2012 Bandera 100k Results and Links

Bandera 100KCassie Scallon and Timothy Olson outran great competition to win the Bandera 100k in Texas’ Hill Country and become the 2012 USATF 100k trail national champions. As always, the rocks and short hills were a challenge while the sotol tattooed many a shin. However, the weather was beautiful with a cool morning that gave way to warm temps (but with low humidity). That heat and the lack of shade took its toll on most during this winter-time race.

Men’s Results

  1. Timothy Olson – 8:28:40 (USATF 100k trail national champ)
  2. Dave Mackey – 8:38:30 (USATF 100k trail master national champ)
  3. Joe Uhan – 8:38:55 (MUC Western States 100 spot)
  4. Dylan Bowman – 8:40:07
  5. Nick Clark – 8:57:06
  6. Paul Terranova – 9:08:58
  7. Jesse Haynes – 9:17:07
  8. Yassine Diboun – 9:22:22
  9. Neal Lucas – 10:08:17
  10. Steven Moore – 10:12:08
2012 Bandera 100k mens winners

Men's top five from the 2012 Bandera 100k (l-r): Timothy Olson, Dave Mackey, Joe Uhan, Dylan Bowman, and Nick Clark. Photo: Bryon Powell

Women’s Results

  1. Cassie Scallon – 9:40:20 (USATF 100k trail national champ)
  2. Liza Howard – 9:56:30
  3. Pam Smith – 10:04:51
  4. Jacqueline Palmer – 12:08:24
  5. Margaret Welk – 13:20:12
  6. Rochelle Frazeur – 14:26:00
  7. Susan Levitan – 15:19:30
  8. Kimberly Pilcher – 15:57:23
  9. Nancy Halpin – 16:10:40
2012 Bandera 100k Cassie Scallon Liza Howard

Cassie Scallon (left in lavender) chasing Liza Howard (right in pink) at the midway point of the 2012 Bandera 100k. Photo: Bryon Powell

Race Reports and Resources

Men’s Race Reports and Interviews

Women’s Race Reports

Other Resources

Bonus Photo

Dylan Bowman Debowing 2012 Bandera 100k

Dylan Bowman Debowing in front Dave Mackey and Timothy Olson at the finish. Photo: Bryon Powell

1/9/12: Added race reports from Liza Howard, Timothy Olson, Darcy Africa, and Joe Uhan
1/10/12: Added race reports from Dylan Bowman, Nick Clark, and Pam Smith. Added video interviews with Timothy Olson and Cassie Scallon. Added link to the full results and updated the unofficial times.
1/13/12: Added race report from Yassine Diboun.