2012 Waldo 100k Results

Waldo 100kThe favorites won in a hard-fought Waldo 100k this year, with Timmy Olson and course record holder, Joelle Vaught, taking the titles and the lead in the Montrail Ultra Cup. There were two spots available for the top men and top women for the 2013 Western States 100, which added to the excitement at the sharp end of the race.

Last minute drama with forest fires in and around the Waldo course in Central Oregon caused some confusion for runners. However, Craig Thornley and his team worked closely with the Forest Service to make slight alterations to the course and keep the five big climbs in the race. Diversions did add three miles to the distance, making this year’s event 65.6 miles – similar to the original course from several years ago, before it was reduced to 100k.

2012 Waldo 100k - start

The start of the 2012 Waldo 100k. Photo: LongRun Picture Co

The air wasn’t particularly smoky then rain from three hours into the race also aided the air quality, but it didn’t slow down the front runners. A lead pack of Jacob Rydman and Ian Sharman went through the first aid station together, followed by Timmy Olson. The lead women were just behind with Joelle Vaught and Alison Bryant running together. Rydman and Olson ran 2,000’ up Fuji strongly, but by 20.5 miles at Mt Ray, Rydman had a two-minute lead. Sharman dropped at this point from fatigue due to racing the previous three weekends, but Jesse Haynes and Yassine Diboun took on an epic battle for third.

The men’s race continued as a battle between Rydman and Olson for first and Haynes and Diboun for third. Given Olson already has a spot at Western States, that third place was also a Western States automatic entry. Rydman stretched his lead to as much as nine minutes, but Olson closed the gap up the final, 3,000’ climb to Maiden Peak and passed him on the long descent to win by four minutes. Haynes and Diboun swapped places throughout the day, but Haynes gapped Diboun on the final descent to clinch his place at Western States.

2012 Waldo 100k -  Timothy Olson

Timothy Olson tearing up the Waldo 100k course. Photo: LongRun Picture Co

In the women’s race, none of the competitors had automatic Western States spots for 2013 so it was all about the top two places. Alison Bryant faded and was overtaken by last year’s second place finisher, Denise Bourassa, by the 44.7 mile aid station. Bourassa briefly caught Vaught, but Vaught held on for the win by 18 minutes in the end.

2012 Waldo 100k - Joelle Vaught

Joelle Vaught on her way to winning the 2012 Waldo 100k. Photo: LongRun Picture Co

Despite the fires and rain, the views from the peaks along the course were as magnificent as ever. Craig Thornley proved that he’s a very safe pair of hands to take over as the Western States race director, after doing everything he could to allow the race to happen despite the fires. Safety of the competitors and volunteers was the priority, but he also kept the course mainly intact and put on an excellent show.

2012 Waldo 100k Official Men’s Results

  1. Timmy Olson (Pearl Izumi) – 9:52:19
  2. Jacob Rydman – 9:56:42
  3. Jesse Haynes – 10:31:28
  4. Yassine Diboun – 10:35:46 (race report)
  5. Gerad Dean – 11:04:11

2012 Waldo 100k Official Women’s Results

  1. Joelle Vaught (Montrail) – 11:04:26
  2. Denise Bourassa (Patagonia) – 11:22:34
  3. Alison Bryant (La Sportiva) – 11:47:04
  4. Jennifer Benna – 12:01:34
  5. Kathleen Egan – 12:29:36

Full results are available.

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  1. Gerell

    C'mon Bryon, Tim has separated himself quite a bit with this last win. For you to make that statement only adds to the unwanted and unneeded battle that starts to occur this time of year. It's ok to have a clear cut favorite for an award..there doesn't always need to be drawn up drama… This is coming from a very neutral observer…

    1. Bryon Powell

      Gerell, this is just my opinion. If I were voting for UROY, Timothy might very well be the one I vote for, but (1) there are four months left in the year and (2) Mike Morton is having one hell of a year, even if it's not in left coast trail ultras. What if Morton comes close to or sets the US 24-hour record in early September?

      BTW, I don't mean to start a pissing match. All I'm saying is, I wouldn't make this call in August. :-)

      1. Anonymous

        Fair enough…I was not aware of the 24 hour record…I'm thinking that Tim, it seems to me at least, has raced more and thus has more results…and the results he does have are Outstanding…And yet again someone has to bring up the whole west/east coast debate. It is played out. I'm a ultra runner and among my circle of running friends out here in Folsom/Auburn area we all think it's a bit played out.


  2. jon seiber

    you are spot on bryon… uroy is not wrapped up yet… timothy is killing it, but morton is undefeated and on the brink of setting the us 24 hour record, as you pointed out… bottom line is that nobody can make this call in august… this is a brave new ultra-world and anything can happen… love watching timmy o. but other folks are getting after it… time will tell… thanks for giving us an outlet to speculate about all of this… p.s. haven't gotten my 'winnings' from the WS 100 throw down (prediction contest) yet… let me know if there is anything i need to do to 'collect'…

  3. Seamus Foy

    If it isn't decided by then, TNF 50 in San Francisco could also be a factor on UROY, and that's in December. If Olson could win or at least podium there that might give him an edge. I don't know enough about how the rankings are done, but I would think that range should be a factor. Olson already has 2 100K wins and a 100M win. If he could add a 50M that would be super-impressive.

    Regardless, UROC and Run Rabbit Run are still to come, and probably some other major events I don't know about.

  4. Mike Bailey

    Interesting to see the UROY conversations already, but no real mention on the women's side. I suppose it's quite safe to say that Ellie Greenwood has things secured pretty tight. It'd be great to see her and Anna Frost compete head to head more often, as Anna seems like the only one who can beat her.

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