2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Results

Lake Sonoma 50 MileA top field of runners from around the world faced off in California at the 2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile on Saturday. Graced by great weather, firm trails, and good competition, the runners had every reason to run fast. And they did. Both the men’s and women’s course records were broken with many others running strong races. In the end, Scott’s Sage Canaday (post-race interview) and Salomon’s Cassie Scallon (post-race interview) came out on top.

In addition to the following wrap up, you can find our full play-by-play of the race as well as our race previews on our Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Live Coverage page.

As usual, we’ll be updating this article with additional results as well as links to Lake Sonoma-related articles, photo galleries, and race reports in the days after the race.

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2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Men’s Race

Max King and Cameron Clayton ran hard from go with the duo opening a small gap on the field in the race’s first dozen miles. In the next dozen miles, they stretched that lead into five minutes ahead of Sage Canaday and Chris Vargo with a large group not far behind. By mile 30, King had put 75 seconds on Clayton, while Canaday had closed a small portion of King’s lead, but still remained four and a half minutes back. A mere 8 miles later, Canaday had passed both runners and put 3 minutes on King. Both Clayton and King were hurting. As it turns out, King was hurting worse. While Clayton passed King en route to the finish, Canaday sped off to a course record finish of 6:14:55, improving on Dakota Jones‘ time of 6:17:27 from 2012.

2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile - Sage Canaday

Sage Canaday running in third at mile 25.

2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Men’s Results

  1. Sage Canaday (Scott) – 6:14:55 (post-race interview)
  2. Cameron Clayton (Salomon) – 6:26:24 (post-race interview)
  3. Max King (Montrail) – 6:33:57
  4. Jorge Maravilla (Salomon) – 6:39:05
  5. Dave Mackey (Hoka One One) – 6:40:46
  6. Chris Vargo – 6:40:51
  7. Joe Uhan (Pearl Izumi) – 6:41:10
  8. Galen Burrell – 6:42:09
  9. Ryan Ghelfi – 6:46:13
  10. Nick Clark (Pearl Izumi) – 6:53:10

Full results.

2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Women’s Race

Unlike the men’s race, a sole runner took control early in the women’s race and that was Cassie Scallon. She put a couple minutes on Joelle Vaught in the early miles and more or less held that same three-to-five-minute lead on Vaught through the mid-race turn around. And then Scallon’s wheels fell off. Anyone seeing Scallon at mile 30 would have expected her to drop from the race not long after. Following the race, she admitted that she would have used any nearly any reason to drop out at that point. A few miles later, Vaught passed Scallon and built a 3-minute lead by mile 38. It was Vaught’s turn to falter with her right leg going numb on the climbs, which is usually her strength. Meanwhile, Scallon recovered and eventually saw Vaught ahead. Soon after, she made the definitive pass. By the finish, Scallon had beaten Vaught by a quarter hour and set a new course record of 7:47:42, lowering the record of 7:52:44 set by Vaught in 2012.

2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile - Cassie Scallon

Cassie Scallon leading Lake Sonoma at mile 11.5

2013 Lake Sonoma 50 Mile Women’s Results

  1. Cassie Scallon (Salomon) – 7:47:42 (post-race interview)
  2. Joelle Vaught (Montrail) – 8:02:39 (post-race interview)
  3. Amy Sproston (Montrail) – 8:04:11
  4. Rory Bosio (The North Face) – 8:08:37
  5. Meghan Arbogast (Scott) – 8:15:58
  6. Sally McRae – 8:32:41
  7. Luanne Park – 8:39:16
  8. Bree Lambert – 8:43:48
  9. Denise Bourassa (Patagonia) – 8:52:11
  10. Kathy D’onofrio – 8:56:26

Full results.

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There are 49 comments

  1. KenZ

    Wow. Always thought Sage was fast, but would have bet against anyone breaking DJ's CR. Possibly better though is your picture of Cassie FLYING across the water. If that doesn't scream action, nothing does.

  2. Scott Smuin

    Thanks Bryon, and anyone else involved, for the live coverage of this today! It was exciting to follow it as it happened.

  3. Dean G

    Happy for Sage… He seems like yet another stand-up guy in the sport. And he's still "figuring out" these longer races. Today may have been his best. Letting those guys go probably wasn't natural for someone used to running out front. Well done.

    And super impressive of Cassie to fight back for the win.

    Epic day.

  4. john Granada

    Fresh air in the scene of Ultras with Sage. All respect for Old School (Roes,Hoerner, Anton K and co) but this guy has come to stay a long time.

    I want to see him in Transvulcania with all world elite runners,the best field to show his world-class.

    If he wins there like Dakota last year,It will be inmediately a global impact in the "Planet-Ultra".

    Man in the shadow:Señor Jorge Maravilla

      1. J

        No. Would be the short answer.

        Longer answer: PP record has stood the test of time, unlike most of these ultra records. It's clearly bona fide. That said, records are there to be broken, as has been said above, and no doubt one day it will be done.

        1. Brett

          Agree with J. There is a big difference at 10,000 – 14,000 feet. Granted Kilian wasn't pushed, but he wasn't even remotely close to the record.

  5. Nalves

    Morning everybody, probably a stupid question but i can't find a online store that carries the Scott T2 Kinabalu (#8). If Irunfar could have it would be great! Where do you guys buy theses shoes?

      1. Cody C

        I got a pair of Scott's on amazon (maybe use the link on IRFs homepage to help them out) for a really good price. They were Grip2s and I got them for $32, what a steal.

    1. ian

      Nalves and Trail Clydesdale, can send Kinabalu's, portion back to iRunFar. Contact off list through Finger Lakes Running Company.

  6. Davide

    Impressive race.

    The youngsters upfront are really pushing the sport forward.

    But what really struck me are two masters: Dave Mackey,, wonderful fifth place, and Speedgoat Karl up there with the boys, in a distance that for him is barely an ultra. Lookout for the man at WS + Hardrock, seems like he's ready to deliver some surprises…

  7. Jeff

    It looked like Miguel puled up injured not too long after we transitioned off of Skaggs Springs Road onto the trails (about 3-3.5 miles in).

    At least he got to enjoy some Healdsburg food and wine later ;)

  8. Wyatt Hornsby

    As crazy as it may sound, my pick right now for WS100 is Karl. I can see him running his own race while the "fast" guys up front kill each other. I think this could definitely happen especially if it's hot. As we saw at Run, Rabbit Run and as we've seen in many other races, never count out the Speedgoat. The guy can fly.


  9. JP

    I think my favourite thing about these results is Kathy D’onofrio top-tenning. I mean this girl was winning WS before some of these young guns were even born. Legend

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