2012 Hardrock 100 Results

Hardrock 100Great weather (aside from some storms between miles 20 and 40) lead to fast times, including the third and fourth fastest times in race history with Hal Koerner winning the men’s race after holding off a late charge by Joe Grant.

Diana Finkel dominated the women’s race for 87 miles before withdrawing for health reasons (she’s fine). That opened the door for ever-steady Darcy Africa to grab the women’s win.

In total, 98 runners (including 11 women) of the 140 starters finished for a 70.7 finishing percentage.

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 2012 Hardrock 100 Men’s Unofficial Results

  1. Hal Koerner (The North Face) – 24:50:13 (race report & post-race video interview) (third fastest time in HRH history)
  2. Joe Grant (Arc’teryx) – 25:06:30 (post-race video interview) (fourth fastest time in HRH history)
  3. Dakota Jones (Montrail) – 25:45:05 (post-race video interview)
  4. Nick Pedatella – 28:04:31
  5. Ted Mahon – 28:20:10
  6. Scott Jaime (Pearl Izumi) – 28:38:02
  7. Karl Meltzer (Hoka One One) – 28:44:44
  8. Adam Wilcox – 28:55:23
  9. Jason Poole – 28:57:35
  10. Patrick Stewart – 29:04:30

Full overall results.

Hal Koerner - 2012 Hardrock 100

Hal Koerner en route to his 2012 Hardrock 100 victory. Photo: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks

 2012 Hardrock 100 Women’s Unofficial Results

  1. Darcy Africa (Pearl Izumi) – 29:09:47 (post-race video interview)
  2. Rhonda Claridge – 32:52:53
  3. Darla Askew – 33:52 (held the WS100/HR100 women’s double record for 2 hours and 44 minutes)
  4. Krissy Moehl (Patagonia/UltrAspire) – 36:36 (new WS100/HR100 women’s double record)
  5. Leah Fein – 38:09
  6. Susan Bebhart – 39:21
  7. Megan Finnesy – 39:24
  8. Betsy Kalmeyer – 40:26
  9. Gretchen Brugman – 43:10
  10. Kerry Owens – 44:20

Full women’s results.

Darcy Africa - 2012 Hardrock 100

Darcy Africa early in her victorious 2012 Hardrock 100. Photo: iRunFar/Bryon Powell

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  1. tom b

    Big THANK YOU to the entire irunfar team for the updates throughout the race. Once again you provide what no one else does, and you do it well. Now get some sleep.

  2. Mark

    OK, OK!! I'm guilty and I'll confess.

    Bryon, you, Meghan, AJW, and the rest of the team are totally awesome in providing coverage like this.

    I follow every major race on iRunFar but although meaning to do it, I've yet to contribute.

    Your terrific coverage of Hardrock has pushed my guilt over the edge, and as soon as I click "Submit", I'm kicking in my fair share.

    Thanks so much.

  3. Paul Barbier

    Great coverage. Thanks very much. Keeps me inspired out in the back of beyond away from the mountains. Good stuff all of you.

  4. Antonio Pardal

    Hi Bryon & Co. I´m from Portugal and spent a lot of hours following through iRF the HR100. Fantastic job. Thanks to allow me in the other side of the Atlantic ocean follow this great race. Congrats to your team.

  5. Jay

    I think it's awesome that Hal won won the race while wearing a pair of Adidas road shoes (photo) and his sponsor is North Face.

    1. Mike Bailey

      It would appear that Hal was wearing the Adidas Response Cushion 20 Trail. Whatever works, and it seemed to work well given the outcome. I'm sure North Face will simply crop the Hardrock photos just above the feet :-)

        1. Matt P

          Thanks for solving this mystery for me. I was thinking it was the red Single Track Hayasa, but the back of the Hayasa doesn't have that much white. Couple thoughts

          Single Track Hayasa: I've owned a pair since early May. I really like the shoe, but there is literally a serious chink in the armor. The forefoot part of the sole isn't entirely protected. There are gaps. Sometimes when you are running down the trail, you will land on a rock between the gaps. It feels like somebody poked you in the bottom of the foot with a sharp stick. It doesn't happen that often, but it does happen enough that it gets in your subconscious. The Irunfar review of this shoe pointed it out. I won't take these shoes on trail anymore. The Hardrock 100, c'mon!

          Hal owns a retail store (which is probably crazier than running tough 100s). So he of anyone would make sense to be wearing something other than a sponsored shoe.

    2. Brad G.

      There are a few sponsored runners who don't wear head-to-toe gear. Hal has raced in Adidas before. Darcy is a Peal Izumi sponsored runner but won HR in Hokas. Shoes are so personal that I think a bit of latitude is granted.

  6. Bam

    Epic race! I can't help wondering what the issue of the race would have been had Kilian J. been more lucky with the lottery… too bad!

    1. Pete

      I think everyone needs to stop comparing every run to what Lillian would have done. That was an icredibly consistent run by Hal we should enjoy that.

  7. marco

    well in that case I wonder what would the outcome be if usain bolt decided to start running ultras and got in the hardrock lottery and ran this weekend. I always find that line of thinking useless and to me it undermines the achievement of the people who were actually there.

  8. KenZ

    One thing I always find inspiring about these things is looking at the complete race results (which my coach just pointed me to), and then looking at the ages of the finishers/participants. Sometimes I feel old at 43. Then I see a huge load of people in their late 50s and some in the 60s finishing HR, and I remember why people of all speeds continue to amaze and inspire. Hats off to ALL competitors, old, young, finishers, and DNFers.

      1. KenZ

        Here's the link he sent me if anyone else feels the need to be inspired on this lazy, hazy Monday. [broken link removed]

  9. Mike Bailey

    Marc, thanks for the correction. Hal is definitely wearing the Adizero Adios 2. Not sure if he wore them the entire time, as he stated he tried to keep the time minimal for gear swapping. Hardrock is notorious for keeping runner's feet cold and wet, and he likely just wanted the added comfort and lack of weight with the water retention.

  10. Chris

    Hal is a class act and one of my favorite ultra runners. Great job to EVERYONE who toed the starting line for this race. Impressive. No armchair quarterbacking going on here. Hal won. Darcy won. CONGRATS!

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