was off the way on the back, I was sure that all the other women would have passed me. Then a guy said, “Oh, you’re still the first.” So then I say, “Okay, if I’m in the lead, I’ll try to keep the lead.” I never knew where the other women were. I was really, really slow. I think it’s a bit in the head because up to Kroger’s, I was really fast. I was feeling fast. I was feeling good… [sound cuts in and out] I had very, very few… only water and sometimes some food at the aid station. People at the aid stations were really great. They helped a lot. They were very friendly. I tried never to stay too much time in the aid stations because there are so many. It was a pity. I said, Okay, I should have stayed here and taken a burrito and taken my time and not have to hurry up during the whole race. I had a great pacer, too. It’s a tough race. Maybe it’s also the altitude, I think. I think at the beginning I was not feeling the altitude. Before the race, I went to Handies and I didn’t feel the altitude at all. But I think you get more tired and the muscle… good training for UTMB

[Conversation in French]

iRunFar—Bryon Powell: Do you want to run it in the other direction?

Chaverot: Yes, maybe not to get lost this time. I would like to try. Before the race, I was having the impression that I would prefer this direction, but maybe the other one is very nice, too. You are on Handies in the night. Yesterday morning did you have the storm also? We had a huge storm with hail just near Handies.

iRunFar—Bryon Powell: Did you have lightning also?

Chaverot: No, we were very cold.

iRunFar—Bryon Powell: How were the stars last night?

Chaverot: Yeah, it was great, and the moon rose up. We had great views. I’d never done the training uphill from Telluride to Oscar’s. It’s very nice, very beautiful but a bit tough. I was very, very slow. The moment I looked at my watch I said, “Okay, don’t look at the watch. You are too slow. It’s depressing.” It’s a nice course. I never knew where the other women were. I was always looking behind.

iRunFar—Bryon Powell: They couldn’t see you.

Many: Bravo, Caroline!

Second Place Darcy Piceu’s 2017 Hardrock 100 Finish Video

Second Place Darcy Piceu’s 2017 Hardrock 100 Finish Video Transcript

Dale Garland: And a two-for-one, Ted Mahon and Darcy Piceu!

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Darcy, that was a fast time, girl!

Darcy PIceu: Well, they said, “They’re 20 minutes behind you at KT.”

iRunFar: You’ve got to go!

Piceu: I just said, “I’ve got to go!” Then I caught up with these guys, and I just said, I’m just going to do whatever I can to hold on.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: That was a fast time for this direction. Pacerless the whole way, how was it?

Piceu: It was awesome. I loved it. I got to hang with Ted and Grant [Guise] and all different kinds of people.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Two women inside the top 10. Right on!

Piceu: Ted and I were wondering if we could tie for 10th.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: I’m calling it a tie for 10th. Hey, Sophia, after watching that, do you still want to be a Hardrocker?

Sophia: [nods yes while Darcy shakes her head no]

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Even though it looks pretty hard?

Sophia: [nods yes]

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: I’ll be ready to cover the race when you’re ready to run it, okay?

Sophia: [smiles]

Piceu: What was Caroline [Chaverot]’s time?

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: 28:32, I think?

Piceu: Wow, okay.

Man 1: [?]

Piceu: Well, I had to kind of crank because I knew that Anna [Frost] and Nathalie [Mauclair] were one my tail or so I thought, so I really tried to move it.

Man 1: Caroline got lost at one point, so the gap decreased. Did you bear down at that point and try to make up ground thinking maybe she’d come back to you?

Piceu: Yeah, I kind of just kept my pace. Roch [Horton] was at Kroger’s and said that she’d gotten lost. He told me that, so I kind of knew what was going on at that point. I just ran. I just ran my race.

Man 1: What number (of Hardrocks) is this for you?

Piceu: Seven. It’s number nine for Ted.

Man 1: How does this one compare since it’s number seven?

Piceu: Everything is so different. I feel the early weather, the rain and the hail, really took it out of us. All of us—Hannah [Green] and I talked about it. It really slowed everything down initially because the hail was pelting us. It was stinging, pelting hail, and we were wet for hours and hours.

Man 1: Did you have to stop at any point for lightning, or did you just keep going?

Piceu: I didn’t. We didn’t have lightning on Handies, so that was good. I was in the trees by the time the massive thunder came.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Sophia looks so proud. You look so proud, hon. Are you proud of your mom?

Sophia: [nods yes]

Piceu: Should we go sit down some place?

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Nice job, Darcy!

Third Place Nathalie Mauclair’s 2017 Hardrock 100 Finish Video

Third Place Nathalie Mauclair’s 2017 Hardrock 100 Finish Video Transcript

Dale Garland: Mesdames et Messieurs, Nathalie Mauclair!

Nathalie Mauclair: It was difficult!

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: How are you, Nathalie?

Mauclair: I’m tired. I don’t know why.

Garland: Congratulations.

Mauclair: Thank you. It’s a real adventure. It was amazing.

Garland: Was it everything you wanted it to be?

Mauclair: Yes. Because the weather was not fine… I prefer without the storm. I commanded the sun, but ehh….

Garland: Yeah, somethings we can’t guarantee. Good job, and congratulations!

Mauclair: Thank you. Thank you.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: What did you think of the Hardrock?

Mauclair: It’s difficult. It’s difficult particularly for me because I live on the flats. All the climbs over 3,600 meters was difficult for me. It was very difficult. The mountains were wonderful. And the adventure with a pacer was fantastic!

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Was this your first time with a pacer?

Mauclair: No, I was at Western States.

iRunFar—Meghan Hicks: Ah, sorry.

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